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Barbados Piggies At The Trough Awards – BLP Blog Posts Land Registry Document


Government BLP Blog Posts Barbados Land Registry Document

The offical blog of the majority-government Barbados Labour Party has posted an apparently genuine Land Registry document to support its nomination of DLP Leader David Thompson for the Barbados “Piggies At The Trough Award”.

The “Piggy” as the award is affectionately known, is presented annually to the Barbados politician or civil servant who, in the opinion of the judges, best misuses position, political contacts or internal knowledge to benefit self, family or friends.

A cash prize of One Thousand US Dollars is up for grabs, and will be won by the nominator of the winner of the 2006 Piggy. (For contest rules see the Barbados Free Press story – link here.)

BLP Blog Reveals 1994 DLP Property Transfer Tax Waivers To Trinidad Company

The April 13, 1994 letter from the Barbados Ministry of Finance to the Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited, states…

“I am to inform you that the Minister of Finance has approved a waiver of the Purchaser’s Property Transfer Tax payable in respect of the following transactions being made by subsidiaries of Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited…”

The letter then lists thirteen properties where the transfer taxes were being waived by the Minister of Finance – who was at the time DLP’s David Thompson.

You can see the original article at the BLP Blog here… Tompy Piggy At The Trough 13 Times 

BLP Blog Raises Some Excellent Questions – Questions That Demand An Answer From David Thompson!

Here is what the BLP Blog states in part…

Again just before the 1994 election when Thompson was Minister of Finance he aproved the waiver of the Property Transfer Tax on 13 large pieces of property costing millions of dollars so Clico could save all that money rather than pay it in legitimate taxes. All belonging to Clico and immediately after the election that he lost he then went right back to working for the same company. Where is the integrity in that and yet this?piggy has the audacity to call for integrity legislation when he obviously has no integrity at all.

Waiver of Purchaser’s Property tranfer Tax when Clico bought
1 Todd Estates
2 Wakefield Plantation
3 Hothersal Plantation
4 Clifton Hall Plantation
5, 6, 7 Three lots in Wakefield Plantation Yard
8 Pool Plantation
9 Durham House
10 Star Discount now “Club Extreme Complex”
11 Rendezvous Supermarket now “Trimart Rendezvous”
12 Penrith
13 Development Land

Millions of dollars in Property Transfer Tax waived by Thompy. Lost to the Treasury. If this was for some good reason why was it not waived for the vendors as well but then only the purchaser benefited. He knows why.

Barbados Free Press Comments

What possible reason could there have been for the then Barbados Minister of Finance, David Thompson, to grant these not-inconsequential tax concessions to a corporation just before an election?

This new revelation comes shortly after the BLP Blog posted about similar 1994 pre-election concessions granted to Sandy Lane Hotel and Golf Course. (See our previous story Barbados Labour Party Blog Nominates DLP Leader David Thompson For “Piggies At The Trough” Award)

While there may have been solid reasons for the government to grant concessions to a corporation (as governments sometimes do), the fact that such concessions were granted on the eve of an election gives the appearance of a potential conflict of interest.

Did this corporation contribute to any DLP campaigns? Did any of Thompson’s friends or relatives have any association with this corporation either before or since the 1994 election?

So many questions that demand an answer.

The Most Interesting Parts Of The BLP Blog’s Post…

1/ If Barbados had Integrity and Conflict of Interest Legislation in place – and a Freedom of Information Act – the general public would be able to make short work of determining whether or not these property tax waivers were improper – or just good business in the interest of Barbados.

2/ The BLP Blog appears to have access to Official Land Registry Records.

This is wonderful as it will assist the citizens of Barbados to determine the answers to so many questions about land transfers, and the ownership histories of various properties. As well, the BLP’s access to Official Land Registry Records will allow Barbados citizens to know all the other times when the government waived land transfer taxes in 1994… and to the present time.

Perhaps our Barbados Free Press readers can provide a list of properties where the BLP Blog’s access to Official Land Registry Records would be helpful?


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Memories of Cliff Cottage, Barbados

The Girl Can Write

Drop in and visit Eemanee at What Crazy Looks Like blog as she remembers her childhood and her grandmother and great-grandmother at Cliff Cottage.

Cliff Cottage is no longer the same. Time changes everything. Reality changes everything. i prefer the softened, filtered, deliberately chosen images of memory. Perhaps that is why i no longer take photos. Perhaps that is why i should. My aunt asked, “Where’s the camera?” i haven’t take a photo in years.

The view of Bath from the top of the hill, of the brilliant sunlit blue of the sea is still the most amazing glimpse of the island. While in other parts of the island the sea looks a pale, polluted green, the water here is a life-affirming baptismal blue!

…read the whole thing at What Crazy Looks Like. (link here)


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Gary Sobers’ Ball Sells For BBD$100,000


There Was No Equal…

When Garry Sobers hit the last of his six sixes out of the St Helen’s ground, the ball bounced across the road and rolled down a gutter. A schoolboy retrieved it and handed the ball to the West Indian allrounder, who autographed it. On Tuesday it fetched £26,400 at a sport memorabilia auction held by Christie’s in London.

… continue reading this article at The Times Online (link here).

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