The new Bajan export commodity: Wives to China!

Millions of young Chinese men haven’t a hope of finding a wife in China. The reason of course is that China is missing tens of millions of females: unborn, infants and girl children who were aborted or murdered as part of the “one child” policy. Now the societal bill for the last 30 years is coming due in the form of millions of lonely and angry young men.

Once discarded as being “worth less” than male children, Chinese females of marriageable age are becoming a valuable commodity, but that shortage can’t be rectified from within China. It would take decades of baby making and the young men can’t wait. (I wouldn’t and couldn’t wait either!)

What are the young men doing to find love and wives? The answer for some is to find a wife while working abroad in Africa, Asia and North America. The results of this love abroad are starting to appear in the form of photos on the internet in China. I haven’t seen any mixed couples from Barbados, but there are probably some and it won’t be long, especially with all the Chinese workers arriving on the island.

As a mixed-race couple and family, Shona and I are always happy to see other mixed-race couples and families. We think that the more mixing that goes on the better the world will be. Trends can have societal implications though, and some might wonder what the implications of this trend will be for Barbados.

Upon reading a translated article at ChinaSmack I didn’t think of something that came into Shona’s mind right away, but then I’m a guy.

Here’s what Shona said about Chinese men marrying black women:

“Good. If the Chinese value Bajan women for wives, maybe you men will smarten up and start to respect us women more.”

She has a point!

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“About chinaSMACK

chinaSMACK offers non-Chinese readers an insight into the world’s largest internet market by translating and reporting popular Chinese internet news, trends, and phenomena as well as Chinese netizen comments, opinions, and reactions.” Chinese Men with Black Women & African Wives


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16 responses to “The new Bajan export commodity: Wives to China!

  1. wake up

    a good woman of any race I would marry and love

  2. The Moore


  3. TMP on dis island!

    Wonderful! Great idea.
    – get Bajans off this rock and expand their consciousness, too.
    I have at least 65,000 more Bajans to go!

    This can only ease population pressures here on the island.
    Can we also please marry off a few Bajan men,
    and get them outa here too?
    My target is an island population of 200,000
    rather than the horrendous 300,000 that is the current figure.

    Too Many People on dis island

    Where are the results of Census 2010??

  4. Here's to the new Macao

    Excellent news!
    This must surely form the backbone of the PM’s new tourism strategy.
    This and a mega-casino on Culpepper Island. The direct flights he’s planning from Beijing will surely be full. There’s more to the PM than meets the eye. 😉

  5. 931

    Chinese men are in for nuff, nuff horns.

  6. J. Payne

    I remember BFP posted an article talking about the Prime Minister lauding the Chinese and more specifically the Chinese Communist Party. I wonder if that’s what he had in mind? Pack up Barbados with Chinese. They might have half-Barbadian/half Chinese children. Slowly they take-over the pillars of the Barbados economy and eventually China appoints them to dominate the entire country… It might currently be science-fiction by hindsight is always 20/20..

  7. J. Payne

    Barbados may have lost claim to Culpepper Island and the seas east of it. A indigenous group from Guyana held a ceremony to claim the island about five years ago. As far as I am aware, Barbados never made a statement saying they retain ownership of that “island” (rock) either. ( )

    I don’t know of any exercises to send Bajan military to “put feet” on it at least once to declare it property of Barbados still, so it might be gone. I called Cabinet office about it, and never heard a thing….

    The group is already strategiesing/devising their own concurrent citizenship. ( )

  8. nanci

    be careful girl they might feed you dogs and cats for lunch, and you wont even know it.

  9. ann

    Good for these men and women. Finding a mate can be horrendous, especially an educated and financially suited mate. If these people are happy then I am happy for them.

  10. Mac

    @TMP on dis Island. Result of the census? Collectors not paid yet!!!

  11. We no have equipment to deal with Bajan big back side No no, we have equipment but not measurement No Bajan for me, maybe White one …no?

  12. 64

    Marriage of an, acceptable convenience?

  13. 149

    i hope that the bajan women are satisfied in every department and that their husbands dont come up short

  14. Barbadian Online Journalist asks Chinese Economist tough question per Human Rights

    Cheng Siwei addressed the Central Bank recently – I asked if China is to spend more and have an Open Economy with Transparency, what will China do about its Human Rights record and will it allow the Internet to be free, rather than people told where to go – given that e-Commerce is a sign of an Open Economy… He was not very pleased…


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