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Pathetic Nation News States: “SUNDAY SUN investigations have revealed…”


Barbados Free Press Is A Kitchen-Table Outfit – But The Nation News Is Not Supposed To Be…

Folks, here at Barbados Free Press we are just ordinary citizens trying to make a difference for all of us on this island. It is obvious to our readers (sometimes painfully obvious) that we have no experience or training in journalism. We have no schedule for posting, no history of political involvement to draw upon and our writing skills are often in need of a little more practice and a dictionary (to be kind).

Each of us sometimes comes home from a long day or night at our “real” job and then sits in front of a blank computer screen wondering what the heck we can write about because it is our turn and the others are counting on us to post something.

The Blog Forum Allows You To Keep Us Honest And Accurate

Once in a while, we drop a big “clanger” – but the blog forum allows our fans and detractors alike to immediately take us to task. We allow everyone’s comments to stand and this helps to keep the blog and our work as accurate and honest as possible – certainly much more honest than a traditional newspaper where a thousand people can recognize a lie but nobody is able to communicate that publicly.

We Worry About Being Found Out…

Sometimes I am frightened to death that certain people in government will beat our proxy system and discover who we are – because I know there would be real consequences for our businesses, our jobs and our families. Not everybody is happy when BFP reveals a secret meeting between a developer and the Prime Minister – or the details behind a $100 million dollar “no tender” government contract. Not everybody is happy when we post photos of a Government Minister living on expropriated land.

But for all our mistakes, fears and amateur status, it isn’t too much to say that so far, our efforts have started to change political and social discussion in Barbados.

Ordinary people are starting to talk openly about corruption, the lack of accountability in our system – and the misspending of tax dollars on showpiece “first world” stupidities while thousands of Bajan citizens still lack running water and still squat over pit toilets.

Consider The “Professional” Journalism Of The Nation News

The journalists and editors at the Nation News are full-time news professionals with the education, experience, contacts and resources that accompany any professional media organization.

Professional journalists are supposed to be one of the checks and balances that helps to defend rights and freedoms in a democracy. The media has the resources to investigate what ordinary citizens cannot – or what ordinary citizens fear to investigate.

The media is supposed to have a public trust – a duty – to investigate and reveal what ordinary citizens cannot. That is the real news media…

… And then there is that professional government advertising agency called The Nation News…


Wow! This must be HOT NEWS!

“Investigations have revealed…”

In our minds, we picture dedicated journalists hunting down wrongdoers – watching and skillfully interviewing involved persons and witnesses. Piecing the story together at 3am and finally arguing with the editor who fears to publish the truth. Shaming the editor into doing what is right and just…

And here it is folks…

Read the whole pathetic pre-election government press release at The Nation News…

Big Shopping Plans

by Sanka Price

IMAGINE PLANELOADS OF VINCENTIANS, Grenadians, Dominicans, even Trinidadians, flying into Barbados to shop for the latest in high quality clothing, jewellery and other consumer durables.

Given the notorious high cost of living here, this may seem unrealistic. But a plan is being conceived where this seemingly improbable idea can become a reality.

SUNDAY SUN investigations have revealed that concerted efforts are under way to make Barbados the shopping hub of the Eastern Caribbean.

... continue reading this totally pathetic pre-election government advertisement at The Nation News (link here).

Photo: Editorial meeting at The Nation News


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