On this day of emancipation, we pray for millions still held as slaves in China, North Korea, Africa and throughout the Muslim world

“What kind of place is this?”


Mende Nazer

Shin Dong-hyuk

Simon Deng


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15 responses to “On this day of emancipation, we pray for millions still held as slaves in China, North Korea, Africa and throughout the Muslim world

  1. what will they think of next.

    no mention of the thousands of men, women and children in Israeli dungeons?

  2. what will they think of next.

    slavery in Isreal
    it seems as though you wanted to cover this up.
    ………Very often in the Synagogue, rabbis remind the community of our terrible enslavement in Egypt where we build the homes and temples of Egyptian society. But who has remembered that most of today’s Israeli homes and synagogues are built by foreign workers, laboring often under the most terrible and inhumane conditions. ……….

  3. Cha!

    @ WWTON: “Thousands of men, women and children in Israeli dungeons”

    Show your sources STFU with the jew hatred.

  4. Chicago

    The stories of all three former slaves are very sad but it was Shin Dong-hyuk’s story that blew me away. The North Koreans made him kill his own family members, mother, brother. Something to think about as we watch the North Koreans doing so well at the Olympics.

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  6. what will they think of next

    if you want to get jews going, just mention the truth,
    and they start foaming at the mouth.

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  8. cq9

    I watch the slave auction in Pakistan and Bangladesh on BBC. Still, to this day they line the young girls up and bid for them. Some are virgins and some higher virgins are sold as ‘unspoilt’ in that they are virgins that have not been used sexually in other ways. It was a horrible program to watch and horrible to think this is modern Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  9. DLP Forever!

    Slavery and sex slavery is commanded and allowed in the Koran. Today many Islamic religious leaders still voice support for slavery as an institution.

    Egyptian imam: “When I want a sex slave, I just go to the market and choose the woman I like and purchase her”


    Translating Jihad
    Translating Arabic-language news, opinion, and fatwas related to Islamic intolerance, totalitarianism, and jihad.

  10. Chicago

    Barbados is still on the Tier 2 Watchlist for human trafficking for 2012 just like last year. We’re doing nothing about it and going downhill fast.

    Too bad. Place going to hell.

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