Wednesday Town Hall Meeting Over Illegal Dumping – Cuthbert Moore Primary School


Town Hall Meeting at Cuthbert Moore Primary School on Wed. 08/08/2007

The St George North District Emergency Organisation of CERO: the Central Emergency Relief Organisation with the Sanitation Service Authority and the Ministry of Health is holding a Town Hall meeting at the Cuthbert Moore Primary School at 7:00 pm on Wednesday 8th August 2007.

This meeting is for residents only from the following areas – Bourne’s Village, Applewhaite’s, St Helen’s, Bel-Air, Roach Village, Jericho & Paradise; persons from the community will be brought up to date on combating illegal dumping in St George North and collecting bulky waste items, the best ways for controlling litter and the benefits of recycling.

Talks at Cuthbert Moore will be given by – the Sanitation Service Authority, the Environmental Protection Department, the Solid Waste Project Unit and the Vector Control Unit.

A question and answer session will be run after the presentations – all residents from St George North (Bourne’s Village, Applewhaite’s, St Helen’s, Bel-Air, Roach Village, Jericho & Paradise) are asked to make a special effort to attend Cuthbert Moore at seven o’clock, Wednesday night on 8th August 2007. Together, we can all keep Barbados clean!



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9 responses to “Wednesday Town Hall Meeting Over Illegal Dumping – Cuthbert Moore Primary School

  1. bp

    Let me tell you something, I’ll be there and everybody will hear my mouth! I don’t care if I don’t live in the district, I live closer to Market Hill than the Bourne’s Villagers, even if I am in St Thomas, or is it St. Joseph. Dale Marshall wants my vote so I must be in St. Joseph, but the post office tells me I am in St. Thomas and the EPD can’t figure out which jurisdiction I am in. I caught someone red-handed dumping in Russia Gully a few weeks ago and gave up trying to get some action! So if you want action, come tomorrow night! I gone give you some, cause when I get going they ain’t stoppin me till they drag me out.

  2. bp

    Wait wait wait, one more thing. Did you know that if you catch someone dumping on the east side of the road through Russia Gully, that it has to be reported to the “Northern Division” and that the west side is to be reported to the “Central (or is it Western) Division” of the Ministry of Health?

    Beaurocracy at its best!

  3. Paradox

    We need more than one town hall meeting in St George. We need meetings all over the Island. We need meetings in all the schools. basically we all need educating on dumping/littering, recycling countrywide.
    Every way one goes,rubbish can be seen dumped by the way side, in gullies. I visited a picnic area at River-bay recently with some friends and saw plastic cups,plates, knives amongst the vegetation. Just few days ago I was travelling at the back of a bus and some one threw out a snow scone cup which struck my car. I have heard other complaints of the same. Appears the only recourse left is to present those perpetrators with a heavy fine.
    There is a vexing answer, that telephone operators sometimes fail to answer or give clear and precised information when calls are made. This is no excuse for dumping or littering.
    Why some people leave their homes to urinate out-side ? All across the Island one can’t but notice a person standing by the way-side, often in full view for others to see.
    Recycling is a good idea and should be commended.Many household items can be used for compost. Banks bottles, pet bottles are still being seen by the way side despite vouchers on returns. Who are the persons littering? Why are they littering?
    Keep all of Barbados tidy.

  4. Red Lake Lassie

    Where was the photo of the abandoned wrecked trucks taken?

  5. Peltdown Man

    The thing that amazes me about illegal dumpers is the lengths that some of them go to just to dump illegally. When walking in Barbados, you can find stuff dumped in the most inaccessible of places, and it really makes you wonder what kind of mind set is involved. People who will slow down to 5 km/hr to ease over a tiny cut in the highway will take that same vehicle down cane road and even no roads to dump. It has to be much harder than taking the stuff to the proper landfill. More and more, I have come to the conclusion that it has become an ingrained habit – one that will never change.

  6. Dump away, fellas!

    IF Barbados had an active sleuthing Police Force worth its salary, the dumping could stop krick-so.

    As long as there is no enforcement, or no follow-up or even an ATTEMPT to follow-up(sleuthing)
    the dumpers can continue to dump with impunity
    , free in the knowledge they will NEVER be caught, far less prosecuted!

    Barbados gets what it deserves!

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Anyone knows where I can go to dump a cabinet ?

    The cabinet of Barbados politicians that is brimming full with garbage, the likes of which we have never seen before, We have a Mottley Bunch, Owing everyone,Wall like he wants a cott to carry out his actions on oh Jerome !!!
    Rommel the dessert rat, needs to be Lynched byglyne me.
    They need to shower off their ways in the bath built by Liz Thompson mega expensive bath, before we Flyovers to check in at the new $ 300 million prison where they can Marshall the troops and send them all to the gallows.

  8. Why don’t we make this post more useful and contact the powers that be, and knock up some good information on:
    1) Refuse site lcoations, opening hours, what they accept, what charges for businesses.
    2) Get the waste collection and recycling policies of the authorities, chapter and verse, and publish it.
    3) Contact them and set up an FAQ.
    4) Contact education powers that be and ask what they ae doing to educate youngsters.
    etc etc etc.
    I am happy to do some of this if someone helps me. You have read me whingeing that this website is all about people mouthing off but actually doing sweet nothing. Is this always the case ?

  9. Samantha Browne

    Since 2004 with our establishment of an eco tour company in St. John, illegal dumping has definitely been one of our biggest challenges and frustrations.
    We have collaborated with the SSA to have clean-ups on two occassions with media coverage, written numerous letters to all types of “relevant authorities”, had many meetings with clip-board bearing public health inspectors, had a lengthy petition signed to get assistance and just can’t seem to be making any real difference. In one instance, there was the an extremely traceable case of dumping above Congor Bay and the response of the authorities was to contact the owner of the items who passed on the truck drivers information and he was given a courteous telephone call from the public health inspectors in St. Philip who politely requested that he clean up what he dumped. He did a partial job, leaving behind galvanise and broken glass.
    The commitment to dealing with the problem is just not there and if we as a society don’t “get a handle on it” and start to really tackle the issue collectively, the incidence of illegal dumping is going to increase to a depressing state. What kind of country are we really handing down to our children??