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Beautiful Barbados Art – Vanita Comissiong and Friends


On The Wall Art Gallery Provides A Visual Feast

Last night – way too late last night – the love of my life and our son and I sat for almost an hour and visited the On The Wall Art Gallery website (link here). I had intended to just stop in for a moment or two after gallery owner Vanita Comissiong left a comment at the Barbados Free Press.

Ten minutes later, my woman and I were making so much noise about the paintings shown online that the young lad woke up and wandered in – so we all sat there for the next 40 minutes or so and took in the visual treat.

“I want that one!”, “Oh…. look at this”, “Beautiful…”

… and on and on until it was way past everyone’s bedtime. The website displays hundreds of original paintings by Bajan and other Caribbean artists and there is certainly enough talent and varied styles and subjects offered to ensure that everyone will be able to find paintings they like and some they love. A few times, my woman looked at a particular painting and said, “God gave this person something very special.” I agree.


Food Critics Should Stick To Food – And Maybe Not Even That

My visit to the On The Wall Gallery website was prompted by a largely negative Barbados restaurant review by “Lydia Gordon” that appeared in the New York Post (BFP story link here). A stuck-up Ms. Gordon had found fault with not only the food at Champers, but also with the paintings on display.

Art is a matter of personal taste, but after visiting the On The Wall Gallery website one thing is very obvious..

If the drunken, nose-in-the-air “restaurant critic” for the New York Post couldn’t see any Barbados art she liked at all, she had an agenda to write a negative piece for her paper and she did it.

God has given Vanita Comissiong and her friends something special, and any fool can see that just by visiting the On The Wall Gallery website. A Google search reveals that Comissiong’s paintings are for sale in galleries around the world – even as far away as Japan – and the same is true for many of the other featured artists.

Have a look at the On The Wall Gallery’s paintings, and you will know that The New York Post article is just so much agenda-driven trash. (On The Wall Gallery website here)



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New BFP Feature Series: Water Crisis In Barbados

Water Crisis In Barbados – Part 1: A Bird’s Eye View

In this first of a series of articles on the Water Crisis In Barbados, our favourite writer named John sets the stage for later installments. Before one can understand water on this small island of ours, it is necessary to understand the topography of Barbados…

1. Understanding the topography of Barbados – A bird’s eye view.

The internet puts at our disposal powerful visualization tools to help us understand many of the challenges we face in our daily life. Some of the first principles we learn at school can be used to understand and appreciate what we regard simply as a wonder of nature without ever removing the wonder of the experience.

Satellite imagery puts in our hands an easy and readily available way of visualizing the topography of Barbados, or any land mass. We can look at Barbados from all sorts of different angles and from all sorts of different positions. Google Earth and Nasa World Wind provide anyone with the means of flying over any part of Barbados. The images may be a few months out of date but reflect the appearance of the surface of Barbados accurately.

If you don’t already have Google Earth or Nasa World Wind try downloading them now.

Here is what Barbados looks like from a satellite as provided by Google Earth when viewed in relation to its immediate surroundings…


Barbados is the furthest east of the islands of the Lesser Antilles and is the highest point on a ridge formed by the motion of two tectonic plates, the Atlantic and the Caribbean plates. The chain of islands to its west are volcanic because of the same motion of two plates but Barbados is not.

… Continue reading Part 1 of Water Crisis In Barbados (link here)


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