Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 5 – Two Bodies Recovered, Mother and Son


Bodies Of Mother And Son Recovered

Two of the five bodies were removed from the rubble last night (Wednesday) – one at 10pm and the second shortly thereafter.

Further recovery has stopped for a time because of instability at the site.

After the recoveries, Attorney General Dale Marshall explained that the mother and child probably died instantly during the initial collapse. It has been reported by numerous witnesses that the husband Donavere Codrington 30 was alive for hours after the initial collapse – until a second major collapse sent large boulders into the hole.

The above information was current as of 7:30am this morning, Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our blogging friends at Barbados Underground and Cheese On Bread! have written extensive posts overnight and both are worth reading.

Cheese-on-Bread! has posted a detailed and moving account of her visit to the scene The Sad Story Of Arch Cot, while David at Barbados Underground stayed up into the wee hours of this morning following the developments.

CBC has a day old article that is worth reading for insight into the continuing dangers facing the recovery team – Day Four At Britton’s Cross Road Tragedy

Here is the story from this morning’s Nation News…

Body Find

AFTER THE REMOVAL of tonnes of rubble and 90 hours of digging and searching, a recovery team last night found two of the five bodies of a family who perished in an apartment block collapse last Sunday. Reliable sources told the DAILY NATION that the bodies were those of a female adult and a male child. Those who died were Donavere, 30, and Cassandra Codrington, 27 and their children Shaquanda,7, Shaquille, 3, and Yashiro, 1.

The discoveries were made within an hour-and-half of each other – the first around 10:05 p.m. and the second at 11:30 p.m. Word of a possible discovery spread quickly when around 10 p.m. a forensic team, headed by Cheryl Corbin journeyed to a platform ledge where Barbados Defence Force and fire officers had been labouring all day, by hands to clear the debris.

Soon after, a metal tray was hurriedly taken to the scene and lowered into the cavity and raised for examination by the forensic team. Soon Minister of Home Affairs Dale Marshall sent word that he would be holding his final media briefing for the evening shortly.

He told reporters at 10.55 p.m.: “. . . We have discovered the remains of one individual. Those remains have not as yet been removed from the cavern. Of course there are forensic procedures that have to be followed.”

Forty-five minutes later another body was dicovered close to the first find.

The remains were found about 60 feet below the surface where the Arch Cot, Brittons X Road residence stood up to 4:30 a.m. last Sunday.

“As you would anticipate, after four days underground, it [the body] was in an advanced state of decomposition,” said emergency coordinator Dr Brian Charles, adding that the remains would not be removed until after the forensic work.

The families had met with counsellors and forensic experts at Sherbourne Conference Centre in the evening.

“We spoke to them in detail and answered their questions so they would be well conditioned to deal with the circumstances,” Minister of Social Transformation Trevor Prescod said.

In a telephone interview earlier in the evening, Donavere’s grandmother Sheila Codrington, remained hopeful.

The bodies were however discovered exactly where the sniffer dogs, brought in from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue team had indicated. With the two discoveries, authorities were last night stepping up their efforts to find the three remaining bodies buried under the rubble.

… Read the above story and others at The Nation News. (link here)


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13 responses to “Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 5 – Two Bodies Recovered, Mother and Son

  1. Anonymous

    My heart goes out to all those involved, this tragedy has been horrific on so many different levels in regards to the country as a whole and those in leadership positions. I seem to have so many questions and it just seems as if no answers are forth-coming. I am not sure if anyone here may be able to answer them as those in charge of the operation are not doing so.

    Some of these questions are:

    If that is where the sniffer dog indicated how are they going to accurately know where the other 3 bodies are?

    How far down under the rubble was it possible for the dogs to smell?

  2. cherry2enpowered

    I am so glad that those bodies have been recover and that it wouldn’t take long for the others to be found and to bring closure to the families & love ones.

    To think that the father was alive for hrs and that there were persons willing to go &risk their lives to help before the second cave in were avoid doing so[for percausionary reasons i suppose] by the police only to find out that it took emergency personnel hrs before they came up with aplan to proceed just tells you that we aint’ ready yet.

    In cases like these every second count.

  3. Nuff respeck.

    Glad -so glad- it wasn’t my job
    to have to do that!

    Hats off to the brave people who went in there to do it. Nuff respeck.

  4. vog

    condolences from Guyana…all the best in the recovery efforts

  5. what a tradegy – my prayers are with all those affected by this – especially the mother left to mourn with only her grandchild to hold on to. At times like this all kinds of judgments and opinions are voiced – but given the situation, it would have been irresponsible of the police and other personnel on scene to allow anyone in there even though the objective was to find anyone alive – because you don’t want to compound the situation by having more people lives in danger in trying to rescue the others (see the situation here in USA with the the miners – the rescuers themselves were either killed or seriously injured. That doesn’t do anyone any good. Safety must come first. God bless all who worked to help and rescue.

  6. liiiiiiiiii

    i,m glad that we are finally getting somewhere.

  7. wuhloss looka likfe

    Lord have mercy. It is soooo sad, my heart is actually hurting. I can only see CAssandra’s mother’s face and the headline “AGONY” as she collapsed in grief. The poor children, poor Mr Codrington. A Young couple and their children snuffed out. I believe the authorites need to get seismologists and geologists (not Richard Sealy, a civil engineer) to examine the caves and the vulnerability of our homes. I was reading a piece on the net and the sun, salts in the ground and limestone all work together to cause problems in seismic activity. These studies were done in the US, one on Death Valley. My sympathy and condolences to Mrs Linton and the Codringtons and their extended family and all the people of Brittons x Rd who must be very traumatised.

  8. ocean one

    God now has a few more angels in heaven and all the pain will be taken away. I commend all involved during the rescue mission as this has been a difficult task. Let’s all stay positive as time will heal.

  9. diane

    My heart goes out to those, especially the children, who perished in this tragedy. I have followed this story daily from Trinidad. With the recovery of the bodies closure is imminent. Condolences go out to the affected families. Hats off to those who risked their lives to recover the bodies. One lesson to be learnt here is that Bajan and other Caribbean engineers must minimize risks in home construction by taking the necessary safety precautions!

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  11. Anonymous

    Yesterday’s NATION carried a splendid centrefold panorama photo of the area affected.
    From what I can make out, the whole area would appear to be what K.J.M. would have referred to as a ‘Porites matrix’ area,
    i.e. essentially a sandy area with fingers of Porites porites coral all stuck in between.

    It’s awfully crumbly stuff
    – pretty much a space-filler in the world of fossilized coral reefs,
    not substantial stuff.

    I could be wrong…I hope I am, but it sure looks that way.

  12. Wishing in Vain

    Five days to remove bodies from this location?
    Stopping work in expectation of rain maybe coming ?
    Stopping work because of equipment fatigue ?
    Lynch laughing when asked what he would say to the families of the bereaved?
    These would be comical were the situation not as serious as this one was.
    True and sadly the gov’t Lynch, Owing, Marshall, Prescod saw and have used the coverage of this event purely as a media publicity exercise figuring if you kept the thing ongoing you would have that much more time on the airwaves and press and TV coverage, sad when people opt to use a situation that is as dire as this one was for their own political mileage.
    I am certain that they were many that were much better able and equiped to brief the press on latest development rather than a barrage of ministers.

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