A Hope And A Prayer For Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons

Sometimes the Nation newspaper sends out a message that we love to hear. We want to commend the Nation and its editors for their foresight and care for the future of our country. Henry Fraser’s recent piece in the Nation says it best. Mr. Fraser recalls the keynote address by the Reverend, Honourable Joseph Atherley at the UNESCO Heritage Conference in Barbados a year ago.

There are many economic gains to be had from the restoration of heritage sites across Barbados.

The Honourable Reverend Atherley has hit the nail on the head! Minister – please bring the power of your office to bear, and help stop the desecration and demolition of our country. We must not lose our creative creole culture for a messy mix of Disneyland and Waterpark!

This country and our children deserve better.

Chief Justice Returns From Environmental Law Conference

So now we look forward to the report on the conference which our illustrious Chief Justice, David Simmons, attended last week in the Caymans. We reported here that he was attending the Ritz-Carlton in the Cayman Islands for the eighth annual Caribbean Heads of Judiciary Conference. The theme of the conference was “The Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development”.

The issues and ideas raised at that event are of great importance here in Barbados. With our churches and libraries in disrepair or worse, with waterparks and condo developments threatening the natural heritage and beauty which the Good Lord bestowed on us we look to leaders like David Simmons to show us the way.

The position of Chief Justice is the pulpit from which the message must go forth.

The Honourable Reverend Atherley has shown us the way but he is beholden to his political masters and the upcoming election. As Chief Justice, Barbados Citizen David Simmons is – should be – free of all that political interference.

Chief Justice Simmons has the power, position, and respect to make things happen. He is independent. He is not running for office. He has been appointed for life. He can tell the country like it is. He can be firm with politicians of all stripes that they all should heed the message that Barbados cannot go on as it has in the past.

The Chief Justice can freely say that Barbados needs new laws and it needs to allocate money to enforce them. A budgetary allocation must be made to deputize enforcement officers, lay charges if necessary, and bring the people who would wreck our environment before the courts where the Chief Justice and his judges will apply the law.

Chief Justice Simmons, we hope and pray that you will be bold and fearless. Barbados needs you now before it is too late.


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35 responses to “A Hope And A Prayer For Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons

  1. Straight talk

    BFP: You seem overly optimistic.

    Is our CJ flying home on a pig?

  2. Anonymous

    any body who calls graeme hall nature sanctuary and swamp a hatural heritage needs their brain examining much better to place condos their or even beeter high rise housing ,we r i need of land for housing

  3. Anonymous


  4. Justasking

    Anonymous, are you saying that the Government of Barbados and administration need their brain examining because they have designated the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and contiguous swamp a National Heritage Conservation Area.

    Are you saying that Minister Elizabeth Thompson and her Ministry of the Environment need their brain examining because the have secured Ramsar designation for the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and contiguous swamp?

    Sorry my friend but the land in question has already been declared a National Heritage Conservation Area and will forever be protected from condos and other high density developments that you support.

    I am sure that we can depend on Sir David to uphold the law in relation to the protection of these lands from people with your mentality.

  5. BFP

    Anonymous seems to be into the rum earlier than usual today!

  6. Pogo

    We wonder about Anonymous. Maybe he is not old enough to remember the way it was?

    Before traffic choked up so bad going about the island was easy and fun.
    Before beaches were junked up.
    Before buildings were more important than people.
    Before we worried that the jet fuel leaking into our lands is poisoning us.
    Before they put in a dump that leaches toxins into into our groundwater.
    Before wildlife died off because we are crowding out their habitats.
    Before we were embarrassed driving our tourist friends around because there is so much abandoned trash as an eyesore.

    And it is getting worse.

    We agree that affordable housing is important but also that trees parks and clean safe people places should not be sacrificed.

    We owe that much to our children.

    So BFP, thanks for cheering our leaders (CJ included) on when they want to save mother nature from ourselves.

    Like the song says

  7. Peltdown Man

    Hey Anonymous!
    We are in need of land for housing? Check with your mates in land plunder over at the Williams’s, and leave Graeme Hall alone!

  8. Green Monkey

    Before wildlife died off because we are crowding out their habitats
    …while fools with shot guns, apparently still infected with some primitive lust to kill left over from their cave man days, find enjoyment in making a sport of shooting those that remain

  9. Anonymous

    peolpes grame hall isnt going to stay the way it is get that into ur heads it has to go

  10. Crusty

    Other blogs refer to contributors like Anonymous as “trolls”. I’m not sure if it is because they throw out comments to see who bites and how hard. Or if it refers to their generally unpleasant demeanor, consistent with someone living under a bridge.

    Either way, the most appropriate response seems to be to press the IGNORE button.

  11. Waterboy

    Anonymous, get it into you head there will be no Caribbean Splash Water Park at Greme Hall. Not now, not ever!

    Tell Kerins I say – the land belong to we (Sung to Gabby’s Jack).

  12. Anonymous

    i never said they will be a water park but that nasty swamp has to go and the land utilised for something worthwhile

  13. justasking-
    Surely you are aware from previous submissions that although Barbados indicated its willingness to designate the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary a protected wetland under the Ramsar Convention, IT HAS NEVER RATIFIED IT, and is not among those countries listed as committed to Ramsar’s aims.

    Min Liz has repeatedly referred to Ramsar, but knows full well she is being two-faced about it, until she or another authorised official signs Barbados onto the Ramsar Convention.

  14. Justasking-
    P.S. to my submission awaiting moderation, the following are the states in our part of the world who are signatories to the Ramsar Convention:
    Antigua, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago.
    Noticeably ABSENT in view of Liz Thompson’s references to it is BARBADOS.

    Is it through carelessness, laziness, incompetence or duplicity?

  15. Anonymous

    To Anonymous: Don’t worry better heads in government have prevailed and told The Bird Sanctuary owner and the ” Secretive Graeme Hall Ridge Gang ” better known as ” The Secretive Friends of Graeme Hall Committee ” to go fly a kite. As you can easily see it is the same few monikers spewing nonsensical jibberish out of the wrong orafice.

    Here is why. The Bird Sanctuary is hemmoraging financial loss’s at a prolific rate. How can I transfer my loss’s to somebody else? EASY, just say I am going to be a generous guy and donate the land ( if you call a swamp land ). By coincidence of course the private businessman wants to keep the only land ( 10 acres ) that can be developed for himself personally. The original business plan was for a eco-tourism private business that has clearly failed miserably financially. And it is hurting the owner to continue to carry this cash drain. Do you really think he would be giving it away if it was a fincial success !! In any case, No Problem, Presto !! Now the donation becomes a addendum to his development project BUT chaining us to his financial operating loss’s of The Bird Park forever !! In essence, he pawns off all the expenses onto general populace while reaping its benefits. It is like having the taxpayors paying for your gardening expenses at your home. And by the way you have to give away ALL the 220 acres of GH farmland. Therefore, the general populace would lose at least 500 million in land value, incoming money flows from developement and a tremendous tax base being created. Instead the Bird Brains along with their trusty archer whose viewpoint is naturally ” for the birds ” want to put us and our children into a debt that will be crushing.

    For what !! There smokescreen is for a national park which is implausible. The Chairman himself Peter Simmons of The Secret Graeme Hall Ridge Gang stated in his proudly authored article, ” The Ugly American ” As God is my witness, NOBODY is going to interrupt my view from Graeme Hall Ridge. ” This callous statement and donation makes one wonder, you decide. I know it as a charade.

  16. Stuart Heaslet

    I am personally dismayed that Anonymous finds it appropriate to write untruths false innuendo about the financial basis of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and Mr. Allard’s philanthropic intent.

    Anonymous also distorts the spirit, intent and verbiage of the Reference Guide prepared by the Friends of Graeme Hall to assist government master planning efforts associated with preservation of lands at Graeme Hall.

    Clearly, Anonymous doesn’t understand the economics and nuances of public-private-philanthropic models such as the proposed National Park, in conjunction with good urban planning.

    Nor does Anonymous understand the motivations and intent of the men and women who influence and drive these philanthropic models. In this case, Anonymous does not seem to grasp the significance that Mr. Allard has funded the largest biodiversity preservation effort in Barbados, ever, and he has done so almost singlehandedly.

    Anonymous seems to think that philanthropic support of biodiversity preservation and environmental education is indicative of poor business planning, when it really has nothing to do with conventional business at all.

    I also find it extraordinary that Anonymous would attack Mr. Peter Simmons. I have found Mr. Simmons to be a man of integrity and compassion, a man who has no need to prove himself after a long and distinguished career in public service. Perhaps, at the very least, Anonymous would want to introduce himself to Mr. Simmons, if he hasn’t done so already, if only to learn some manners.

    I hope that the voice of Anonymous will be heard in the context it deserves. As I’ve said before, it is up to the people of Barbados and their Government to decide if they want to move forward with a 240 acre National Park at Graeme Hall.

    After 10 years of personal involvement with the Sanctuary, I hope it happens. But it is not up to me or Mr. Allard.

    Stuart Heaslet
    Board Representative
    Oversight and Philanthropy
    Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

  17. Justasking

    deb thomas
    August 7th, 2007 at 10:48 pm
    P.S. to my submission awaiting moderation, the following are the states in our part of the world who are signatories to the Ramsar Convention:
    Antigua, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago.
    Noticeably ABSENT in view of Liz Thompson’s references to it is BARBADOS.

    Is it through carelessness, laziness, incompetence or duplicity?
    deb thomas, thanks for the information about non-ratification of Ramsar by Government. One does have to wonder why the process has not been talen to its final conclusion.

  18. Anonymous

    just remember peoples the days of the swamp r coming to end albiet years late

  19. Anonymous

    tell Mr Allard to go back were he came from ,,he is not wanted in or welcome in barbados

  20. Anonymous

    sea views should be preserved thats why we places like were that stinking bird sanctuary is to build these condos and high rise housing clean it up get rid of the swamp kill the birds poison the fish ((cant eat them anyhow )) and lets build some houses / condos etc

  21. more

    Anonymous, are you a Barbadian? Can’t you see that spewing hatred only helps to destroy Barbados’ reputation?

    What did Mr. Allard do to you that makes you hate him so much? Who are you speaking for when you say he is not welcome or wanted in Barbados?

    Anonymous, you need to get help.

  22. Justasking

    More, In all probability Anonymous is not happy with Mr. Allard because the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary opposes the siting of Caribbean Splash water park at Graeme Hall.

    Anyone that opposes that objective will be the subject of his misguided comments.

    I think we should ignore him. He really is not adding anything to the discussion.

  23. Justasking- I could not agree with you more about Anonymous’ whining. But it is hard to ignore one who apparently has nothing better to do than drivel onto this blog. Just count the number of submissions he makes daily on every godforsaken issue. Very sad.

  24. Anonymous

    This anonymous does not hill birds or fishes.

  25. Anonymous


  26. Anonymous

    more …..yes i am a barbadian and you need help not me go eat the swamp then if ur so stupid ,,nasty swamp , nasty sanctuary …fill it in with boulders and build some housing or maybe u can go live in the stinking sanctuary and let someone live in your house u moron ….

  27. Anonymous

    we dont need the water park either we need condos and housing

  28. more

    oh oh! somebody got up on the wrong side this morning.

  29. Anonymous

    There is a National Park being proposed at Warrens. Why do we need another one a couple of miles away ??

  30. All i want to say is ;We must forever be mindful of the fact that most of us want the best for all of us including those yet unborn..Dr Henry Fraser, the chief justice Sir, David Simmons , are men who have always had a vision of our future growth. I for one have great faith in their deliberations as it affects all these men have no ax to grind. we are truly fortunate to have sons like these,as is all Barbados…

  31. Anonymous

    wat a bunch of jokers yall r when the swamp goes i will have the last laugh

  32. Anonymouse- from Hell beyond doubt!

  33. J. Payne

    It worked for Dubai… Shouldn’t we be able to build more islands too???

    Their man-made Island real-estate is selling for MILLIONS and bringing stars from all over that want to buy a little condo on a man-made island off the coast of Dubai.



  34. Anonymous

    sorry i don’t pray for CRIMINALS.

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