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Barbados Government: Total Silence On Graeme Hall National Park Proposal


A Barbados Free Press Reader Comments…

A month has passed since the October 14 public meeting to consider the merits of a Graeme Hall National Park. Well attended and positively supported as it was, it is disappointing that there should be no official reaction from the Authorities Responsible.

Not from the Ministry of Planning and Development; nor the “owners” of most of the land concerned, BADMC; not from the Mininstry of Agriculture who would need to relocate; not from Kerins and cronies, promoters of the rival Caribbean Splash who for all we know have decamped in disgust; not even from Dr Duguid who attended the National Park meeting and seemed to be a supporter.

There has only been a stony silence like a pebble was thrown into the nature sanctuary’s lake to sink into oblivion after a few ripples.

Is this the way such a noble and creative initiative is treated? Is there nobody even to say “Nice proposal- we are studying it” or “We’re afraid it’s out of the question because…”

What a crying shame that an inspired concept of a National Park for Barbados should apparently be treated with silent disdain by the Government.

Is the only way to get official reaction these days to barricade streets or march with protest placards?

Maybe the Friends of Graeme Hall Committee have something to tell us to keep our hopes alive?


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Cricket World Cup Director Dehring Publicly Criticizes Barbados Hospitality Providers, Citizens – Just 115 Days Before Tournament Start!


“(Barbados) Hospitality Providers Need To Show More Professionalism”

Cricket World Cup 2007 CEO & Director Chris Dehring may have only wanted to exhort Caribbean restauranteurs, taxi drivers and hotel staff to give their best for the tourists and cricket fans heading to the region – but in doing so, he succeeded in broadcasting a highly negative message about Barbados and the Caribbean to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, when the Cricket World Cup Director speaks, the international media listens – and then instantly proclaims his message around the world in just about every language.

Also unfortunately, Dehring chose Bridgetown, Barbados to complain to the international media that – well, Caribbean hospitality providers just don’t get it.

Thanks For The International Vote Of Confidence, Mr. Dehring!

Barbados taxi drivers like Shona’s little brother really aren’t up to snuff, according to Mr. Dehring’s personal observations. Taxi drivers, restauranteurs, hotel workers and other hospitality providers don’t appreciate the tournament’s significance for the region. They need to be “more professional”, he says.

Further, according to Dehring, the “people of the Caribbean” aren’t as excited and involved in the CWC as they should be. He didn’t say if this is because we mere mortals are too stupid to pay attention, or if his organization has perhaps failed to communicate with and inspire “the people”.

Of course… it couldn’t possibly be that we are worried sick about the orgy of government spending that has accompanined the Cricket World Cup. Mr. Dehring probably wouldn’t even consider that our lack of sufficient enthusiasm by his standards might have anything to do with the fact that we can’t see any convincing proof that seven weeks of cricket will provide any lasting and quantifiable benefits… and we know that Bajan citizens will be paying for it for a decade if not longer.

“We are now just 115 days away from the start of the first portion of the cricket World Cup, and if I have any concerns it is that the people of the Caribbean are not as involved as I would like to see,” (Dehring) told The Associated Press. (link here)

Increasing Taxes, Duties, Food Costs Are Hitting Us Hard

Mr. Dehring – I’d love to be more involved with your little party, but as I write this post it is 4:15 AM and I’ve just come home after working all day and all night since 11 AM yesterday. After a few hours of sleep, I’ll be up again to help get my wife and son out the door – then I’ll grab another couple of hours of sleep before I have to go off to work again.

We are all peddling as fast as we can, but with the increasing cost of food and taxes it seems that we can never come ahead. You’ll be watching cricket from your private box, but we’ll be sitting in front of the tely… if we can make time. And I speak for more than just my little family, Mr. Dehring.

You’ll have to forgive us ordinary folk for not meeting your standards.


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