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Barbados silent about China kidnapping, forcing late term abortions, sterilizations on 7000 women

Blind lawyer & human rights activist Chen Guangcheng released to house arrest after 4 years jail.

In 2005 a blind, self-taught country lawyer named Chen Guangcheng filed a class action lawsuit against Communist party officials in his area who used kidnapping and violence to force 7000 women to have late term abortions and sterilizations. He exposed an abortion and sterilization quota system in the Chinese government.

The Chinese government’s response was predictable and the “enemy of the people” was sent to prison for 4 years and 3 months for organising a crowd to block traffic. The communist fascists just released him but under house arrest – presumably for years more, and perhaps for the rest of his life.

Barbados news media censors human rights stories to keep those free China trips coming! Continue reading


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Welcome To The Barbados Government’s Newest Friend And Benefactor: Wife Kidnapped By Government, Held Down While 8-Month-Along Daughter Ripped From Womb

China forced abortions article Updated: June 1, 2010

United States court accepts evidence of ongoing forced abortions and forced sterilizations in China. It’s still happening – with Christians often being targeted for “special attention.”

Welcome to human rights in China. You know, China? Barbados’ newest best friend and benefactor!

NAI YUAN JIANG, Petitioner,
ERIC H. HOLDER, JR., Attorney General, Respondent.

No. 08-73186. United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. Argued and Submitted October 8, 2009—Pasadena, California.  Filed May 24, 2010.

Here’s a few links to the current story and then our previously published story…





Welcome To Communist China

Auntie Moses always says “You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose your friends.”

We Bajans and our government would do well to heed our old Auntie’s admonition.

Does our Prime Minister believe that the high government people from China he deals with are somehow apart from the government agents who kidnapped eight and a half months pregnant Jin Yani from her bed, and held her down in an abortion clinic?

Our new diplomatic buddies are the same people who order government thugs into the night to do their evil. Continue reading


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