Barbados Crop-Over Tragedies – Global Voices Looks At Bloggers’ Accounts

Janine Mendes-Franco at Global Voices has compiled a dozen or so links to bloggers who wrote about the terrible Barbados bus crash that took six lives and the second crash a few days later that claimed four.

Global Voices: Barbados Crop Over Marred By Crashes

If you haven’t looked at Global Voices, you should drop by and see what they are doing. Founded by Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center, Global Voices is one of the largest and most respected blog aggregation sites.

At Global Voices, you can see what news and happenings are important to citizens around the world – as opposed to what the mainstream media tells us is important.

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  1. Cherysh

    would like to reach someone at Barbados Free Press for some information – please contact at address associated with post – if it doesn’t show just comment and Ill leave it on the comment page – no biggie