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Free Admission To Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary For Independence Day


What A Great Way To Spend Independence Day

The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is celebrating Independence Day by giving free admission to everyone. Come on down, bring your family and friends, and see natural, beautiful Barbados. Lot’s of fun for the kids – they sure won’t be bored!

Meet Your Favourite BFP Writers At The Nature Sanctuary

Robert, Cliverton, Shona, Marcus and even Auntie Moses will all be at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary shortly after noon.

See you there!

AND – don’t forget – FREE ADMISSION!

Visit the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Website (link here).



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Where Did The Prime Minister’s Photo Disappear To?


Perhaps Some Technical Difficulties At Lynette Eastmond’s Website?

Back on September 2, 2006, Barbados Free Press noted that a photo on Senator Lynette Eastmond’s website showed Prime Minister Owen Arthur presenting an award to our sweetie, Rihanna.

With some humour, we mentioned that the Prime Minister’s eyes appeared to be wandering a bit south and we wrote about this in our article Barbados Prime Minister Fails To Look Rihanna In The Eye“.

This was all in fun and Senator Eastmond and others joined in with some good-natured humour in return. Everybody thought it just showed Owen Arthur as an ordinary healthy guy. Nothing wrong with that. Harvard Girl even replied that the Prime Minister wasn’t a bad looking man himself.

At the end of the day, it was all a bit of good-natured humour – and we’re sure that the PM would have chuckled a bit with everyone else.


Then last week, one of our readers notified us that the original photo of Owen and Rihanna appeared to be missing from Senator Eastmond’s website. We looked, and sure enough, the photo and the article were nowhere to be seen.

hmmmmm…. Must be some technical difficulties over at Lynette’s website.

BFP To The Rescue!

It’s a good thing that we at BFP made a copy of the missing photo or it might have been lost forever! We are happy to publish it here while Lynette sorts out her technical difficulties and restores the original article to her website.

(Don’t even mention it, Lynette. We’re always happy to help a fellow blogger!)

Story Links

Website: Senator Lynette Eastmond


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Barbados Airport Exit Tax: Has Partial Sense Prevailed?


Who’s In Charge Of This Mess Anyway?

In a StarCom newscast at 12.30pm Tuesday, November 28th, followed by a media release by Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA Inc.), it was announced that the controversial 140% increased (but seemingly acceptable) former “departure tax”, now called a “service fee” – will not take place until 1st February 2007 and will then be hidden in the overall ticket price.

Of course it was far too simple for the common director that sits on both the board of GAIA Inc., and the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association to advise the BHTA (and perhaps the Barbados Tourism Authority at the same time) so they could jointly agree a national policy and implement it.

Instead, the tourism partners who we are led to believe formulate policy decisions in the national interest don’t talk about it until after the rest of us discover the news through the media.

Then belatedly when all the damage is done, they leap in and supposedly rectify poor channels of communication with retroactive damage control.

Is This Another Trolley Situation?

Order the trolleys,
have them delivered,
place them in the airport terminal
and then talk to the redcaps!

Its just as well that there are some of us left who are brave enough to ask questions.

… Our thanks to BFP reader and frequent “letter to the editor” writer, Adrian Loveridge, for his take on the Airport Exit Tax. Adrian’s original (unedited) comment can be seen here.

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