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Bajan Black Jew Captures New York City’s Caribbean Radio Audience


“This is Dahved Levy, Rockin’ in you, rockin’ you, rockin’ you…”

This is the trademark catch-phrase NYC Caribbean’s has become accustomed to on “The Ballroom” Saturday’s from 6-10pm and “Caribbean Fever” on Sunday’s between 4pm and 7pm on WBLS 107.5 FM the nation’s flagship urban contemporary station. The British inflected Bajan accented voice is Dahved Levy Devonish. Hosting New York’s most exciting Caribbean music programs on BLS that is home to nationally syndicated Steve Harvey and Wendy Williams shows. “Caribbean Fever” and “The Ballroom” are # 1 and #2 in their time slot in the Arbitron rating.

He effortlessly captures a wide audience with an eclectic style and taste, openly embracing all genres of music, from Reggae to Hip-Hop; R & B to Classics to Soca and World Beat. He reaches out to all ethnic groups. From his Continental-Africa, Caribbean, Central, South and North American “Massives,” to being totally at home with his WBLS’ mainstream audience…

… read the entire article at EventsBug.com (link here) 


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The Bystander: New Barbados Blog Wants A Link To Barbados Free Press

What do you think, folks?

The Bystander

Link or no link?



The Bystander sent us this suggestion earlier on…

Dear BFP,

I think you folks have access to more resources than I do, so why not search high and low for every manifesto ever printed by all of the political parties of Barbados and put them up on BFP? That way, the public could  compare and contrast the last BLP’s manifesto with the current one, or the DLPs or the NDPs, etc. Everyone could see what parties have delivered on what promises they made over time and we as the electorate (who sometimes suffer from short term memory) will be able to look back and see if it’s all old talk or new talk.

What do you think?

The Bystander


Comment by Cliverton…

Good idea, Bystander!

Not sure about your blog though. I’ll leave that up to our readers.



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TAF Linhas Aéreas – TAF’s Aged Boeing 737-200s To Fly To Barbados… Maybe!

The Minister of Tourism has stated several times, the latest during the budget debate in Parliament recently and carried in the print media that in his words ‘that the South American market is also being open up since the company TAF out of Brazil intends to fly from Brazil non-stop’.

As this statement has been repeated several times and the permission to fly such a route lies within Mr Lynch’s own Ministry, when can we expect such a service to commence?

TAF formerly called Taxi Aereo Fortaleza is a puzzling choice for operating a new service from Brazil to Barbados.They currently do not operate any scheduled international services out of Brazil. (TAF website link here)

According to Wikipedia they operate 4 ageing Boeing 737-200’s, which are technically able to fly from some the cities they service in Brazil to Barbados, but to reduce the start-up risk, I would have thought an airline with more international experience would have been chosen.

Perhaps the Minister could enlighten the industry and general public.

Adrian Loveridge

18 March 2007


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DLP’s Thompson States Vision For Better Barbados – We Reply

DLP Opposition Leader David Thompson has spelled out his vision for a better Barbados on the DLP Blog (link here).

Barbados Free Press now replies to the Democratic Labour Party and Mr. Thompson…

Fine words, Mr. Thompson.

Fine, fine words, Sir.

Unfortunately, your fine words include no mention of Integrity and Conflict of Interest Legislation, Freedom of Information Legislation, Election Financing Laws or any other mechanism that would set enforceable behavioural standards for elected and appointed public officials and legally empower citizens to hold government accountable.

The DLP and David Thompson are therefore no different than the current government – only a different bunch of piggies looking to get into the trough that is now administered by the BLP.

Yours truly,

Marcus, Shona, Robert, Cliverton, George & Auntie Moses.


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Senator Sir Allan Fields Talks About Transparency – OK, Sir Allan… How About Those Embassy Drivers You Used For Private Business Trips?


Sir Allen is happy to mouth off about how transparent the government’s new accounting system is…

Let him start by revealing his use of Embassy cars and drivers for private business.

If Sir Allen needs to refresh his memory, he can start here…

When Sir Allan Fields Is In New York On Private Business, Should He Have An Embassy Car And Driver?


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How Many Indian Visitors Coming To Cricket World Cup?

Bridgetown is a long way from Mumbai, so rather than travel half way around the world with no assurances of seeing their team in the finals, many Indian cricket fans planned to stay home from the start. Instead of traveling, they installed satellite television and treated themselves to a new large flat panel set.

That makes sense to the growing well-off-but-not-wealthy middle class of India.

As well, we see an Indian cruise ship offering “cricket tours” out of Mumbai. Go on a cruise, relax and see cricket on big screen satellite TV.

I wonder how many folks actually made the trip half way around the world to see cricket in Barbados? A few days ago there was some big article in The Nation News about four – count ’em – four airplanes coming from India for Cricket World Cup. How many folks is that? A thousand, tops?

A thousand folks is a drop in a bucket for CWC.

How many people really came half way around the world to visit us?

Somebody knows the answer, but don’t expect to see it published!

From Express India…

Let The Waves Get You High On Cricket

On board Super Star Libra, the only cruise liner operating out of Mumbai, you can watch the Men in Blue in action while sailing in the sea, with loads of games, entertainment and food.

The 42,000 tonne ship of 740 cabins with twin-sharing accommodation is offering different packages for bookings during the World Cup, if you book now. With 13-14 different categories of cabin it is your hotel on sea having five restaurants offering Indian, Jain and Continental food and a discotheque. You can keep fit at the gymnasium or on the jogging track, relax in the jacuzzis while sailing at an average of 18 knots.

“We get television channels through the satellite. As of now, we have the Sony group of channels so that people can catch the World Cup on board,” said Naresh Rawal, senior manager marketing-India. “We keep innovating and coming out with packages for different seasons. Now, with the cricket World Cup on, people are looking at different choices and we are offering one.”

“There isn’t much of cricket fever yet. No one really sat and watched the match, but they would have if India were playing,” said S M Marathe, head of marketing, Warsila…

Read the rest of the article here

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A Presidential Hopeful’s ‘Tar Baby’

During a recent campaign stop, Republican senator and presidential hopeful John McCain responded to a question regarding parental rights and custody battles by saying,

“For me to stand here before all these people and say I’m going to declare divorces invalid because someone feels they weren’t treated fairly in court, we are getting into a tar baby of enormous proportions…”

Tar Baby

The term ‘tar baby’ has a rather interesting history attached to it. In its strictest definition, it refers to a situation where one’s involvement makes it increasingly difficult to extricate oneself. It’s a reference to the Br’er Rabbit folklore of the plantation-era American South, which itself finds its origins in the Anansi stories of traditional African folklore.

Along the way, however, the term has acquired a pejorative connotation through its use a racial epithet, and Senator McCain, despite his apologies, is now taking some heat for his use of the term.


The Senator’s linguistic impropriety brings to mind another story involving the use of questionable language and terminology. In 1999, David Howard, an aide to the mayor of Washington DC, was forced to resign after he used the term ‘niggardly’ during a budget meeting. ‘Niggardly‘ is defined as ‘reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly’. Despite its resemblance to that most ugly of slurs, etymologists agree that the two words are completely unrelated.

Language is the Property of the People

I do not write this to castigate Senator McCain. It is obvious to me that there was no malice intended in the words that he chose. And while I pay no more than scant attention to American politics, despite being bombarded by it daily, what I have seen of Senator McCain leads me to believe he is a good and decent man. He has a reputation as a bridge-builder between the two American political parties, and that’s a rare thing in the divisively partisan political climate of the country.

However, there is an important lesson to be taken from both his story and that of David Howard. Despite using language in a way that was ‘technically correct’, both men have faced repercussions.

While dictionaries aim to authoritatively qualify and codify language, the REAL authority in these matters rests with the people.


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