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British Airways Boycott Grows After Christian Employee Suspended For Wearing Cross

barbados-british-airways-christian-boycott-ewilda.jpg“I will not hide my belief in the Lord Jesus. British Airways permits Muslims to wear a headscarf, Sikhs to wear a turban and other faiths religious apparel.”Only Christians are forbidden to express their faith.I am a loyal and conscientious employee of British Airways, but I stand up for the rights of all citizens.”Nadia Eweida – BA employee suspended for wearing Christian cross.

100 British MPs Refusing To Fly British Airways Over Employee Crucifix Ban

British Airways is facing growing calls for a boycott by Christian passengers as it deals with the fallout after a Christian employee was suspended for wearing a small Christian Cross on a necklace while at work. * (See Update Below)

The airline allows Sikhs and Muslims to wear religious headcovering and jewellery, but the Christian employee, Nadia Ewilda, was suspended without pay for wearing the small cross.

“I’ve cut up my British Airways Executive Club card – will you?”

… businessman Marcus Stafford – creator of the Boycott British Airways website: www.baboycott.com

British Airways Gives A Slap In The Face To All Christians

This situation has been going on for six weeks and BA’s Chief Executive Willie Walsh has upheld the action against a Christian for wearing a cross.

Today, British Airways announced that they are going to “review” their policy. (Telegraph article here)

We Call Upon The Prime Minister Of Barbados To Cancel All Government Travel On British Airways

The Government off Barbados should cancel all travel on British Airways for reason of BA’s persecution of Christian employees – for putting the rights of Christian employees lower than any other religion.

“To Hell with British Airways. Even if they change their policy, I will look at their aircraft and tail logo for the next decade and remember.”

…Taxi passenger today at Grantley Adams Airport, Bridgetown, Barbados (courtesy of Shona’s little brother)

* Update

One of our readers points out that the Christian lady was offered another non-uniform post where her Cross would be allowed…

Ms Eweida said she was effectively forced to take unpaid leave after refusing to hide the cross symbol she wore round her neck when people of other faiths were allowed to wear visible religious symbols such as headscarves.” – (link here)

(BFP) Stated that BA suspended the employee when in fact she was offered an alternative position

“BA said Ms Eweida had been offered a non-uniformed post were she would be able to openly wear her cross but had refused to take it.” – (link here)

While I agree the the BA position is wrong, lets not un-necessarily demonise by falsely representing their actions.

We thank Andrew for his information and making the story more accurate, but we think it’s really a sidebar on the entire issue when Sikhs are allowed to wear their religious jewellery in uniform.

Once again, some Christians view the wearing of a cross as not important at all. Some view it as integral to their faith. Who are we, and who are BA to presume to dictate what is acceptable practice for a Christian?

In a society that is bending over backwards at every turn to accomodate faiths of all kinds, it is simply unacceptable that the same consideration is not extended to Christians. 

… and millions of Brits agree with our opinion.


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Barbados Ministry Of The Environment Website Is Packed Full Of Useful Information


Oh… we forgot. The Barbados Ministry of the Environment doesn’t have a website.

That way, they don’t have to bother posting any advice, research, current environmental legislation or any other information to assist Barbados citizens.

Now if Environment Minister Liz Thompson would only put the same amount of work into her Ministry’s website as she put into her own “Elect Me, I’m Great!” website…


The only link on Liz’s website is to the Barbados Labour Party.



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More Barbados Cops Leaving

The best that Police Commissioner Dottin can do is to try and keep them until after Cricket World Cup… and then they are out of here. This is not Commissioner Dottin’s fault – he has been ordered to make bricks without straw.

Twelve good officers leaving because the Government of Barbados pays them less than the chaps who drive the garbage trucks.

Read it and weep…


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Waterless Toilets For Barbados – A Good Idea That Government Ignores

UPDATED: April 14, 2010

This BFP article on waterless toilets from almost four years ago (!) makes interesting reading because nothing appears to have changed since then. The old mains are still leaking half of what we produce into the ground, government is talking about getting water from Dominica and everybody points out that if we would only fix the mains, conserve usage and gather water during the rains we’d have more than enough water on this little island.

Meanwhile as Prime Minister David Thompson so accurately and recently pointed out, the last government blew a billion dollars on cricket parties and failed environmental projects led by then-government Minister Liz Thompson.

How much would it take to replace, fix or harden the majority of our large water mains? Whatever the price, it would be worth it.

And then there is the “but” factor… but…

Sometimes I despair because I know that this is a country where we don’t change the engine oil. We’d rather replace an entire fleet of garbage trucks prematurely than to set a schedule for engine and transmission oil changes and adhere to it.

Oil is cheap: transmissions and engines are expensive. Barbados opted to “save money” on the oil changes!

Replacing water mains is cheap. Expanding our water making capacity to fill those leaking mains is expensive, but so far that’s been the choice of every government for the last 20 years.

Yes, folks… sometimes I do despair!

Here’s our original article: Waterless Toilets for Barbados – a Good Idea that Government ignores…


Other Countries Benefit From Waterless Toilets – What About Barbados?

We have a water shortage in Barbados. Barbados Free Press calls it a crisis, but even if some dismiss the word “crisis” as hyperbole, none of us has any doubt that if things continue as they are going for another ten years there will be no disagreement over the word “crisis”.

This weekend, Barbados Free Press will publish the second article in our feature series: Water Crisis In Barbados. (You can link to our first article “A Bird’s Eye View” here.) As I was preparing the new article for posting, I started thinking about waterless toilets, so I Googled the term to see where the technology is now and ended up reading for half an hour about toilets of all kinds.

As usual, Wikipedia was a good place to start. There, I learned that governments in British Columbia, Sweden, Washington State, Hawaii, Montana, Fiji, Japan and other countries have modified their building codes to allow the use of various types of waterless toilets. I also learned that the NSF – the National Sanitation Foundation – has established “Standard 41” for waterless toilets and that many available models meet this internationally recognized standard.

When I Googled for “Barbados + Composting Toilet” or “Barbados + Waterless Toilet“, I really couldn’t find anything worthwhile about waterless toilets in Barbados – with the exception of a post about the life of that great Bajan environmentalist and futurist, Dr. Colin Hudson. (Tributes To Colin Hudson, 1938-2004)

Zero Information About Waterless Toilets In Barbados

In other words, nothing about the use of waterless toilets in Barbados, nothing about any government study or initiative. Zero. Nada.

Why hasn’t the Government of Barbados at least studied the technology and published the results? Why haven’t we started any pilot projects – perhaps in schools or government office buildings as other jurisdictions have successfully done?

The technology is at least one hundred and thirty-seven years old and, judging by what I see on the internet, waterless toilets are ready for prime time – especially in a country like Barbados that has both a water shortage and problems with the disposal of human waste.


Zero Leadership From Barbados Environment Ministry

Talk Talk Talk – that’s all we seem to get from the Liz Thompson and the Barbados Ministry of The Environment. But when it comes to action, well, we’d better think and act for ourselves.

The only leadership I see is Ministry staffers fighting to see who’ll be first to the buffet table on Wednesdays at the Savannah Hotel. (As we pointed out in a previous article Can Barbados Pee It’s Way To More Water?, Environment Minister Thompson likes white wine with lunch at the Savannah, while her deputy takes rum ‘n coke.) Continue reading


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