Individuality 1977 – Bajan Diplomat Runs Blog Out Of New York City!

At least, we think Individuality1977 is a diplomat working as an assistant to the Barbados Ambassador to the United Nations… we think so far. He might be a diplomat for another West Indian country, but I’d lay a dollar on Barbados.

We do know he was born in 1977, shaves his head bald, is crazy for cricket, is a Muslim and is laid up with a knee injury.

As you would expect with any blog written by a career diplomat, our friend stays well away from controversial subjects – but that doesn’t mean that his blog is uninteresting. Quite the contrary. Cricket fans will immediately take a liking to this blog, as will history buffs.

He links to a few cricket and West Indies blogs but, alas, does not link to Barbados Free Press. That’s ok – we totally understand why he can’t link to us.

Individuality1977 sounds like a decent chap trying to do a decent job for his country – but he misses his cricket like crazy!

Good luck to our new blogging friend, and we hope his knee heals soon.

Places to start at Individuality1977…

Sharpeville Massacre 1960, Inzamam and the End of a Glorious Career

Intellectual Drought

Home Page

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One response to “Individuality 1977 – Bajan Diplomat Runs Blog Out Of New York City!

  1. Eager Reader

    Good for him! Even his name tells a story. Many Foreign Services (Government Services )do not encourage “individuality.” Hope he is soon back on his feet.