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Pursuing A $326,000 VAT Refund From Barbados Government

“THE BARBADOS Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) is pursuing a $326 000 value added tax (VAT) refund from Government…”

… from The Nation Newspaper (link here). 

Kiss That Money Goodbye!

It will be a cold day you-know-where before the Government of Barbados cuts anyone a $326k VAT refund. As countless businesses on this island know, once they have that money in their hands, they will lawyer and accountant a business to death before giving it up.

The government is so over-spent that it is clouding decision making. Justice and rule of law have given way to making sure the next government payroll can be met.

Kiss that money goodbye, gentlemen, and get on with your lives – older and wiser.


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BLP Blog Publishes DLP Leader’s “Fatted Calf” Speech


DLP’s David Thompson Has Some Explaining To Do

The BLP Blog has published what they say is part of a speech given by DLP Leader David Thompson to the party faithful at the (last?) annual conference.

In speaking of those former DLPers who have gone elsewhere, Thompson says that upon the DLP victory…

“Under no circumstances, however, we will kill the fatted calf to welcome any such persons back into our fold.”

“We have learnt our lesson as a party. The fatted calf, under David Thompson’s watch, will be slaughtered and shared among those of you who have stood this course…”

What Does Thompson Mean?

Assuming that David Thompson did say the words as published by the BLP Blog, we have to ask ourselves “What does he mean?”

IF Mr. Thompson means that he will not offer Ministerial positions to entice former DLPers to return to the fold, that’s fine with me.

IF, however, Mr Thompson means that it is now the DLP’s turn for a feed at the trough, we soundly condemn him and his leadership for all time.

So let’s hear from Mr. Thompson or someone who can speak for him… Did he write and say these comments as alleged, and what was meant by the comments?

Read the BLP Blog article here.


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Barbados Abandons Canada At United Nations – “Thanks For Nothing” Say Canadians

Iran Calls For UN Censure Of Canada As Human Rights Abuser of Aboriginals & Immigrants

UNITED NATIONS – Some of the most popular holiday destinations for Canadians have spurned helping Ottawa fight off Iran’s bid to taint Canada’s human rights record.

In a showdown at the United Nations, Cuba joined Iran and four other countries supporting Tehran’s call for the world body to censure Canada over its treatment of aboriginal Canadians and immigrants.

Various other countries popular with Canadian tourists stopped short of speaking up for Canada by abstaining. Among them were China, Thailand, Singapore, Barbados, Costa Rica, and South Africa.

The backbone of support for Canada came from Western democracies, and the European Union, Australia and New Zealand went on record saying Iran’s anti-Canadian draft had been political retaliation for Canada’s leadership Tuesday in seeing Iran’s human rights record condemned…

… continue reading this article at Victoria Times Colonist (link here)

I missed this issue in the Barbados media and only discovered it accidentally on another blog. Was it mentioned in the Barbados media at all?

In retalitation for Canada’s introducing and having passed a UN motion condemning Iran’s human rights record (all to do with the torture and murder of Zahra Kazemi – a Canadian woman journalist who was beaten to death by Iranian police) – Iran introduced a motion to censure Canada for human rights violations of aboriginals and immigrants.

Supporting the failed motion to condemn Canada were the virtuous countries of Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Myanmar and Belarus.

Supporting Canada were despotic gulags like the European Union, Australia and New Zealand.

Barbados abstained – along with China, Singapore, Costa Rica and South Africa and 48 other countries.

That Barbados abandoned Canada is big news throughout the land of snow – with major newspapers carrying the story on Friday and Saturday, November 24 and 25.

Canada – practically little Barbados in some parts of Toronto – a country that has welcomed immigrants from all over the world for a century. Canada – where something like 100 languages are spoken in Toronto alone.

Sure, Canada abused the aboriginals in times past, but the Iranian motion condemned Canadians for current behaviour – not fifty years ago.

Does Barbados consider Canada such a brutal country that our diplomats were instructed not to support Canada?

Or maybe the Barbados government said “To Hell with Canada – we want all those tourists and investors from Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Myanmar and Belarus”

Whatever happened, the Canadians and their media are mad as hell at Barbados.

Thanks Owen!

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Story Links

Victoria BC Times Colonist – Cuba joins Iran To Shame Canada at UN

General Speaking Blog – Choosing sides


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Barbados Professional Engineers Could Lose International Status

UWI-trained engineers could lose international accreditation

CBC Sunday, 26 November 2006

The Barbados Association of Professional Engineers is worried that their University of the West Indies-educated members could lose their ranking and status in the field internationally.

President Roger Blackman says the international body, which has been accrediting UWI degrees for decades, has changed its qualification requirements.

Mr. Blackman says this means the UWI’s three-year undergraduate programmes will no longer be given chartered engineering status…

… Read the rest at CBC News (link here).

This has far-reaching implications for more than just the engineers themselves. A general loss of accreditation for Barbados engineers would cripple many Bajan companies and force them to hire outsiders.

Let’s hope something can be worked out soon, because the simple mention of this problem is enough to send some clients packing.


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