China showers money, free trips on Barbados journalists and government employees. Where’s mine?

China Barbados Negotiations

That sound you hear at Chinese embassies throughout the Caribbean is the shuffling of journalists, government officials and other folks crawling on their knees to get their share of the free trips, goods, money and other largesse dispensed by the Chinese government because… because of their good and kind intentions.

The only condition (and it’s not even necessary to agree in writing) is that the receiving governments, people and organisations don’t mention the sins of China or the Chinese Communist Party, including running the world’s largest slave camp system, systemic poisoning of the environment and the routine trampling of human rights, freedom of religion etc.. Also on the ‘don’t mention’ list are forced abortions and executions for property crimes to facilitate government selling of prisoners’ organs. And China certainly doesn’t want to hear any talk of the Tienanmen Square Massacre or how journalists are beaten to death for reporting illegal disposal of cadmium waste. Same same for the concerns over the Confucius Institute programme at UWI.

So pay no attention to these fanciful stories of Chinese slave camps, forced abortions and repression of Christian. Just line up for the free money!

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Some 19 persons will be heading to the People’s Republic of China later this month to attend a number of bilateral seminars on Agro-processing and Agriculture.

The group is scheduled to leave the island next Wednesday, June 10, 2015 for the seminars, which will run from Friday, June 12, to Thursday, July 2, on Hainan Island, China. The delegation will be led by Senior Agricultural Officer, Leslie Brereton, and will include representatives from the Barbados Investment Development Corporation (BIDC), the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (BADMC), and a number of private persons involved in agriculture.

The bilateral seminars are fully funded by the People’s Republic of China and are organised through the Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO), also known as the Training Centre of the Ministry of Commerce. The seminars are expected to include presentations, lectures and tours. (KRM/BGIS)


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5 responses to “China showers money, free trips on Barbados journalists and government employees. Where’s mine?

  1. Party Animal

    Lawd, money can buy any thing ??

  2. De castro

    He who pays the Piper calls the tune……
    And China has the money.
    If individuals selected choose to attend they are as guilty of crimes against
    humanity…complicit. Some may choose to sell their souls to highest bidder.
    Few will not….human nature.😈

  3. Willie and Rib Bone

    Wots dis? Me and Willie ain’t been tole nuffin bout no trip! Yo stalwort trepanoors needs to go on holiday and China seems like da plase to be at. We can pack up some agrikulchural products what we bin growin behind da rum shack on da coast road, take a few of da ladyies an interduce our nooly minted frends from across da sea to da oppurtoonities in BIM. We be glads to releve dem of any cash wot dey carry an bring it home fo da hungrey polatishuns wot need it so bad here.
    Yore Traveling Circus Best Boyfrends [on Facebook dat is]
    Willie and Rib Bone

  4. Why is this showering of free trips, goods, money and other largesse dispensed by the Chinese government different from Jack Warner handing out (gifts) brown envelopes with $40,000.00 in them as tokens of appreciation for voting for candidate for President of FIFA.


    Barbados and China Looking To Collaborate
    Published on June 3, 2015 by Jamal Hall

    There are several opportunities for Barbados and China to strengthen diplomatic relations by collaborating on various upcoming projects and initiatives.

    This follows a courtesy call between Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Ke, and Minister of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, Senator Dr. Esther Byer.

    Meeting this morning at the Minister’s Warrens office, the two officials discussed tackling the issue of youth unemployment in Barbados.

    Senator Byer suggested the development of a youth apprenticeship programme, where young persons could obtain on-the-job training by working on Chinese construction projects in Barbados.

    The Chinese Ambassador was very keen on this suggestion and readily agreed, stating that she would encourage such a programme as it would “lend to frequent cultural exchanges”.

    Ambassador Wang also noted that assistance could be lent to the University of the West Indies (UWI) in their Language Department.

    She pointed out: “I know a Confucius Institute is going to be set up where they can offer more chances to teach Chinese to Barbadians, and this would not only benefit the students but also people from the community.”

    Other matters discussed included the Student Programme for Innovation in Science and Engineering, which includes a course in Mandarin, as well as possible collaboration between the People’s Republic of China and other Government ministries.”

    Barbados population 270,000
    China population 1,357,000,000.


    “lend to frequent cultural exchanges”?
    Seems like a one-way street.