Castro & Prime Minister Owen Arthur: Best of Friends?

Sometimes, photos speak loudly…


Photo #1: Best of Friends!

Christian In Castro's Jail

Photo #2: Christian in Castro’s Jail

Black Cubans Look For Food In Garbage

Photo #3: Black Cubans Looking for Food in Garbage Cans

Cuban Police Kick Blacks Off Beach

Photo #4: Cuban Police Kick Blacks Off Beach

Cuba Prison Always Whites Guarding Blacks

Photo #5: Cuban Prison – Mostly Black Prisoners & White Cuban Guards.

Photos courtesy of TheRealCuba.COM


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12 responses to “Castro & Prime Minister Owen Arthur: Best of Friends?

  1. slammer5

    wtf? why hold hands with a despot? has our PM gone nuts?

  2. Island Girl

    Look at the arm around Arthur and the hand holding like they want a beach house quickly. LOL! Are the cuba photos true? is cuba like this now.

  3. FisherKing

    HE will be talkin with Castro and if mybe MR>ARTHUR doan want to be talkin wit de same high holy one then he better watch who he is hangiin wit.

  4. I agree it sure looks bad for the PM to be so close to such a dictator, but I’ll leave what HE will make of this to HIM. Not good to be declarin for sure what HE would do.

  5. FisherKing

    More I get lookin at them two a holden hands, more I think MR>ARTHUR be bad for Barbados

  6. Snoop

    They almost look like two honeys at a ball game. Were I Owen’s wife I might be offended. biggrin.gif Is he that lovey dovey with other Caribbean leaders? I don’t know anything about Cuban race relations, so I can’t comment. The only Cubans I ever see getting air time or given a voice in the US are Anglos. I get the impression that, good or bad, there are strong ties between Barbados and Cuba.

    Very depressing photos. Is everything in Cuba that squallid?

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  8. lilybythevalley

    I don’t like seeing our pm wit da bad man, fidel castro. I don’t tink he’s a good man 2 be friends wit. Dat not a smart idea.

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  12. Rumplestilskin

    Don’t black Barbadians hunt in garbage cans too?

    The photo of the prison also shows a black prison guard (of the two) and a caucasian prisoner.

    Be careful that you may seem to be stretching for stories.

    At least, avoid evidence that is not ‘evidence’.


    Comment by Cliverton

    Good Morning Rump!

    I know of what I speak when it comes to Cuba. Like the ’58 Chevrolet taxis, the pre-Castro prejudice against blacks is still in place in Cuba, which is not surprising considering that nothing has progressed in that country in decades. Any white Cuban will tell you that blacks can’t be trusted and have no facility with machinery. However, the mulatto women are praised for their sexual vigor.

    I’m serious here. I lived on the island for two summers.