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Cricket World Cup Drink Of Water = Three Dollars


Barbados Free Press Reader Has Concerns About Water And Spectators’ Health

My wife and I attended the 3Ws Oval on Monday for the Sri Lanka vs Scotland game. On arrival at the security entrance our non alcoholic drinks which were contained in unlabelled plastic bottles were confiscated; apparently this was a security measure since we could harm ourselves or others with these bottles. We were informed that soft, non-carbonated were available for sale at stalls inside the ground.

Unfortunately, the drinks available were only water, alcoholic or carbonated. We had purposely bought fruit juice drinks with us as my wife does not drink carbonated drinks. It meant that throughout the day she was restricted to drinking water as no non-carbonated drinks were on available.

Cup Of Water: 3 Dollars 

We were disgusted to find that we were required to pay BDS$3 for a small cup of iced water. If the restriction on bringing your own drinks into the grounds is purely for security reasons, surely, for health reasons, some way for people to get free water should be provided.

Dehydration can cause serious problems and a lot of adults don’t stop to think how it can affect us. My wife purchased 2 cups of water during the day. By the time we got home she could hardly walk as she felt so light-headed and had to retire to bed early. She had obviously not had enough to drink, and is not used to the climate.

I hope the organizers have thought about the medical care people who don’t drink enough are likely to need during the world cup games. People need to be encouraged to drink as much as possible in the heat as most visitors may not be accustomed to the climate in the Caribbean.

Has anyone balanced the so-called security risk of not allowing plastic bottles, against the health risk to hundred of people who do not have enough to drink?

Throughout the day we noticed some customers in the stands with plastic bottles. (photo available if required). If this restriction were a security measure how come some customers were allowed to have these bottles?

One other consideration; we attended the opening ceremony of Kensington Oval on 17th February where we were allowed to take in our own drinks. Even so, there were long queues to get food and drinks. If no-one is allowed to take in their own drinks, and have to queue every time they want a cup of drink, will the refreshment providers really be able to cope. There would need to be far more facilities available than there was on the 17th February.

Can the organisers please explain exactly what security risk plastic bottle actually have and assure us that urgent attention will be given to addressing this problem? Alternatively, as plastic and glass bottles, tins or cans or any branded drinks are banned from Cricket World Cup 2007 venues, can the organisers please advise how we can carry our own drinks into the venues?

This issue has also been raised on the Reuters website dated today by people in Trinidad. (link here)

It is interesting how The Nation has not expanded on this issue since their article on Monday 05th March where they mentioned the banning of plastic bottles but no mention of the price of water; so somehow we need to ensure that the local and international community are aware of this before the competition proper gets underway next week.


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UPDATED: Tanker Dumps Raw Sewerage Near Airport – “Regular Occurrence” Not Illegal Because Barbados Has No Anti-Pollution Laws


UPDATED: March 10, 2007

Truck Might Be Dumping Sludge Under Barbados Water Authority Contract – Or Not…

We just received this anonymous post, but have not received anything ourselves from the BWA – as one might expect considering it was us who published the story.

Here is the post…

just got an email from the BHTA with a response from Dr. John Mwansa of the BWA that states this is not raw sewage but “digested sludge” from the Bridgetown plant.

quote – “Digested sludge not raw sewage is trucked from the Bridgetown Plant to Spencers were it is disposed off by spreading on the ground and ploughed into the soil as needed.

Over the years some problems were previously experienced with illegal dumping of raw sewage. But this has stopped by placing chains on cart roads leading to the land. All trucks have to go by a security guard stationed on it before discharging the sludge.

Disposal of sludge onto a field and then ploughing into the soil is an accepted practice in the wastewater industry. The truck in question was contracted by the BWA to haul sludge.”

Here is our original article…

Is This Against The Law In Barbados?

One of Bajan Reporter’s readers sent the above photo to Ian Bourne. On February 27, 2007 at 12:44pm, the driver of the sewerage hauling truck dumped his load in a field near Grantley Adams International Airport.

Bajan Reporter has the whole messy story right here, but we want to ask a question…

Is this against the law in Barbados? What specific law has been broken?

We were under the impression that Barbados has no anti-pollution laws because the government has neglected to make any such laws.

How about it, Environment Minister Liz Thompson? Can the driver be charged with any offense? Can the owner of the truck be charged with any offense if the driver cannot be identified?

Can Any Reader Identify The Company Or The Driver?

Comments are open, folks!


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Royal Westmoreland Video Has Wonderful Negros Looking After The White Folks!


Promotional Video: Guests Are All White, Servants Are All Black – Just The Way Things Are Supposed To Be In Barbados!

Here at Barbados Free Press, we took the ruling government BLP party to task for their website that shows only one race from the many different colours of Bajans. We pay attention to such things because the visual message that is silently communicated is as important or more important than the words that are written or spoken. (see BFP’s Barbados Political Party Websites Reviewed)

Today, we look at the website and promotional video of the Royal Westmoreland Estate – owned by U.K. gazillionaire John Morphet. Our attention was drawn to Royal Westmoreland when we saw Mr. Morphet and his beautiful Barbados life featured at the website of the Lancashire Evening Post…

Hotel Tycoon Living High Life

When the cricket World Cup gets under way in the Caribbean later this month, multi-millionaire John Morphet’s place in the stand will be slightly different from the rest of the England fans in the crowd. The Fulwood-born businessman will be looking down at not only his national team, but also his neighbours taking to the pitch.

To the average person, bumping into Sir Cliff Richard while picking up your fruit juice in the supermarket, or sitting on a table next to Gary Lineker in a restaurant would count as an event with which to regale the grandchildren.

To John Morphet, it is just part of everyday life. (…snip) He owns the 500-acre Royal Westmoreland Estate, snapped up in a £56m deal three years ago, but insists that his trips out to the 80 degree temperatures are strictly business…

… read the entire article at the Lancashire Evening Post (link here)

A Visual Message That Is Clearly Communicated – “White Enclave”

The Lancashire Evening Post article is quite extensive with photos and a promotional video of Royal Westmoreland.

I’ve never been invited to Royal Westmoreland darling, but it sure is beautiful in the video. I don’t begrudge rich folks their honestly made or inherited money and that is not what my point is about. There are many people of all colours, races and backgrounds who have big money, and it has been my experience that most of them had to work smart and hard to achieve and keep their wealth.

My point is this: throughout the Royal Westmoreland marketing materials and video, the whites are the happy relaxing folks, and the smiling blacks are the servants. No relaxing blacks. No relaxing oriental folks. No relaxing Indian millionaires.

Just rich white folks being served by blacks. No whites or indians serving the rich folks. Only smiling blacks.

Maybe that is the way things are at Royal Westmoreland, or maybe not – but the silent message of the video is “White Enclave where Smiling Darkies will look after your every wish.”

Does it matter? We think so.

Have a look for yourself…

Royal Westmoreland Estate website homepage here

Royal Westmoreland Estate website video here

Lancashire Evening Post article here (has link to video)

YouTube – Upload of Royal Westmoreland Estate video here


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Time For Independent Oversight Of Barbados Lawyers

Barbados: A country where a person can be a member of the government and a good drinking buddy of the Prime Minister – and only a few days later be appointed as the Chief Justice, supposedly overseeing court cases against the government and his good drinking buddy, the Prime Minister – who appointed him.

Peter Dottin has written an excellent editorial in The Nation News: Time For Independent Body To Oversee Lawyers.

There seems to be a whole lot of call for transparency and accountability happening these days in Barbados. The elites haven’t noticed yet, but the ordinary folks on the street are talking and they aren’t happy…

From The Nation News…

Time For Independent Body To Oversee Lawyers

THE TIME HAS LONG PASSED that an independent body be set up to oversee disciplinary matters relating to lawyers in this country.

It never ceases to amaze me how we can be so vocal for such a body when we are dealing with the Royal Barbados Police Force, but not one call for such a body when it concerns lawyers or for that matter, any other profession held by some in high esteem.

One is left to wonder what message we are sending. Are police officers so unintelligent, untrustworthy and unprofessional that they need to have such a body to protect our citizens from these individuals?

But are lawyers and others “professions” so trustworthy, intelligent and professional that they can regulate their own disciplinary proceeding without external influence?

… continue reading this editorial at The Nation News (link here)


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Commissioner Dottin Says Police In Charge Of Barbados Cricket World Cup Security – But His Statements Show Top-Level Confusion About Chain Of Command


Ladies and gentlemen,

The following story criticizes Opposition Leader David Thompson and sitting members of the DLP for the casual manner with which the government passed legislation that impacts serious issues surrounding our national sovereignty.

One of our regular BFP readers, Vezlo, stated that the Opposition voted against the new legislation giving powers to foreign soldiers and police in Barbados. (I think the legislation was put to vote on February 27, 2007 or abouts. Vezlo also pointed out the total lack of coverage of this important issue in the old Barbados media.)

We put this issue at the top of the blog and asked our readers to confirm or deny Vezlo’s statement. We wanted to know if we were in error in criticizing Mr. Thompson and his members in the below letter that is jointly addressed to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Our question was answered by Dr. William Duguid, MP for Christ Church West…

UPDATED: DLP Approved The Security Legislation

“If a party wants to officially register their objection they will call for a divide before a bill is passed this means that the bill will ring and all members are summoned in to the chamber the clerk calls your name in turn and you say yay or nay.

This is usually done when a party wants to register an objection. This was not done.

If there is no intent to register an objection then the bill is passed without division.”

… Dr. William Duguid, MP for Christ Church West & General Secretary of the governing Barbados Labour Party – commenting on whether or not Opposition DLP Leader David Thompson and his MPs objected to the legislation that gave powers to foreign soldiers and police on Barbados soil for Cricket World Cup.

Issue Resolved: Our Criticism Of Prime Minister & Opposition Leader Is Valid And Will Remain Posted

We continue to hold Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Opposition Leader David Thompson jointly responsible for the casual manner with which the government passed legislation that impacts serious issues surrounding our national sovereignty.

See our joint letter to the PM and the Opposition leader – featured at the bottom of the following BFP article…

Original Story as Published…

When A Bajan Police Constable and A Foreign Army Colonel Have Conflicting Judgments About A Situation – Just Who Is In Charge? The Bajan Police Constable or The Foreign Army Colonel?

Ordinary Bajans can’t answer that question, and we would bet that none of our elected representatives can answer it either!


Barbados Demands: Who Is In Charge? What Are The Rules And Laws?

“It will not happen again. The Commissioner of Police and the Royal Barbados Police Force and the other [state security agencies] have full responsibility for security at these events.”

… RBPF Commissioner Dottin apparently admitting to The Nation News that he is unable to name the single person or agency that is In Command of security and law enforcement in Barbados during Cricket World Cup. (story link here)

Commissioner Says Both Police And “Other State Security Agencies” Are In Charge!

The Commissioner of the Royal Barbados Police Force is in full damage-control mode over the appalling debacle at Cricket World Cup where his armed police officers surrendered territorial sovereignty and control of CWC Security to housewives dressed as part-time private security guards. (See BFP’s Barbados Police Officers Allow Themselves To Be Searched By Security Volunteers)

As Barbados has authorized the use of foreign private security personnel for Cricket World Cup, it is entirely possible that the security guards might not even have been citizens of Barbados.

Unfortunately, the Commissioner’s statements in trying to reassure the public show confusion at the highest levels of Barbados leadership over just who is in charge of security and law enforcement in Barbados during Cricket World Cup.

We Told You So!

Confusion Over Which Agency And Person Is In Charge

On February 3, 2007, the Barbados Free Press predicted trouble if the Chain of Command for security and law enforcement at Cricket World Cup was not clearly established. In our article Cricket World Cup: Barbados Government To Give Power, Authority To Armed Foreign Soldiers and Police On Bajan Soil, we called upon the authorities to clearly establish the Chain of Command and to communicate this to the public.

We also demanded that our elected representatives fully debate and clarify the issues BEFORE they empowered foreign troops, police and security personnel to have authority over Barbados citizens on Bajan soil – but no one listened to the reasonable concerns of Barbados citizens.

The Government of Barbados never did explain to the Bajan public just who is in charge, but more importantly, the legislation that they and the DLP Opposition rammed through does not clearly state the Chain of Command either. The legislation does, however, exempt foreign police and soldiers on Bajan soil from criminal charges for wrong-doing against Bajan citizens.

We Demand To Know The Chain Of Command During Cricket World Cup

Where the Government of Barbados is authorizing armed foreign troops and police to perform law enforcement and security duties on our soil – we citizens of Barbados had a right to know what the government intended LONG BEFORE that legislation was placed before our elected representatives.

But the Government of Barbados and the DLP Opposition passed the CWC Security Legislation with little notice, zero public debate and zero public knowledge about what is actually in the legislation and how those laws will be implemented on the street.

This latest incident is a warning to us all that even the top-level leadership of Barbados is confused over who is in charge of Cricket World Cup security, and what will happen if a foreign soldier or police officer conflicts with a Bajan soldier or police officer.

When A Bajan Police Constable and A Foreign Army Colonel Have Conflicting Judgments About A Situation – Just Who Is In Charge? The Bajan Police Constable or The Foreign Army Colonel?

Ordinary Bajans can’t answer that question, and we would bet that none of our elected representatives can answer it either!

owen-arthur-barbados-blp.jpg david-thompson-dlp-barbados.jpg

To: The Rt Hon Owen Arthur,
Prime Minister of Barbados

To: The Rt Hon David Thompson
Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition

Dear Sirs:

As citizens of Barbados, we are appalled at the confusion by senior members of the Royal Barbados Police Force – and by the public – of who or which agency is in charge of security and law enforcement in Barbados during Cricket World Cup.

Gentlemen, both you and your elected members are equally responsible for the casual manner with which you passed legislation that impacts serious issues surrounding our national sovereignty.

We call upon the Government and The Opposition to account for their joint failure to establish and communicate a clear Chain of Command for law enforcement and security in Barbados during Cricket World Cup.

We call upon the Government and The Opposition to account for their joint failure to have sufficient concern about the national sovereignty of our country and their joint failure to protect our national interests.

WE DEMAND TO KNOW exactly what legal authorities will be or have been given to armed foreigners upon our soil.

WE DEMAND TO KNOW ahead of time EXACTLY what operational, geographical and time limitations will be placed upon these armed foreigners upon our soil.

WE DEMAND TO KNOW ahead of time EXACTLY how many armed foreigners will be on our soil, and from which countries and agencies they come.

WE DEMAND TO KNOW ahead of time which laws will take precedence on our soil and under what circumstances.

WE DEMAND TO KNOW ahead of time EXACTLY WHO will be in command of these armed foreigners on our soil and under what circumstances they will be commanded by non-Bajan citizens.

WE DEMAND TO KNOW ahead of time what protocols have been established in the event that conflicting commands are given to foreign troops by Barbados Commanders and the Foreign Troop’s own commanders.

Yours truly,

Citizens of Barbados


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