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BLP’s Dr. Duguid Comments About Blogging And DLP Leader Thompson’s 1994 Election-Eve Land Concessions


Dr. William Duguid, the Secretary General of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), is a frequent visitor and commenter at Barbados Free Press, and was instumental in the creation of the BLP’s own blog (link here). His willingness to engage in unstructured discussions in the new world of the internet and call-in radio programmes is not only an indication of his modern thinking and political acumen – it is a testament to his personal integrity and genuine sense of duty to his fellow citizens.

Politics in any forum is a rough and tumble business, and like others who are successful in the game, Dr. Duguid has a thick enough skin and is able to give as well as he takes it in a debate. And, as we have said before – give the Doctor and the BLP Blog credit for leaving some very harsh reader comments posted online. They don’t answer every criticism, but at least they have the courage and integrity to leave the negative comments up as well as the positive ones.

A Reader Comment That Barbados Free Press & Dr. Duguid Disagreed With

“Littleboy56@caribsurf.com” is a reader of both the BLP Blog and Barbados Free Press. Yesterday he/she posted news on the BLP Blog (see comment here) and a few minutes later at BFP (see comment here), that the DLP Headquarters had been broken into. This person also commented that they hoped it was not a “Watergate” situation and speculated whether or not the break-in had anything to do with Dr. Duguid’s comments at BLP Blog that he was working on something that would discredit Opposition Leader David Thompson.

We at Barbados Free Press immediately published an article BFP Reader Reports: DLP Headquarters Broken Into On Weekend, wherein we totally dismissed Littleboy’s comments regarding Dr. Duguid.

As we said in our post…

IF somebody said to me that Dr. William Duguid, Secretary General of the Barbados Labour Party, knew of or was in any way associated with a plot to break into the headquarters of the Opposition DLP, I would say “Not a chance”.

In all seriousness, Dr. Duguid is far too good a man to even tolerate talk of such nonsense at BLP. So, no matter what comes up about this break-in, there is no way that Dr. Duguid has anything to do with it. Knowing him, I don’t buy into the idea even one tiny bit. Period.

Several other readers at both the BLP Blog and Barbados Free Press entered into a bit of name-calling against Dr. Duguid, and now the Doctor has posted a response at BFP wherein he quite correctly points out that he is one of the few public figures to participate in online discussions while using his real name.

We think that the good doctor has a point…

Dr. Duguid Replies To Reader Comments

Quite interesting comments. I was referring to a new post which shows not only the concessions given to Sandy Lane but also the allegation of similar concessions given to Clico on 14 pieces of land on the eve of the 1994 election by Thompson. Waiting on the original documents before we go public with all of the information.

If people continue to twist and spin every little comment on the blog it truly does not encourage me to make regular comments. I am one of the few public figures brave enough to put my full name with my comments rather than hide behind a pseudonym to then get ridiculed by other bloggers not brave enough to put their real names I find grossly inconsiderate to say the least.

Read Dr. Duguid’s reply in context (link here)


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Surf’s Up! – Reef Classic At Soup Bowl, Bathsheba Barbados


Get Ready For A Great Weekend Of Surfing! (But Watch Where You Sit!)

With US$10,000 up for grabs in prize money and, for the first time, the Reef Classic forming part of the Latin American & Caribbean Pro Tour – Bathsheba is the place to be this weekend. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, November 3 – 5, 2006)

As always – get there early and bring lots of sunscreen and water.


Watch Where You Sit!

Our friends in Bathsheba tell us that the ground and sand behind the old railway station public washrooms is still soaked with raw sewerage. YUK!

We don’t know if the source of the problem has been corrected or if the raw sewerage is still flowing from the washroom – but the ground is still soaked with horrible stuff SO KEEP THE CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE AREA AROUND THE OLD RAILWAY STATION

We wonder if the “Father Of First World Barbados” or Environment Minister Thompson will be at the Soup Bowl this weekend. If you see them, you might want to point out the sewerage-soaked area so they don’t accidently step in it.

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