Barbados government okays Communist Party of China to educate young Barbadians


Barbados’ Minister of Education Ronald Jones gushed with fawning excitement at the unveiling of a plaque to announce that the Communist Party of China will now be teaching our young people their version of China’s history, foreign affairs and human rights. Press release here

China’s Ambassador to Barbados, Wang Ke, was smiling too because he knows that the Chinese Communist Party’s access to our Bajan youth will be on an exclusive basis – with no opposition or human rights groups allowed to spoil the party at the new Confucius Institute to be established at UWI’s Cave Hill Campus.

Teaching adherence to the Chinese Communist party line is a basic requirement by the ChiComs if Barbados is to receive the construction funds and ongoing operational costs from China.

China has built hundreds of these institutions all over the world, that according to various news stories, act as propaganda and espionage centres for the communists.

Don’t expect too many discussions about Tibet, China’s harvesting of organs from executed political prisoners, China’s slave camp system, new African colonialism or government persecution of Christians.

Just take that money and run!

Because… when you’re broke and begging you have no independence left at all.

from Wikipedia Criticisms of Confucius Institutes

“The Confucius Institute (CI) program, which began establishing centers for Chinese language instruction in 2004, has been the subject of criticisms, concerns, and controversies during its international expansion.

Many such concerns stem from the CI’s relationship to Chinese Communist Party authorities, giving rise to criticisms about undermining academic freedom at host universities, engaging in industrial and military espionage, surveillance of Chinese students abroad, and attempts to advance the single-party state Chinese government’s political agendas on controversial issues such as Tibet and Taiwan. Additional concerns have arisen over the institutes’ financial and academic viability, teaching quality, and relations with Chinese partner universities.

Confucius Institutes have defended their establishments, comparing them with other cultural promotion organizations such as Alliance française and Goethe-Institut. However, unlike the Alliance francaise or Goethe-Institut, Confucius Institutes are managed by the Chinese government and operate directly on university campuses, thus giving rise to unique concerns related to academic freedom and political influence. Some observers have noted that CIs are largely limited to teaching cultural and language programs, and the institutes’ staff tend to self-censor with regards to political and controversial subjects as human rights and democracy.”


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  1. bobmac

    As a non Bajan , interested in the progress of the island, I find this entire relationship with the Chinese ridiculous! Trade missions? What does Barbados think they can trade with China! Do the politicians in Barbados think they are getting something for nothing? It is unfortunate that the economies of Barbados are such that the politicians feel that the must prostitute themselves in order to receive favours from the Chinese. I am sorry to see a once proud independent country having to stoop so low.

  2. Earnest

    Beggars can’t be choosers. When you take money for nothing from the chinese its not only your self respect you’re losing but also any true perspective on political and human rights. Is the message that money can buy anything one that bajans want to send their kids?

  3. robert ross

    Perhaps you will publish what the UWI has to say about the Institute, what precisely it is there to do and what the supposed benefits to Bim will be.

    Frankly, in the Wiki list of ‘warnings’ I don’t really see anything which should trouble us unduly. If “stoop so low” means you mustn’t look at other cultures then I suppose we are really all global ostriches.


    United African Movement



    Alton h. Maddox, jr. Tel.: (718) 834-9034 Chairman Fax : (718) 884-8241

    P.O. Box 35

    Bronx, NY 10471

    Ferguson: “Plantation Politics” or “Black Power” ©

    By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

    I learned at Central High School in Newnan, Georgia that critical thinking requires a mastery of fractions in order to call things by their right names. The object is to reduce a fraction to its lowest common denominator. I would apply this approach to all of my high school courses. If I had not been a “militant,” I may have probably been the valedictorian of my graduating class.

    Central High School was blessed with excellent instructors but it had a common flaw. A student’s GPA depended on a teacher’s forecast of a Black student’s amenability to “white supremacy” and “deportment.” It was clear that I had a problem embracing white supremacy. I would have become an embarrassment, in the future, to those teachers. I also was not in the “top ten” in my class academically due to militancy.

    Blacks in New York City employ the same approach at the polls. They have learned and steadfastly embrace the “white primary” system to endorse the selection of their political representatives by white supremacists. Over a period of time, Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. became a political embarrassment to voters in Harlem despite his unprecedented, legislative achievements in Congress. This is “plantation politics” at its best.

    In Powell v. McCormack, in 1969, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Cong. Adam Clayton Powell’s Jr.’s lawsuit was “ripe” against the doorkeepers and sergeant-at-arms since he had met all of the qualifications under Art. 1, sec. 2 of the U.S. Constitution. Congress, however, was not a proper party. The Court, retroactively, noted that a vote to exclude could not become a vote to expel. Powell would be fined and stripped of his seniority.

    It is of great interest that Black voters in Harlem would give great deference to a “High Court” that penned the infamous dictum in Dred Scott. They did. Charles Rangel defeated Powell in 1970 and sent him packing to Bimini –heartbroken. Even without seniority, Powell was a better bet than Rangel but white supremacists had spoken.

    Powell v. McCormack was only the tip of the iceberg. Cong. Powell had held a Black Power Conference on Capitol Hill in 1966. Powell was ousted as chairman of the House and Education and Welfare Committee on January 9, 1967. When you connect the dots, it is not surprising that Congress acted with great haste. Powell was bent on replacing “plantation politics” with “Black Power” and forming a “People’s Party.”

    In the meantime, Blacks in Ferguson have sought to replace “Negroism” with justice. Every legal system in the United States is not only corrupt but also racist. Robert McCulloch, the district attorney in St. Louis County, is no exception. Missouri is unprepared or unwilling to give its Black residents of Ferguson even a modicum of justice by relieving McCulloch of his duties for investigating the death of Michael Brown by P.O. Darren Wilson.

    Probable cause has already been established for the death of Brown. Unless the slave code is still in effect in Missouri, descendants of enslaved Africans witnessed the murder. Scientific evidence will also establish a homicide. Eyewitness evidence plus scientific evidence supports probable cause for an immediate arrest of Wilson under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    Similarly, probable cause also exists for the immediate arrest of P.O. Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY. The cause of death was a chokehold. The manner of death was homicide. A videotape not only recorded the chokehold but also the rogue cops who either applied or assisted in applying the chokehold.

    The executive branch of government not only has the responsibility to enforce the law but also the responsibility to relieve any prosecutor who refuses to enforce the law. Probable cause under the Fourth Amendment requires an immediate arrest. No police officer is entitled to a second bite at the apple. The grand jury must never be employed as an “appellate court” to review probable cause.

    In both Missouri and in New York, the local prosecutors have refused to enforce the law by being unwilling to deliver pre-trial indictments. Probable cause is a synonym for an immediate arrest. The governors in both states are oath takers and they have refused to abide by or adhere to their oaths of office. On the other hand, only “ambulance chasers” are willing to be retained to only seek “hush money” for the aggrieved families and “no justice” for the communities.

    On this past Wednesday, I received an e-mail from a “certified human rights defender” in Ferguson, MO which reads, in part: “I am writing you this letter on behalf of the citizens of Ferguson, MO and the state of Missouri itself. It is my humble request that you come to Saint Louis, Missouri and personally address the concerns of the citizens and legally represent us & begin filing motions etc. that will have officer Darren Wilson arrested, indicted. ….”

    I am ready to travel to Ferguson, MO but I am unable to travel anywhere without financial support and legal persuasion from Blacks in New York to Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman of the New York Court of Appeals. In part, I suffer the same problem that Powell faced in Congress. The culprits in Powell were the doorkeepers and the sergeant-at-arms. The culprits in Maddox are doorkeepers and court officers.

    Otherwise, Cong. Powell met all the qualifications of the U.S. Constitution. I have met all of the qualifications to practice law in New York. In New York, court officers are stationed in front of courtrooms and the state police are present on all New York highways even though I also meet all of the qualifications of a lawyer to represent my people without fee and to travel in and outside of New York.

    For the past twenty-four years, New York has deprived me of an opportunity to earn a living even though I had spent most of my legal career doing pro bono work for New York and for Blacks. I spent everything, including my retirement, on representing my people. Only investors can “free” a people.

    It is not sufficient to simply make donations. Activism requires funding. Social parasites are a drag on activism. Whites respect investors in white supremacy. Blacks disrespect investors in their liberation. In the Black community, social parasites exceed investors. In accounting, this amounts to a deficit.

    A blue-ribbon commission, in 1991, had found that New York’s judicial system was “infested with racism.” It did not make sense for me to charge clients a commensurate legal fee. This would constitute double jeopardy. A percentage of an award to an “ambulance chaser” was also out of the question. This is triple jeopardy.

    Like Cong. Powell, I also filed a civil rights action but in Brooklyn Federal Court citing Hachamovitch v. DeBuono, 159 F.3d 687 (2nd Cir. 1998) (Jacobs, J.) of which the facts of Maddox v. Prudenti, et. al. fitted on all fours. Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals heard my appeal. It did not make sense for him to reject his own reasoning in Hachamovitch to accommodate my civil rights claims in Maddox. It would mean overthrowing a bill of attainder.

    Instead, unlike what the U.S. Supreme Court had done in Powell v. McCormick, Chief Judge Jacobs refused to take Maddox to the next level by the identifying the “doorkeepers” and “court officers” as the culprits. This is why I have always identified my plight as amounting to “judicial bullying.” Otherwise, I am still qualified to practice law in New York, Pennsylvania and in Georgia and am eligible to practice law pro hac vice in Missouri.

    The residents of Missouri are simply asking for justice. It will not come in Ferguson, MO until there is a level playing field. An elected prosecutor has an inherent conflict-of-interest in investigating any death at the hands of a police officer who is a natural ally of the prosecutor’s office.

    Former NYS Atty. Gen. Robert Abrams feigned to be a special prosecutor. He was ticked off when I called his hand. An elected prosecutor can never be a special prosecutor. This accounts for the unconstitutional and unfair result in Trayvon Martin. Every state, including Missouri, has a remedy. It is called a “special prosecutor.”

    Fifty years ago, all civil rights activists headed to Mississippi. The state is a better place today. History, for the better, should repeat itself. The Congressional Black Caucus should make an immediate change of venue in September 2014 from Washington, DC to St Louis, MO. Ferguson, MO is Exhibit “A” of a national problem. Blacks, nationwide, are suffering from a “shoot-to-kill” policy and a “choke-to-kill” policy. Streets and cities are unsafe for Blacks.


  5. Party Animal

    BOBMAC You hit the nail on the head. When you bring your Country to its knees it is time to try anything. The Chinese is using every Country to surround the World. We open our arms to the Chinese and force the hard working Guyanese out.
    We have to excuse this Government as it knows not what to do.
    These folks are an Excuse for a Government


    well as barbados owes so much money to china,the most polluting,child slavery,and other too many to mention oppression of their people.did you know that if your husband is sentenced to death or is shot for protesting , the bullet is sent to the family and they have to pay for the bullet.
    to allow communism in to barbados is a fatal mistake that in years to come will eventually see barbados being ruled by
    china.economic hit men make these things happen or
    the Chinese will demand their millions of dollars of loans back
    and they will take land and what ever they like.
    to allow them in to barbados in the first place all those years ago was the worst thing in the world barbados could have question? do they murder and eat the yellow dog in barbados also.!!!!!!!!!! ignorance is a sin !


  8. just asking

    The Chinese are not giving anything for nothing. Does anyone remember the event of the 4 seasons project when it first started. The opposition then, which is the present government made a hue & cry about the chinese taking over from the poor black man in Barbados, what happened, the project was halted, and because there was an election around the corner, so the project was eventually shut down, with the help of the unions. Where are the unions today with all that is happening, have they gone into liquidation? It just never cease to amaze, so now we are are back with the chinese & all is dinky, dory do, they are now going to teach our students how to be a communist as well. Barbadians read & look at what is happening to Hong Kong now that it is in the hands of the chinese.

  9. Anonymous

    China on one hand, Muslims on the other, other foreign nationals between? Are there still Barbadians living in our island? When will ISIS declare that they already have a pocket of militants in our land? Would the Police be given permission to go into that community?

    As a Christian society, should we begin to condition our minds also to accept the universal religion whose supreme being is Allah? Is this also a part of the new world order?

    What I have found is that as Barbadians, unless something affects us in our homes or families directly we just do not care what happens around us. One day we will realize the cost to us for our indifference to the happenings in our midst that threaten the lives of our children, grand children and great grandchildren. There will be a different type of “Middle passage”.

    Have you noticed also how many of our children who will be our adults of tomorrow, are leaving school and unable to read but that many of them have access to guns and are shooting down their own black fellowmen? What part will they be able to play in the management of our country if they are unable to research anything for themselves and raise their level of consciousness?

    How many of them have been informed that the Divine Spirit of Christ is within them and that many virtues lie latent within them that only if they were to discover some or all of them they would see no need to take up guns to destroy their fellowmen?

    Many of us who lead our young children astray; it would be better for us to be in the middle of the sea with a milestone around our necks. Even if we were to put on sackcloth and ashes, to do so would not cause us to escape that dreadful day that we have created for ourselves.

  10. just asking

    I totally agree with party animal. I said that about two weeks ago to a DLP supporter & he cuss me stink, & this was a man I had great respect for.

  11. Dompey


    Oh shutup because you’re a zenophobic piece of crap, who obviously is unaware of the fact that we’re now living in a New Global Age. A country’s strength is found in its diverse population, but backwards thinking individuals like you yourself wouldn’t know this stupid.

  12. lexicon

    The Chinese government taught the primary and secondary schools in Barbados, table -tennis during the 1970’s, so how comes you have had any problem with that?

  13. Interesting read at:

    Given its economic strength, Canada has less to fear from CI than does Bim; but Canadian schools can much more afford to say no.

  14. Not balanced

    Barbados Trip Advisor starts reasonably and then becomes a polemic diatribe which is not helpful and then goes on a rant about Obama and progressives to be totalitarian.


    While it is pushing all media “spin” to lionize a thuggish young man who has just robbed a small grocery store, it is equally absurd to describe those blacks who have tried to fit into society as somehow betraying the black population. What would have happened in Barbados if this young man had been shot in Barbados after robbing a grocery store?

    You cannot have a vast majority of whites controlling a black population. Yes the black population did not vote in Ferguson and better get their act together but this imbalance is a recipe for disaster.

    No group of citizenry should be stopped frequently just to shake them down for driving infractions to help balance the treasury.

    The peaceful right to assemble should have been the order of the day with the increasingly militarized police permitting the public to protest non- violently.and providing them escort and only arresting the trouble makers.

    This was and is an incendiary situation in America and only calm heads and
    leadership of inclusion can resolve this.

    The justice system is seriously broken but Barbadians need to deal with much more serious problems at home.

  15. cool runnings

    I find this discussion so putrid. Barbados has had formal diplomatic relations with China since 1977. Barbadians have been studying in China since the 1980s.

    American kids go to China in large numbers every year to study their language, culture and as part of their US school programs. The same goes for British and Canadians and other developed countries.

    Chinese have been going to USA, Canada etch for many decades to study, work and live.

    Whether we like it or not, China has steadfastly become a super power. The Americans et Al understand that and have been exploiting it for years.

    China is longer a backward undeveloped communist state. There are more millionaires in China today than in any other part of the world and the rate of growth of millionaires in China is faster than in any other place.

    Simply put, the relationship between China and Barbados as manifested in terms of students, financing and cultural exchanges are not a DLP thing. It has been a Barbados thing for many years under Bees and Dees.

    Trade with China and Barbados is not just in tangible goods. Only the narrow minded politically bias bloggers would think so. Barbados has a tax treaty in place with China for many years (under the Bees), that has and is being used by growing Chinese investors to invest ion other places.

    We need to stop being so damn partisan and start being a bit more patriotic.

    What has the Americans done for Barbados and the Caribbean in the last decade. Not a damn thing of major significance. What have we done for them in return? Supported them at every international fora.

    So whilst ignorant Bajan cuss the DLP about its relationship with China, the Americans and all others are benefitting.

    Please grow up.

  16. bobmac

    Hi I do not disagree with the fact that China is a Super Power, but tell me, I would really like to know, what has Barbados sold to China?

  17. just asking

    Barbados has sold to China our souls

  18. bobmac

    I think the concern is that the Chinese version of history will not necessarily be the actual version. I am not opposed to cultural exchanges however I feel that this education may give the students an incorrect version of history!

  19. rob

    Bobmac has said what a lot of folks have written on Internet … Being taught to not disagree with official teachings when the world sees different. Learning of this culture and peoples is not the issue and relating to its growth as a country. Interesting enough per news, a lot of successful Chinese would like to move to Hong Kong or other countries. Certainly we have benefited in cultural exchanges, tourism and investments. The rules in China still favour them in business and one has to be aware of shady practices in areas though the government is working to that end. Here we have had to reject steel for a bridge as expected professional rules were not followed. Was this a once time or a normal practice,,, I do not have the answer but we need to ensue what we agree to

  20. Dr Love

    LOOK you dumb BUMS,
    I told you tears back.
    Study Trindad.
    Black man just a Gopha there now.
    Barbados going the same route.
    As at the very beginning of Slavery.
    Black men sold Black men.
    You ,big black bow tie nose ,Nigga boss PM, selling you and you kids .
    Get use to de Chinee man, cos gine soon , be you main man in Barbados.
    I hear FROON did try to sell he big black butt to the Chinee man but dem say he to “Frucking Ugry”.

  21. Dr Love

    TEARS was a mistake,but then I look again NO LEAVE IN TEARS, TEARS is what will have . YEARS of TEARS.

    Remember Conficious says “woman who cook s greens and Pee’s in same pot” “Very unsanitary”

  22. Dr Love

    CHAKA the famous Black Man head of all Zulu tribes.
    To impress the British, marched 2 Impi (1000men) off the edge of a cliff to their deaths, to show how “in control” he was.
    This PM is marching an ENTIRE NATION, to impress the CHINEE MEN.

  23. Dr Love

    @Cool Runnings
    America is a conglomeration of the insane.
    7.5 million have PTST and 650,000 have war inflicted brain damages.
    Is it a fact that IF you are a Millionaire that makes your credo
    the one to follow?
    Most Millionaires I ever met were , self engrandising , money grabbing, egotistical money orientated objects.
    The “I Gots” of the World.
    LOOK at me ” I got This and I GOT that”
    Yes Bajuns been in China since 1980, LOOK at what problems we got now.
    Couldn’t be anything to do with that??
    Just a question.
    Hard working Guyanese??
    In Guyana the Black man is a second class citizen to the Indian and VASTLY multiplying CHINEE men.
    China is a Massive ANACONDA, writhing around the World enticing all into its relentless grip.
    China is STATE CONTROLLED from the HEAD DOWN.
    The State of China has an AGENDA.
    People are literally worth NOTHING.
    The young shot on trumped up charges so that their organs can be “HARVESTED” the cost of the bullet that kills them BILLED to the MOTHERS.
    I have a had a lot of experience of China over many years .
    Our ancestors been slaves ONCE, never again.
    I grow up many years back and also GROW wid sense.

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