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About Those HTML Comments, Folks…

Our friend PC Doctor writes to BFP…

I’ve noticed your BFP website is in the nasty habit of grabbing submissions that include html code,never to see them again!

These submissions get lost in cyberspace, and obviously are not being moderated by you, or we’d see at least a few of them, complete with html code doing its thing.

This glitch, if it is a glitch, can become tiresome and frustrating. Please attend to the malfunction, if it is a malfunction, or give us a warning re. no html code, if that be the case.

Other submissions with html code, go thru just fine, but your submissions computer is developing selectively-greedy bad habits, perhaps unknown to you! check it!

I’ve been writing html code long enough to make few mistakes. In fact I made the first screw-up today,and left a message (one of three comments under…..??) to please remove the first screw-up (it’s followed by comment no.2 which is ok) and my appeal for removal..the 3rd. comment.

Looking fwd. to smoother, less prone-to-grab submissions.

BFP Replies

Hi there, Doc.

For those BFP readers who like to leave comments with HTML code in them – usually website links etc. – these are usually dropped to the moderation list where they wait for one of the gang to approve them.

This is necessary because we receive at least a THOUSAND “spam” comments per month from robots – wanting to post everything from auto rental ads to viagra sales. These all contain HTML code, so the computer grabs them for vetting.

No way around it folks – unless we adopt a registration policy for commenters, which we are unwilling to do.

So, if your comment doesn’t post right away, please have patience and we’ll get to it as soon as we can.



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New York Post Barbados Restaurant Review Pans The Cliff, Calls Hilton Restaurant “A Stinker”, Says Champers Has “Laughably Bad Art”


This Ain’t Champers, Folks!

The nerve of those tasteless morons at the New York Post. The next time I’m upstairs at Champers (wink wink), I’ll have to have a closer look at the art, but it didn’t seem so bad to me when I last saw it. (Or maybe I’m thinking of the wall at the Belair Jazz Club way back when?)

Of course, Champers would never seat the Mrs. and me upstairs when Owen is dining. (Can any of our readers supply the reason?)

The current online New York Post rips into many top restaurants on the island in a major Barbados food review. The author uses the alias “Lydia Gordon” and no wonder! After her review of fine dining in Barbados, she wouldn’t have been able to eat anything on the island… fu sur!

Here’s some samples…

“…after a decade-plus hiatus from the island (born of mediocre food, sky-high prices and surly service), I returned -with a hungry friend – to see what was what…”

The Cliff – “…we found the giant-sized portions to be unexceptional: the tuna tartare was bland …. medallions of lamb were cooked perfectly medium rare, but balanced on a leaden potato cake. A UK dining magazine recently named it one of the 50 best restaurants in the world. We’d disagree…”

Champers Wine Bar – “Here again, the setting was the star. We ate coconut shrimp in a too-sticky, too-sweet chili sauce and a vinegary fish ceviche on a pallid lettuce cup on the charming deck overlooking Accra Beach. Still, a warm duck breast over apple salad was stunning, perfectly cooked and tossed in a tangy, balsamic vinaigrette. If we went back, we’d steer clear of the laughably bad art upstairs selling at appalling prices.”

Pravda – “…awful $15 martinis at the tacky, Miami-wannabe lounge…”

Sassafras – “…a dim, semi-subterranean restaurant near the Sandy Lane hotel… the dim sum sampler was doughy, and we felt like we were eating in a bomb shelter”

Hilton Hotel – Lighthouse Terrace – “…the only true stinker on the list. A case of ballot-box stuffing if there ever was one. (How this got a 24 rating, we’ll never know.)

… The choices were endless. They were also endlessly bad. Maki was like glue and the fish was fishy. We opted to get some tuna, amberjack and scallops sautéed to order. Big mistake – they all turned out grey.

We attributed our grumpiness to the fact that a company was holding its corporate retreat just below us (read: an excuse to get hammered and shriek karaoke at unsuspecting diners).

At breakfast, we gave it another shot, and discovered that the Lighthouse was quite adept at destroying that meal, as well. The already dubious English Breakfast had been overcooked. All its components were slightly grey and sad.

Also, it was the first time we’ve ever had fruit in the Caribbean that looked like it had been bleached.”

Read the entire article (link here)


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Barbados Born Mahmoud Mohammed Patel Becomes First Muslim Mayor Of British Town

One just never knows what life may bring. You can bet that when Mahmoud Patel was growing up in Barbados, he never dreamed he would be the first Muslim mayor of Barton in Glouscestershire.

From NewKerala.com…

British town gets first Muslim mayor

London, Aug 24: The unassuming town of Barton in Gloucestershire has got its first Muslim mayor in Mahmoud Mohammed Patel, who was born in Barbados to Gujarati Muslim parents.

Patel, 52, who will be installed as the Mayor of Barton on Sep 2, says he wants to use his position to promote better relations between sections of the local community.

He said: “As a Muslim, this is me standing up and being counted. As mayor I want to make the role about inclusion. We want to work together for a better Gloucester.”

… read the full story (link here)


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Barbados Watches US Election – Chaos At Many Polling Stations, Reports Of Voter Fraud Climbing


Barbados Watches US Election: Lessons For All Of Us

Today is the big election in the USA and the stories of election time abuses are starting to surface on the web and wire services. Election machine problems, intimidation of voters, outright voter frauds with poll workers’ looking the other way, voter identification laws broken and on and on and on.

All this is a reminder that democracy is just a pretense if the voting system is not secure, trustworthy and verifiable.

Before anything else, we must all be committed to the integrity of the vote. Otherwise, we might just as well settle the next Barbados election with broadswords between the leaders at sunrise on the Oistins jetty.

Pennsylvania – Voting Machines Crashing or Forgetting How To Calculate

Tennessee – Dead Men Voting

New Jersey – Candidate’s Headquarters chained, locks broken by opponent’s supporters

Philadelphia – Republican poll representatives kicked out – not allowed to watch as unregistered voters allowed into polling booths

Florida, Indiana, Ohio – Hundreds of Voting Machines Improperly Programmed

Texas, Florida, Arkansas – Voting Machines Flip Votes For Candidates: Vote For Smith and Get Black, Vote For Black and Get Smith

Daggett County, Utah – Four Times The Population Is Registered To Vote!

San Diego County, California – High School Students Allowed To Take Hackable Diebold Voting Machines Home Prior To Election!

Chicago – Voter Database Left Online For Anyone To Change Or Download – Social Security Numbers, birthdates… the works.

and finally… an HBO Television special “Hacking Democracy” – about how easy it is to hack voting machines, and how votes were found in the garbage in the 2000 elections. Hey… I didn’t know that in the USA, the software in voting machines is un-examined by any independent or even government representatives. (link here to see the entire movie online at Google)


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Water Water Everywhere… And We Do Mean EVERYWHERE


Does The Barbados Water Authority Lose 62% Of Pumped Drinking Water?

We were out of water for a bit around noon – apparently due to a watermain being damaged by construction crews. These things happen.

But it reminded us of an email we received a few weeks ago that slipped to the bottom of the pile, so we dug it out and here it is. We haven’t taken any steps to confirm it. Perhaps our readers can add their knowledge to the equation…

Hello Barbados Free Press

You will love this one. The Government of Barbados State of the Environment Report of 2000 reports that a 1996/1998 Water Resources Management and Water Loss Study noted that bursts in the water distribution network average 2-4 a day and that is probably the main reason for the fact that they lose 62% of the pumped volume of water!

This study had been done by Klohn-Crippen Consultants Ltd.

So in 2000 they hoped that something would be done. To date I can’t find anything has been done.



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