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Tap Water Contamination in Vancouver Canada – 2 Million People At Risk

Just a few hours after we posted Of Low Water Pressure, Sucking Taps And Herbicide In Barbados, Vancouver Canada declared an emergency due to contamination of the city’s drinking water supply. Two million people are now at risk and have to boil their drinking water.

The circumstances of Vancouver’s contamination appear to be different from that discussed in our article, but the overall message is the same: a clean water supply is serious business that deserves serious attention and adequate funding from government.

Let’s hope the goats are now being kept away from the water reservoirs on Barbados.

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News Report On Vancouver Tap Water Contamination

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Of Low Water Pressure, Sucking Taps and Herbicide In Barbados


Barbados Free Press reader “P” Asks A Question And Tells A Story…

Have you ever been at home and turned the tap on to hear a sucking sound and no water coming? And have you ever come home to find that the water was off during the day and all of the hot water in the solar heater has drained back out through the water meter and you have to have a cold shower? Does anyone live uphill of you?

Now just suppose that your neighbour had a lot of bush around him that he was planning to get rid of and on the day when the water went off, he had just started mixing up a 50 gallon drum of Gramoxone* and had left the hose running in the drum to fill. You can bet that when he comes back to the drum, he’s going to be wondering what happened. He left that drum a quarter full half a hour ago and when its supposed to be full, it’s now empty!

Now where did all that Gramoxone go?

* Gramoxone is a non-specific herbicide. The manufacturer claims that it breaks down rapidly in soil and does not impact the water table. So they say.

There is no information on the website about the effects of showering, drinking or cooking with Gramoxone. (link here)

Backflow In Residential Water Systems A Concern

Low water pressure is just one of the causes of “backflow” – a condition where water pipes “suck in” contaminated water and other fluids into the water supply system.

There are many of us on the island who have experienced backflow or “sucking taps” during a water shortage and never thought too much about it. In some areas, it is almost a weekly happening.

The problem is that backflow can be dangerous. Our water distribution system is, to be kind, “in need of some investment”. Some Barbados watermains are over one hundred years old.

How many of our Barbados readers have experienced this problem?

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