BFP Reader Reports: DLP Headquarters Broken Into On Weekend


Barbados Watergate? Probably Not, but…

Just heard that DLP headquarters at George St were burgled last weekend.
Memories of “Watergate” have sprung to mind, especially since William (Duguid – DLP Party Secretary – ed) on the BLP blog says he is working on something big to discredit David Thompson. Hope I am wrong!

… post from Barbados Free Press reader

IF somebody said to me that Dr. William Duguid, Secretary General of the Barbados Labour Party, knew of or was in any way associated with a plot to break into the headquarters of the Opposition DLP, I would say “Not a chance”.

In all seriousness, Dr. Duguid is far too good a man to even tolerate talk of such nonsense at BLP. So, no matter what comes up about this break-in, there is no way that Dr. Duguid has anything to do with it. Knowing him, I don’t buy into the idea even one tiny bit. Period.

Some other persons? Well, that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

What Did Dr. Duguid Say On The BLP Blog?

On the BLP Blog on October 25, 2006 at 9:57pm, Dr. Duguid stated during a discussion that he (or the BLP) was “Working on something very big. Will totally discredit Thompson.”

You can link to the original here.

Here is a cut and paste from the BLP Blog…

william duguid Says:
October 25th, 2006 at 9:57 pm

Working on something very big. Will totally discredit Thompson.

Hants Says:
October 26th, 2006 at 12:27 pm
William I think RoyalRumble has “stolen your thunder” and given your hot story to BFP.
Unless you have something bigger than “Sandy Lane”.

That’s just politics, folks. I’ll wait for further information before deciding whether the break-in at DLP headquarters was a political act or just theft.

photo: Notorious Barbados Cat Burglar being apprehended by armed home-owner


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23 responses to “BFP Reader Reports: DLP Headquarters Broken Into On Weekend

  1. Jane

    “Working on something very big. Will totally discredit Thompson.” This does not sound like something Dr. Duguid should say if he is serious about winning an election.

    Don’t you think that sometimes it is wiser to use your energies to check your own glass windows before you start throwing stones?

  2. West Side Davie

    cat burglar looks very guilty to me.

  3. Velzo

    Duguid reminds me of Wee Willie Winkle. David Thompson has been in the House for nearly 20 years. If the BLP has something on him, they would have exposed it by now. They just don’t frighten us anymore.

  4. Green!

    I rather agree with you, Velzo..
    David Thompson is too wimpish to have anything too seriously scandalous in his past,
    and too clever a lawyer to leave evidence of such malfeasance
    at the relatively-unprotected offices
    of the DLP, in suburban Bridgetown,
    where the two-legged rats might one night brek in and tief it!


    Compact discs and alcoholic beverages were stolen.
    Who dunnit???
    My source is impeccable!
    Police are yet to make the report public. Why Commissioner?

  6. .The only thing BIG!!!!!!that William Duguid can have on David Thompson is himself, BIG!!!!!!!!!! isn’t he? I think that William Duguid should concentrate on Kerrie Symmonds, not David thompson.

  7. william duguid

    Quite interesting comments. I was referring to a new post which shows not only the concessions given to Sandy Lane but also the allegation of similar concessions given to Clico on 14 pieces of land on the eve of the 1994 election by Thompson. Waiting on the original documents before we go public with all of the information.

    If people continue to twist and spin every little comment on the blog it truly does not encourage me to make regular comments. I am one of the few public figures brave enough to put my full name with my comments rather than hide behind a pseudonym to then get ridiculed by other bloggers not brave enough to put their real names I find grossly inconsiderate to say the least.

  8. Anonymous-

    Welcome to BFP, William. Where sh!temongering, sensationalism, scandal and lies are all KING! These idiots don’t care about defaming your character, implying that you a thief, or talking anybody’s name while they hide behind their computers and post garbage under cloak and dagger. That’s why I can’t be bothered to put my name or station… if they can do it and people still entertain their folly, why can’t I? I hope you recognize the folly of your ways in even coming here and engaging these fools in small talk. Treat them like the disruptive, scandallous jonnies that they are and leave. This mini-DLP website doesn’t you or the party’s respect.

  9. Jupiter


    Don’t politicians defame ordinary citizens character,call people thief and bad talk members of john public when they are on political platform,or better yet when they are in the house so they can use the cover of parliamentary privilege?Remember owen arthur and rommel marshall?

    So what’s the big fuss?

    Do fuh do doan like so.

  10. Anonymous-

    Listen, let me tell you something- do fuh do only isn’t obeah when somebody did something to you – pick sense.

  11. Rumplestilskin

    Thanks Gosh that the BLP is coming out and exposing the alleged misdemeanours of the DLP.

    Let’s eagerly await these documents ALONG WITH the documents of all accounting on GEMS, what hotels were valued before purchase, which persons and how much they got paid for those properties, accounting of income and expenditures since purchase AND audited financials please.

    Also, please publish all analysis on the Greenland landfill, expenditures to date and projected future costy, including the proposal by the Canadian company to run the Barbados dump (strange, I thought we are trying to save foreign exchange, why not a Barbados company?).

    Thats enough for now….probably more, but we have weaited long enough for those.

  12. Ya-Wan-King!

    William, Don’t mind Anon, nor Baje Girl. Tell them that your BIG soul case does hold BIG stones, and not everybody here is a s!temonger or liar. We seek the truth from both parties and we seek accountability and transparency from both. Anon’s disparaging, belittling and dismissive comments will be well remembered here for a long time to come, especially by non-partisans. Anon, if you are a Bee, you are the proverbial ‘loose cannon’. OR, you may even be a DLP man, The Great Distraction, sent to blog land to sow confusion. Are you the same Anon. that positions Mia as the next ‘Boss Man’? Fuh Real? Maybe you are just some sort of weird Puck. William I hope that if wunna can give it with this ‘exposé’ yuh can tek it too when the cannon swivel ’round.

  13. rightvwrong

    lets stick to accountability—we all know Thompson hasn’t shown much leadership and has visions of getting in the trough with a new set of piggies.

    Giving concessions to get much needed capital isn’t the issue. Its how that extra capital flows down to the little guy and what integrity and honesty is shown along the way. Special fees and contracts to friends of government without tenders, no audited statements and proper accounting can only lead to one inescapable conclusion, namely the government can’t possibly afford to let the people see the damages nor who is involved.

  14. Rumplestilskin

    rightvwrong you say>> namely the government can’t possibly afford to let the people see the damages nor who is involved.

    Then we the people, who make up this Nation and are the taxpayers must DEMAND that all major projects are properly accounted for.

    It is NOT an option of Government, IT IS OUR RIGHT!

  15. Yo!

    “We,The People” – a concept almost un heard of, in post-Colonial territories.
    We,The People is an American thing,
    and since many of us fancy ourselves as some sort of Amerikin offshoot
    (watching too much TV,again?)
    we assume that this We,The People ting goes down here, but it does not!

    In Barbados, The Government is ‘Them’,
    and us electorate out here don’t count.
    There is no sense that we the general public are the real government.

    Much like how The Church is theoretically the wider strata of society who attend.
    Listen up…The Church is de big stone bldg. right dey in front yuh eyes..
    it en’t nuh people,nuttin.
    Good Luck with getting the concept of We,The People across to Bajans.
    Sheesh, next thing yuh know we’ll be teaching Civics in secondary school,
    to let the chrildren know what a civilized society is, and how it’s arrived at!
    We can’t have that
    -this is Barbados, fer God’s sake!

  16. Honeybee

    Dr. Duguid, what is the relevance of 12 year-old concessions? I do not see any.

    Were all the concessions acted upon? Surely there were timeframes and deadlines on the concessions if they were not acted upon and the government today is not bound by those old contracts.

    One would have expected the government to give some concessions to Sandy Lane to attract the huge investment. So obviously giving concessions is something that government has to seriously look at when projects of this magnitude and bieng contemplated.

  17. Velzo

    Willie, you are a brilliant obfuscationist. Is this how BIG you really are?

    You and I both know that not one single property that would benefit from these concessions – same as given to all Golf Course operators by the DLP – has even been built yet or benefitted at Sandy Lane! You first have to move the dump from Mongrove which you wouldn’t do for the Arch Hall people but will do for the toshes.

    You, Willie, know that and I know that.

    While BFP is bigging you up for being so accessible and you are responding with your cowering concern about spinning etc., you are carrying out the biggest spin operation in your two paragraphs above.

    You can’t be so silly or ignorant as not to realise that these concessions were listed in the House of Assembly – in full public view – in response to a question by the opposition in 1994. They were never a secret and were fully ventilated in budget debates, on political platforms in 1994 and 1999 and in the salacious BLP gossip circles.

    Furthermore, David Thompson only reduced the PTT. But your great Ali Baba Leader-for-Life-Owen Arthur changed the land adjacent from Zone one to Zone two so that his friends could get $9 million in profit AND then passed a law to remove the entire property transfer tax on foreign vendors!

    What a gall you all really have to be lying through your teeth – especially as a dentist – in this way.

  18. Yo!

    Cuh dear…forgive the Dentist, nuh?
    He’s in politics, and as such is permitted a certain measure of shall we say ‘wiggle room’ when it comes to statements.
    It’s the game the whole family can play.
    They lie, we believe(or mistrust)
    and when our little day comes to vote,
    we dutifully line up and do what’s expected of us.
    Politics is about perceptions, not logic, not truth,
    it’s about ‘spinning’ perceptions.
    So don’t expect to hear God’s logical truth.


    How is this for “Fools of the Year”?
    Police yesterday arrested three alleged boat thieves, after the alleged perpetrators stopped the unlicenced vehicle ouutside the District “E” police station in St Peter, and proceeded to seek directions from the person who was to store the boat.
    The owner had called to report the boat stolen and followed the alleged perpetrators. When the tow truck stopped outside the station, he blocked them with his vehicle.
    The police then calmly walked over and asked the driver to reverse the boat and vehicle into the yard.
    Both are now impounded and charges have been laid.
    And the fools have all been to school!!!

  20. Velzo

    Wha’ happen to wee Willie. Is he a mouse or a man? I want to hear him.

  21. Royalrumble

    It is not that the thompy had given the concessions to Sandy Lane that poses the problem but the extent and timing of the concessions. Who would believe that at a time when thompy had just desecrated poor working class Barbadians by cutting their salaries, virtually wiped out their severance payments and had made the country the laughing stock of the Caribbean, that the first people to benefit from the treasury would have been Sandy Lane? This is a clear example of where thompy’s interest lies.The millions Sandy Lane got could have provided homes for the homeless, land for the landless of even build the St. John polyclinic.

    Poor people were at that time begging for an ease on the land tax and income tax payments. How come he didn’t hear us but he heard Sandy Lane. Did he get something in return for that big favour? Is it possible that money that dont find its way into the treasury could end up in people’s pockets?

    It took a BLP government under the skilfull leadership of Prime Minister Arthur, The Father of First Barbados to deliver tax relief to thousands of poor working class Barbadians. The only real promise that thompy and the Dems made to Barbadians is to cut their salaries again whenever they racapture the government.

  22. josephine

    Royalrumble, i was just about to make the same point, someone was asking why bring it up now? Because we the people need to know. they will be a lot of first time voters when this thing is called and it is your job Mr. William Duguid to let them know what the DLP did when they were in government so that we would not make the mistake to put them back in to finish us of, so Mr. william duguid i hope you will continue to write to us young voters who have a mark to make.

  23. Anon

    I hope your bad grammar/spelling is not also reflective of you judgement(ie bad).