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Checking Tourism Minister Noel Lynch’s Mathematics…


‘Barbados has been billed the largest and most active cruise line home port in the world’

That was the word from Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch, as Barbados prepares to host 18 home-porting cruise ships during the coming winter tourist season.

Minister Lynch made these disclosures during a Press conference recently at the Caribbean Tourism Conference (CTC 29) taking place at the Westin and Sheraton Grand Bahama Lucaya Resort.

‘We will be having just about 17 or 18 ships turning in Barbados as a home port’ the Minister went on to state.

This certainly seems like good news after Barbados has witnessed a dramatic decline in cruise passenger arrivals over the last year.

What perhaps is not quite so clear, is if the figures the Minister has quoted includes the ‘up to 18 cruise ships’ that will accommodate the majority of the fans attending the 2007 ICC World Cup Cricket super eight matches and final.

Barbados recently signed a contract with Carnival Corporation which will ‘guarantee’ that their 12 global brands bring 1.2 million passengers to Bridgetown port over the next three years.

Clearly, if the Minister’s comments are accurate Barbados has done well to overtake ports like Miami, Port Everglades, Puerto Rico and even emerging destinations like Dubai, especially as the reason given for diminished cruise ship arrivals to the island was the high cost of fuel and shorter itineraries.

Adrian Loveridge
2 November 2006

Source: Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation 7pm NEWS 1st November 2006 and

The Nation News Barbados ‘Best Home Port’ 2nd November 2006-11-02

photo – Barbados Harbour Sky – taken from the water by Shona


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Owen Arthur Delivers Severe Tongue Lashing To Largest Financial Supporters (Wink, wink… Know what I mean?)


With A Wink And A Nod…

About a week ago, Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur delivered a severe tongue lashing to BLP supporters – telling them that in future, they will actually have to deliver the goods and services that are paid for in those juicy government contracts that Owen’s government tosses their way. (Owen didn’t say “… in exchange for your continuing support” but everybody nodded their heads and understood everything immediately.)

Big articles in the newspapers about what the PM said. Video on the tely. My, my, my!

BUT…. no in-depth articles by the newspapers or the CBC about how government contracts are awarded and the lack of transparency or accountability, though. That would be asking a little too much of the “real” Barbados media.

Hartley Henry wrote a piece in the Nation News, which is pretty good even if you factor in that Hartley is an old DLP hack from way back with a partisan axe to grind. Never mind that… the article is still a good read…

Excerpts from The Nation News…

Under the Microscope – By any means
by Hartley Henry

IT IS MY HOPE that rank and file members of the Barbados Labour Party did not take seriously and to heart the comments of their leader in relation to his no longer sharing the economic pie with them if they do not behave responsibly as businessmen.

That tongue-lashing, as some would describe it, was not meant for consumption by party members and supporters. It was a classic piece of political posturing, targeting the emotions and sensitivities of floating and objective voters, who were supposed thereafter to say to themselves “I applaud that move by the Prime Minister. He is doing the right thing …

Do members of the public really believe that in the lead-up to an election, 12 years of loose and lapse management, in relation to the award and administration of vital contracts, will change? … Come on, this was all political fluff for public consumption.

It is remarkable, when a leader becomes so confident and comfortable that he believes a simple turn of phrases can spur a people.

Where, once he says it was wrong to do something, the actual commissioning of the sin is now expunged from the record and, automatically, preventable systems are put in place to avoid reoccurrences

Major changes in governance are taking place before our very eyes. The use of bare knuckles and the berating and ridiculing of individuals are now replaced by moral and spiritual teachings, all geared at achieving the same result; a fourth term in office by any means necessary. I wouldn’t miss the next 12 months in Barbados for nothing!

… read the entire article at The Nation News (link here)


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Barbados Paparazzi Featured In BBC Documentary


Barbados Is Prime Stalking Ground For Paparazzi

If Michael Douglas was in town for plastic surgery with his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, why didn’t they call us? We could have done dinner at Auntie Moses’ little roadside place, then taken them onboard at the pier at Oistins for a bottle of champagne and a moonlight cruise. Mind you, we would have had to clean up a bit, first.

It would have been a wonderful evening for all. I can hear the conversation now…

“Doan worry none ’bout the fish-guts Catherine – de birds ‘ill get ’em in da morn”

“That’s fine, Marcus. I don’t worry about fish-guts in the least. Michael, Darling, would you care for some more pate?”

Yep. I woulda been a great little party. Maybe they will call next time!

Excerpts from Richmond Times-Dispatch…

Documentary Zooms In On Paparazzi

Lyons is head of London’s Big Pictures photo agency. His job is to get the celebrity photos celebrities don’t want taken. More specifically, his job is to bully his employees into getting those pictures.

Lyons and Big Pictures are the subject of “Paparazzi,” a four-part series premiering at 9 p.m. Wednesday on BBC America.

… snip

Being a good paparazzo also means outsmarting your rivals – a team decoy can lure them away from the real target. And sometimes, it’s just a matter of luck.

Take the Big Pictures crew assigned to Barbados. That ho-hum shot of husband-and-wife celebrities Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones exiting a restaurant turns out to be anything but routine once the photographers study their pictures.

Douglas has very visible scars on the side of his face – photos sold as proof of recent plastic surgery, even if Douglas’ people give another story.

The insatiable Lyons, with a number of endeavors to support, including his own polo team, is momentarily pleased. “Facial attraction” screams the front page of a British tabloid – embarrassment for Douglas, money for the owner of Big Pictures.

… Read the entire article at Richmond Times-Dispatch (link here)

Photo by Big Pictures, UK. Fair trade for the link. (link here)

Hmmm…. I see at the Big Pictures website that they are happy to receive freelance photos of famous people on holidays. Obviously, a few folks from Barbados regularly submit photos of the rich and famous. Darlin’, get me the number for the employment office at Sandy Lane!


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