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China Snubs Canada’s Prime Minister Because He Talked About Human Rights Abuses

Barbados Free Press reader “missing home” who works in a mine in Canada’s arctic (burrrrrrr!) alerted us to the following article.

It seems that the Chinese have snubbed Canada over the Canadian Prime Minister’s concerns and comments about China’s human rights abuses.

Hey…. Prime Minister Harper should get with the programme – keep his mouth shut, and he too could receive Chinese gifts of equipment, books, training. The Canadians could have it all if they would just act like good little puppy dogs and wag their tails when the Chinese massas come around.

Just like Barbados.

Excerpts from the Globe Newspaper…

China Snubs Harper

OTTAWA — China has delivered a diplomatic snub to the Canadian government by rejecting a meeting between its president and Prime Minister Stephen Harper as relations between the two countries continue to sour.

Mr. Harper and Chinese President Hu Jintao had tried to set up a meeting just before the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference that opens in Hanoi this week.

It would have been the first major get-together between the two men, although they spoke briefly last summer at a meeting of the Group of Eight industrialized countries…

… Mr. Hampson said he was particularly surprised that the Chinese backed out, given it was they who had requested the tête-à-tête.

… China’s decision comes amid a cooling in the bilateral relationship as Canada takes an increasingly harder line on China’s human rights record.

…Over the past few months, the Harper government has delivered a number of controversial messages to the Chinese, among them a decision by the Prime Minister’s parliamentary secretary, Jason Kenney, to meet with the Dalai Lama, and a delay in talks over a strategic partnership to which the two countries have agreed. Canada has also complained of Chinese espionage and delayed a meeting between Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay and the Chinese ambassador.

… read the entire Globe Newspaper article (link here)


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Shell News Is Big News At Barbados Advocate Newspaper!


Photo: Shell Rep Praying That Barbados Media Will Ask No “Difficult” Questions – He Need Not Have Worried

Shell has introduced a new formulation of gasoline to Barbados!

This is BIG NEWS!

It must be… because the Barbados Advocate published a major story on the announcement – complete with the above photo of the Shell representative from “Sol”.

The title of the Barbados Advocate piece is “Sol Bringing A Solution To Barbados Fuel Woes”

And what is “the solution” to all our fuel woes? Why, it is new improved Shell Gasoline, of course!

No Questions About Shell Fuel Spills Were Asked At Press Conference

Take a look at the article in the Barbados Advocate (link here) and then flip through the paper for the next few week or two and see if you see any Shell gasoline ads.

Then try to recall the last time you saw a quality in-depth piece at either The Barbados Advocate, The Nation News or on the tely about the ten year battle to get Shell to clean up the mess their leaking pipeline made along the south coast. (See all of BFP’s Shell articles link here)

After you have looked at the Barbados Advocate article about Shell bringing a “solution to Barbados fuel woes”… think about all the issues on this island, and ask yourself if the citizens of Barbados are being properly served by their news media.

In Other Shell News

A Barbados Free Press reader from Ireland writes…

“I would like to express my support for those in Barbados who are seeking redress from Shell Oil with regard to the pollution of your beautiful homeland, and the subsequent loss of earnings suffered by your farmers. Currently on my own Island of Ireland, Shell are attempting to build an onshore gas operation despite the objections of the local population. Friday morning 10.11.06, peaceful protestors were subjected to horrific police brutality for trying to protect their homes.



Shell Refinery Protest – Security Uses Batons To Beat Citizens

Shell Protest in Cork, Ireland

Hanging Execution of Shell-Protester Ken Saro-Wiwa In Nigeria

You also might want to look into this…



London–10 November 1995–The blood of Ken Saro-Wiwa will permanently stain the name of Shell, Greenpeace said today in response to the news that Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni were, according to widespread rumours, hanged this morning in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Ken Saro-Wiwa was hanged today for speaking out against the environmental damage to the Niger Delta caused by Shell Oil through its 37 years of drilling in the region. Ken Saro Wiwa was campaigning for what Greenpeace considers the most basic of human rights: the right for clean air, land and water. His only crime was his success in bringing his cause to international attention,” said Thilo Bode, Executive Director of Greenpeace International.

…read the entire article (link here)


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Barbados Soup Nazis – “No Soup For You!”


No Soup For You!

I couldn’t help it. I was looking online for a photo to illustrate Senator Eastmond’s reference to “soup kitchen politics” in our post…

BLP To St. Philip Parish: We Have Purchased Your Votes And Don’t You Forget It!

…when I came across this photo of the “Soup Nazi” from the American TV show “Seinfeld”. It must be ten years since I saw that show in New York City, but I still chuckle when I think of the “Soup Nazi” episode.

Keeping the Soup Nazi company are Barbados Government Ministers Lynette Eastmond and Anthony Wood – two leading proponents of “Soup Kitchen Politics”.

Click on the photo for the Wikipedia reference for “The Soup Nazi


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BLP To St. Philip Parish: We Have Purchased Your Votes And Don’t You Forget It!

Government Minister Anthony Wood Lets Guard Down – Openly Shows That Government Spending In St Philip Was Intended To Unseat Opposition MPs

The BLP says that after all the “millions and millions” of tax dollars they “unleashed” throughout St. Philip Parish in the last few years, they “deserve” to represent all three parish seats, instead of just one.

The other side of that coin is the implied threat… “If St. Philip residents don’t vote BLP, government will keep on taxing but “unleash” little. Make your choice wisely, folks.”

Government Minister Refers To Tax Dollars As “Unleashed” By BLP

During a public meeting last Sunday, Government Minister and MP for for St. Philip South, Anthony Wood, listed the nitty-gritty of how much tax money the BLP government has “unleashed” in the last seven years throughout the parish and how much they were continuing to spend. Minister Wood also declared that because the spending was throughout the parish, not just in his seat, residents of St. Philip North and St. Philip West should elect BLP candidates and not return their two incumbent DLP Members – MPs David Estwick and Michael Lashley.

Candidate Lynette Eastmond Declares She And BLP Love “Soup Kitchen Politics”

At the same Sunday meeting, BLP Candidate for St. Philip West, Senator Lynette Eastmond, also reminded residents that Prime Minister Owen Arthur would make sure that St. Philip West is not neglected. While she didn’t add “if you are all good little girls and boys”, she did her part to make sure the theme of the evening was delivered loud and clear.

Eastmond also laughed and criticised Opposition MP David Estwick for declaring that he would not engage in “soup kitchen politics” – the trading of government spending for votes.

Tax Dollars Spent Strategically For Votes – Not For The Greatest Need

Obviously, Senator Eastmond, Minister Wood and the BLP government have no problem openly acknowledging what is obvious to everyone… The high level of government spending in St. Philip Parish has been part of a strategy of targeting DLP seats for the next election.

While the government was installing 700 streetlights in the parish, other constituents suffered for 12 long years with pit toilets, no running water and no streetlights in areas already represented by BLP members.

Yes… the BLP Government spent tax money strategically for votes in St. Philip rather than where the need was greatest.*

* See our previous article Barbados Government Triumph! Plastic Water Drums Are Blue, With Faucet!

Story Links

Our sources for this article were two Nation News stories published about the same BLP Sunday night meeting. Read them and let us know what you think, folks…

Eastmond: St Philip West Won’t Be Left Out

Wood Wants All Three


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Barbados News Media “Part Of The Problem”

The Barbados King of Letters To The Editor, Carson Cadogan, delivers a full broadside to the Barbados media in his latest letter to Caribbean Net News.

Well done, Carson…

To Caribbean Net News (link here)

Dear Sir:

Your reporter here in Barbados, Dawne Bennett, was quick to report “Barbados least corrupt country in the region”. That might be easy for her to report.

However any good journalist should do some digging before running with a story as she obviously did.

The Barbados government and its supporters no doubt feel good about this report, but it is my considered view that we have nothing to shout about. The country of Barbados is governed by some of the most draconian libel laws in the universe.

People at all levels of the society are afraid to speak out publicly about bad practices and corruption in Barbados. Everyone is petrified of being dragged before the law courts and being heavily fined or imprisoned for making statements, even if they are true, about individuals, government ministers, civil servants, private sector officials.

As a result, incidences of corruption are constantly being swept under the carpet because people who know about them are too afraid to speak out publicly. Practices for which people would go to jail in other countries nothing is ever done about them in Barbados. Bad practices will be discussed privately but no further than that.

As a result of more liberal libel laws in other Caribbean Islands the press highlights corruption routinely, not so in Barbados. They are silent in Barbados. The impression is then conveyed to the gullible that all is well. Hence headlines such as “Barbados least corrupt country in the region”. That is laughable!

Another point worthy of note is the fact that at all the media houses in Barbados here are riddled from top to bottom including directors with members of the ruling Barbados Labour Party which forms the current Government. That alone speaks for itself!

The Government owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation is tantamount to the public relations department of the Government and the Barbados Labour Party. Your reporter needed to point out these facts.

When the Barbados Labour Party was recently in opposition they campaigned, among other things, on a ticket that when they came to power that they would relax the libel laws. They also promised to privatise the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation because they felt that it was too much in the hip pocket the ruling Government.

They felt at the time that the libel laws were being used unfairly against them. That they was a lot of cover-up which they could not expose because of the draconian libel laws which exist here in Barbados. Of course they were in opposition then.

When in opposition you say one thing, when in government you do the exact opposite. They have now been in Government for about twelve years and they done nothing to ease the libel laws as a matter of fact they have used them with telling effect against all and sundry. That is just another reason why I have little respect for politicians!

The so-called press in Barbados should have been hammering the Government to make them keep their promise with regards to relaxing the libel laws but they too have become a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

Please ask your reporter before writing these flowery pieces do a bit of digging and present stories with balance instead of public relations pieces for the current Government.

Carson CO. Cadogan
Eagle Hall


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