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Beachfront Bullies


The practice of covering desirable swaths of beach with chairs and umbrellas is offensive. They are placed, often from early morning, so closely together that locals and others not patronising some beachfront businesses are made to feel as though they are invading a reserved area or ‘scotching’ among private articles placed on our public beach. It is inconvenient. It is inconsiderate. It is greedy. It is not to be encouraged.

One business, known as the Boatyard appears to engage in this practice. But according to other beach-based businessmen, the Boatyard is actively seeking to stop users of their facilities from engaging with operators of certain water craft. Statements attributed to a supervisor of the business suggest they are protecting patrons while wearing their armbands. What nonsense. They are bordering on holding people hostage after taking their money.

They at the Boatyard are playing on the vulnerability of their guests. Their…

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Tourism success is about perceived value – and Barbados is slipping


Adrian Loveridge - tourism expert, hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge – tourism expert, hotel owner

While not actually attending the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association Annual General Meeting recently, if media reporting was accurate, the current Chairman is quoted as stating ‘that discounts were not the way to attract visitors to these shores’. I have enormous respect for Mr. Chatrani (despite his opting not to join the re-DISCOVER initiative) and in principal totally agree with this statement, but in reality we have a mountain to climb to change the current perception.

Sadly across many of our markets we are generally considered as not offering value-for-money in our tourism industry and until the sector becomes more competitive this simply will not change.

As a tour operator in Britain for 12 years, we learnt from the mistakes of others and did not discount a single holiday out of hundreds of thousands sold, other than for people booking and paying in full up to 18 months prior to departure.

The year our company was formed, 1976, interest rates peaked at 15 per cent per annum and so we used our customer’s monies to partially subsidise commercial bank lending charges to grow the company.

Every person who booked also knew that they were not going to get a cheaper holiday if they waited until the last minute, so to get the holiday they wanted, necessitated booking earlier and enabled us to plan better. It was a policy that we continued while operating our small hotel for 25 years.

If we are going to achieve Mr. Chatrani’s objective, we are going to have to fundamentally change the way we currently do business.   Continue reading


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