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Former Barbados Ambassador To The USA: “Whites Are Not In Charge Of Barbados’ Economy, Whites Get Too Much Credit”


Former Ambassador Disenfranchises Racial Minorities On The Eve Of Independence Celebrations

We often mention that issues of race, racism and racial prejudice (of all colours) hover just below the surface in Barbados – even in the most mundane activities of everyday life.

As if we needed more proof that we have a long way to go on this island before we view ourselves as Bajans first without regards to skin colour – Sir Courtney Blackman, former Ambassador to the United States, gives an interview to The Nation News and disenfranchises racial minorities on Barbados.

On the eve of our fortieth anniversary as an independent nation, Ambassador Blackman has one eye on the past and the other eye on skin colour.

If he’s driving, nobody is looking at the road ahead…

“I don’t know why people keep on saying Whites control the economy,” he said. “It simply isn’t true. If Whites were controlling the economy, then we would have to give credit to them for the economy doing so well over the last 40 years. I believe we have done well because successive administrations have followed policies, which have benefited the vast majority of Barbadians, and the vast majority of Barbadians are black. I would give credit to successive administrations and not to a few white people.”

The former Governor of the Barbados Central Bank said he believed Barbados was the best managed black society in the world, a rating first articulated by Dr Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St Vincent.

Blackman expressed doubts that if Whites were really in charge, Barbados would be in its current prosperous position…

… read the entire article in context at The Nation News (link here)

Ambassador Blackman may have been trying to give another message, to inspire or to chide – but for myself, a man whose family is all the colours of the rainbow, Mr. Blackman is still viewing Barbados and the world primarily through the narrow prism of race.

I understand where he is coming from, and God knows he has the right, but the future for all of us who love Barbados must belong to a different vision.

… our thanks to BFP reader Mike for the tip.


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