Help Us Confirm The Names Of The Barbados Journalists Who Took Gifts From Communist China

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My friends, a few days ago we published an article discussing how several Barbados journalists were on a junket to Communist China – paid for by the Chinese government.

We questioned the ethics of journalists receiving gifts from a government that has a vast network of slave labour camps. We asked about the whether the journalists would now ignore human rights issues in that brutal land where Christians are imprisoned in slave labour camps for offenses such as praying in their own home or for handing out bibles.

Our article Which Barbados Journalists Have Received Gifts and Trips From Communist China? stated our belief that any journalist who receives gifts from a person, company or country that is the subject of their writing must declare those gifts publicly.

Professional journalism standards demand it.

This would never have been an issue if it weren’t for the blogs and our readers, and frankly we don’t expect the Nation News, the CBC or any other Barbados-based oldstream media to act ethically. We’ve seen too much to have any remaining faith in the Barbados news media.


If the Barbados news media won’t declare what gifts the journalists were given, we’ll see if our readers can pool their knowledge and find out anyway.

We received the following anonymous comment from a BFP reader going by the name of “The Mole”. Is the list correct? Can we fill in any of the gaps?

Here is what our reader posted…

I have done my digging and here are the names…

Sean Farrell

Ryan Gilkes

Janelle Riley

Kaymar Jordan

Chris Gollop

Peter Wickham

Hartley Henry and Angela Henry

They went flying all over the place in the chinese government cars treated like diplomats with escort and all, but my question is why did only five of them come back this weekend?

Where were Wickham and the Henries?

makes you say hmmmmmm……

More to come as information comes to hand. Oh, did they declare thier gifts to customs? Heard they get alot…


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69 responses to “Help Us Confirm The Names Of The Barbados Journalists Who Took Gifts From Communist China

  1. ROBOT

    peter wick ham

    must be somewhere living up to his name

  2. anonlegal

    uhh, is peter whikham a journalist? he writes an column in the newspaper, that doesnt make you a journalist. I dont think Hartly Henrey is a journalist either (I know he used to write a column in the newspaper but I dont know his occupation).

    I personally think the idea of having journalist declare gifts is stupid but hey I may be in the minority.

  3. Tony Hall

    I agree with you. What will that prove? That a journalist is corrupt is he or she receives a gift/gifts from the Chinese media?

  4. Bovrill


    Please leave “Pee-Ter” alone!

    First, I would like to know who are the journalists from the aforemontioned names.

    To me they are all “Political Ackees”

    In my day Burton (the-truth-man) Hinds and Eric (fly) Sealy were my journalists.

  5. Sad To Say

    Let us wait and see what comes out of all of this. If these “journalist” start writing articles on the “virtuous” Chinese government we would then know that the Chinese Government has called their price. I would like to believe that some of the names mentioned above would understand the significance of maintaining their credibility in their chosen field of occupation. What I find significant is the Chinese PR machinery seems to be up to no good and while they realise that there are issues that – Tibet/ Slave camps/ environmental/ Internet restrictions/ supporting rogue African Governments/ etc. – paint China in a negative light they have realised the importance of getting the media on their side. Interesting!


    BFP says,

    Should these journalists who have been provided with at the very least a junket worth US$10k plus, and who may have been provided with other gifts now declare that to their readers when they write about China?

  6. robin hood

    So, is this Hartley Henry the same Hartley Henry who is now the prime minister’s “personal”(?) assistant or “consultant”? And is this the same DLP party who swore that they were not financed by the Chinese government?
    Looks to me like the chickens are definitely coming home to roost! Ha,Ha,Ha. The old folk have a saying “that you can hide and buy land but you can’t hide and work it”. If I was a historian what a fanciful tale I would be able to write about the last few months and the remainder of the 5(?) years that are left.

  7. drummergirl21

    I really don’t understand what the issue is here.

    It is not a rare thing for journalists to go on assignment to places outside of Barbados where the host pays for accommodation and transportation (at the very least). Such trips happen from time to time within the region and extra-regionally as well.

    I’m not quite sure where BFP is going with this because at the very least the journalists in question should not be targeted like this. They were invited by the Government of Barbados to go on this familiarization trip to China and I believe that the journalists in question have the integrity and experience to call a spade a spade.

    Is BFP suggesting that journalists should not travel to places outside of Barbados where leaders of countr(ies) are ethically or morally inept, or in this case haver a history of.

    It is the job of a journalist to report fairly and objectively on whatever issues confront them.

    And by the way, where is the proof of these “gifts” to the aforementioned journalists, BFP. My reliable information suggests there was nothing of the sort.


    BFP says,

    Hello professional journalist. Good to see you here discussing an issue that has never been spoken about in the Barbados media: junkets and gifts for journalists and how they should handle this issue.

    This has never been spoken about in the Barbados news media. Every professional media organisation that we’ve heard of has written policies on this subject, but we don’t think that any of the Bajan media have such policies.

    And please, don’t go showing us some code of ethics from some international journalist organisation that folks from all over join for fifty dollars… we’re talking about a ethics and conflicts of interest policy posted somewhere in the CBC or Nation News employment manual.

    If we’re wrong that the subject has never before been mentioned in the Bajan press, or we’re wrong and your Barbados news media organisation has a set of integrity rules that journalists are obliged to comply with, we’ll certainly be willing to look anywhere you point us.

    Now, let’s talk about this China junket. We all know that the Government of Barbados has been crawling for years for handouts from the Chinese, and we always see those smiling shots on the CBC and in the Nation News of the latest little gift being awarded to the Coast Guard, or some school, or community…. but I’ve never NEVER seen any article in the newspapers or on CBC that in any way could be said to be an investigation or feature about Human Rights abuses in China.

    If we’re wrong and the CBC or the Nation News or Barbados Advocate have done some article or show on China’s Human Rights abuses – even one – in the past few years, just point us to it and we’ll certainly reconsider our position.

    As to the “gifts” issue, I found a piece on the web about a group of European journalists who went on one of these China junkets and they each received many gifts including new cameras and voice recorders – tools of the trade stuff.

    It may be that the journalists who went over there did, or did not, receive some gifts. Certainly the holiday was worth something… Hey did anyone take their spouse for free?

    But the issue is not so much the freebies… it is the issue of transparency in DECLARING the free trip and any gifts to the readers. It is not about whether the journalists are professionals or not or whether they are able to critisize a country that just gave them at US$20k holiday (although that certainly comes into the discussion)…

    It is about TRANSPARENCY and declaring real, potential and perceived conflicts of interest like any other profession. It is about STANDARDS that aren’t made up as they go along.

    It is also about TRUST… because, frankly, the public doesn’t TRUST the Barbados news media that much anymore. Certainly when the CBC, the Nation News and the Barbados Advocate for TWO WEEKS sat on that story that the President of the flyover contractor firm 3S had ADMITTED BRIBING PUBLIC OFFICIALS to get bridge contracts in Jamaica, they lost what little credibility they had left.

    For two weeks the blogs ran the story and called the Bajan journalists cowards as they sat there and made a mockery of themselves. Only after two weeks did the Bajan media print the story and they used the same sources as we did… the court documents.

    Not to mention that the Barbados media remains silent on so many stories… Ronja Juman, Gline Clarke living on land his government expropriated etc etc etc.

    The Barbados media has NEVER broken a story of political corruption that involved real investigative journalism. Never followed someone around and took photos of a corrupt deal, never a hidden camera on a politician. Never looked into any real estate held outside the country by a serving member of government. Never sat on a government construction project to take photos of relatives of the Minister being awarded some juicy contract.


    If we’re wrong here, we’ll certainly be willing to reconsider if you’d point out some of those investigative journalism articles.


  8. Sad To Say

    Robin Hood: FYI the DLP was accused of taking $ from Taiwan. Not China.

    BFP: While I see your point and in an ideal world I would endorse your suggestion. However, we all know this will never come to pass – i.e. none of these “journalist” would ever unilaterally or spontaneously declare any potential conflicts of interest.

    All in all I think that is easy to jump to conclusions however with time we would find out the truth. Who knows maybe these “journalist” took the Chinese for a ride and at the end of the day they may have outsmarted the Chinese. Let us archive this piece and see how this story unfolds.

  9. akabozik

    BFP has a point with China. I can’t remember ever seeing anything in the Bajan media about human rights abuses in China.

    Gort say “(BTW, is there a code of ethics or declaration of assets or truthfulness standard for blog operators?)”

    That is pathetic when the newspaper types say they don’t need a code of ethics because the blogs don’t have one! LMFAO!

  10. rohan

    It’s about conflict of interest. Several of you want to look the other way or put undying trust in the “integrity” of journalist in Barbados who have shown time after time that they are anything but.

    If you’re a financial analyst/writer in the U.S you are not allowed to accept a gift worth more than $100 from a company that you are covering. Know why? Human beings are human beings. Get a ride on the company’s private jet, eat their sushi and scallops, stay a few extra days for a mini-vacation…then what are the chances that they will give a negative report on a company’ financial status if one is warranted? Slim to none.

    Actually financial analyst are not only required to avoid potential conflicts of interest but the “appearance of a conflict of interest”. This full disclosure is not dismissed because we know these financial analyst are men of integrity…who cares. The bottom line is, they are “men”. Human beings.

    I’m not sure if the fact that some of you would rather look the other way is more a sign of the the climate in Barbados or a sign of your ignorance of how the world works.

  11. Wishing in Vain


    If this is your claim that these persons received gifts please then list the persons and what they are accused of receiving as you are supposing to have this vital information, share it, it is not good enough that you attempt to accuse and make vague unfounded statements without the real proof or evidence to back your claims.


    BFP says,

    We’ll start with the “gift” of an all-expense paid trip to China. How many took spouses besides Hartley?

    As to other gifts, lets have them declared.

  12. Straight talk


    “it is not good enough that you attempt to accuse and make vague unfounded statements without the real proof or evidence to back your claims.”

    That’s a bit rich coming from you, isn’t it?

  13. Wishing in Vain

    Straight Talk,
    My writings have all been proven real just takes a while sometimes to be realised but they are real.

  14. Jerome Hinds

    Come on, BFP, you are getting sickeningly dishonest, deceitful, vainglorious and morally hypocritical.



    Why you all do not take up my offer and tickets to go on a sabbatical until…..2013 !

    You all gine wait till they close you down ?

    Those who are not journalists gone to China to be fully trained………may be just may be…… assume the ROLE you play !

    Watch out !

  15. Tell me Why

    You all gine wait till they close you down ?
    You need to elaborate on your statement Jerome. Are you telling us that this administration is rounding up the blogging community and ultimately close them down?

  16. Anon

    Great topic BFP.

    The “media houses” will not hold their “journalists” feet to the fire. Only BLP and Barbados Underground will.

    I think what we are seeing here is the bottom feeders grabing all the crumbs that are falling from the table.

    These lower level employees are fully aware of the sleeze and corruption at the higher level of the “media houses”. So their reasoning is, “if they can do it ,so can we”. Barbados is a country where accountability is rapidly disappearing.

    But, do not go after only these small fishes. What about vic fernandes, fred gallop, roxanne gibbs, the fella that runs the advocate?

    I also want to know what kickbacks and greased hand that they get as well.

    Most of these top people in the “media houses” are corrupt as hell. That is why they are allergic to honestly reporting events in Barbados and the World.

  17. robin hood

    Sad To Say:
    Thanks, I accept the correction. Guess I was a bit too sleepy when I wrote that post.
    Thanks again.

  18. WildyCoyte.

    Heard that little boys and girls are supposed to be immunized this week,if you are a parent watch this video and spread the word also do some research for yourself,these people sending vaccines to the third world are evil,do not take your child for any “free”injections,sorry BFP but this topic is of no great concern to me right now,only the thought of little kids getting injected with mercury and monkey kidney fluids is disturbing.

  19. Tell me Why

    I saw the elite journalism representatives at the conference table with the decision makers of China on CBC mid day news coverage. Boy Oh Boy, China are marketing the country using our journalists. Now tell me. Will these journalists have the guts to speak negative about this country after all this high profile visit?

  20. nonsense

    I support your position on China but this particular witch hunt is going way too far. To look at this issue from a different angle, do you honestly believe that any foreign journalists come to Barbados and pay their own way ? Or buy their own rum to take home ? They are all brought over here by the BTA/ BHTA/ Hotels/ Rum brands etc. and pay not a cent towards it. They don’t guarantee positive (or indeed any) coverage but mostly write good articles and I know at least 10 major, and some very serious, publications which never list sponsors. It’s the way these things work. The BBC recently went to China on a state sponsored trip and slated it so it’s not just about who brings you over – nobody’s forcing anyone to write anything when they get home, you just won’t be asked back. I sort of see your point and would prefer it if all avenues of sponsorship were listed but the Chinese bringing them out to China does not automatically turn these journalists into Chinse lackeys.

  21. is there a connection

    Is the a possible link between one of these jornalist and one of the “journalist” that went on this trip to China at the invite of the Chinese Gov’t?
    Wasn’t he in another political camp sometime ago?
    I remember that we on BFP carried a story about Barbados Haggatt Hall Football Club Crawls On Belly To Accept China’s Trinkets, what is his link with that club in Haggatt Hall?

  22. reality check


    we have all at one time or another compromised our positions by keeping silent or by being polite to somone who has showed us favours.

    The US has saddled up to many dictators over the years such as Sadam when it was strategically convenient to do so.

    The BBC may take hand outs but it also has some fairly hard hitting and thoroughly thought out journalism when it comes to criticism.

    Keep up the good work BFP. Feeding at the trough without a balanced approach to right and wrong and becoming a pawn of State propaganda is just another form of prostitution.

    You ask some good ethical questions—something the Churches use to do on a daily basis.

  23. Sam Gamgee

    Man what is the name of this thread? A discussion about lemonade could go on right here ’cause all I am seeing is a headline, but no story. Just goes to show how much we as a people glory in wild imaginings, rumour and hearsay but no facts.
    BFP sometimes you out do yourself. And then you preach at the other members of the media about responsibility. At times this blog is just sad.

  24. Hants

    Sam Gamgee says
    “And then you preach at the other members of the media about responsibility. At times this blog is just sad”

    Clearly BFP owners are running a blog that only requires them to stay within the boundaries set by WordPress.

    They have no obligation to mimic the traditional Mainstream media.

    Sometimes this blog is also just Grrrrrrrrreat!

    Just enjoy the freedom Sam G.

    Now BFP how about we get serious about the Food crisis.

    Hope wanna remember how to make cassava bakes,stew food and “butter sauce” with margerine and nuff onion.

  25. Sam Gamgee

    Hants, leave out Tony the Tiger. You talking but up in Canada you ain’t gonna get any of that food. You better pray too. Down here somebody will still pass a breadfruit although if things get real bad the tree owners might sell them instead.
    I pray that we all find new and better ways of doing things.
    I cannot imagine life in the countries which are already depressed. ‘Too many people got everything and too many people got nothing eh! But we make the world.’

  26. Sad To Say

    “Journalist” BE WARNED

    The best thing about this thread is that it lets the “journalist” who took the “free ride” to China know: YOU ARE UNDER THE MICROCSOPE. With the Internet the term “freedom of expression” has been taken to another level. Those of us with a conscience are not going to sit idly bye and allow you guys to be passively endorse the Chinese government’s atrocities. Your failure to look beyond the “wining and dining” while a guest of “Red China” will result in a permanent and glaring blemish on your respective journalistic careers. Most of us on this Blog have no objections to you visiting China, however, most of us will have a serious problem if you attempt to “sugar coat” the truth about China. The choice is yours – objectivity vs. distortion

  27. Johnnie Too Bad

    Why are we only looking at what the journalists got, it seems to me that a whole group from the higher strata of this bajan society have been up to no good of late. What about the Cave Hill clan that also spend more than a fortnight in China at the Chinese expense and the senior civil servants. It seems to me that the journalists are only the latest in the Chinese charm offensive across the Caribbean and in Barbados in particular.
    As I have said in the past and will continue to say, the middle class in Barbados has no loyalty to the people. When they are not trying to bamboozle us with their ‘grantley adams’ words, they are desperately carving out very lucrative deals for themselves. It does not matter of what political shape or form they appear in, they have more in common with Count Dracula the prince of darkness, than you could ever imagine. Did I hear someone mention bloodsuckers, well maybe.

  28. Peter W Wickham

    While I am hesitant to become involved in one of those BFP discussions that is more scandalous than productive, I do feel that some critical information has been conveniently ignored. In 2004 I accepted an invitation from the US government to spend an entire month there as their guest and this was not condemned as either inappropriate or unusual. Since that time, I have accepted invitations from the Canadian and British government under circumstances that were similar to the Chinese invitation, but for some reason the BFP family seems more anxious now than before. I am curious to know why the BFP family is suddenly interested in my journalistic endeavours overseas, while in the not too distant past, the BFP family completely ignored the African frolics of Tafari/Belle et al, which incidentally were at the Barbadian taxpayer’s expense. As we now ponder the cost of the treasury of this African charter that was apparently one of the benefits of the PAC’s work over the past 10 years, the BFP family can rest assured that none of us who went to China spent one cent of Barbadian taxpayer’s money.


    BFP says,

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for dropping by. Our concern is the lack of standards and transparency, not to mention the issue of Barbados having relations with a country that runs an extensive slave camp system.

    The issue of slave labour has a special interest for Barbadians, not to mention the religious repression that goes on in China.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a piece in the newspapers or see a show on the CBC about human rights issues in China.

    Peter, these trips can be a good way for journalists, educators and leaders to learn about China, but there is always the worry that some will not be able to keep their independence. That is on a personal as well as a national level.

    So what gifts did they give you Peter? They would have given you a small something, that is to be expected, but did they give you anything else? What about your wife, did she accompany you?

  29. Johnnie Too Bad

    Look Peter, answer the question, we want to know what goodies you got from the Chinese and when is payback time and at what price. Come, come Peter you are too smart for this kind of runaround you giving us. Just answer the question.

  30. Get in the Action

    Just more of the same chequebook journalism that has taken over Fontabelle, the Pine and River Road.

    Amazing that Wickham asks why are we scrutinizing him when others in the past regime have gotten away with it. So much for change.

  31. I find it amazing that the Barbados media stays silent on political corruption; the media in the UK loves breaking stories like this. Can someone explain to me why this is? I think I know what the answer is, there is corruption in Barbados, and the Government is squeaky clean, YEAH RIGHT! You guys are lucky, the only country in the world where there aren’t any dodgy politicians or officials.

    Barbados sounds like it is ripe for a new little independent newspaper to take off and tell people all the news, not just what the present media and Government decide you need to know.

  32. ??

    Scandal, Corruption the words formally used by WIV and Jerome are now absent form their posting what happened.. did one or both of them go to China??? just asking
    Amazing the way people change

  33. Jerome Hinds


    You are all of sudden driven by the misconceived perception that everyone that legitimately engage their professional endeavours…….does so from ” a hand to mouth ” perspective.

    Here is it a group of Barbadian journalists accepts an invitation fromthe Chinese government and you seek to cast aspersionson their character……suggesting that they were given gifts.

    On the issue of Human Rights ABUSES… that case Barbados should not engage diplomatic or any other relationship with most countries….since at one time or another some of the many countries Barbados engage….have been accused of Human Rights ABUSES oneway or another.

    May I remind you……that not too long ago the Barbados Prison System was ACCUSED of Human Rights ABUSES !

    You guys failure to to recognise that not everyone in Barbados can be brought……..have begun to deginerate most of your articles into a PUTRID form of excreta!


    BFP says,

    Hi Jerome,

    You seem to have changed your entire perspective on transparency, integrity and accountability since your party assumed power.


    With no rules, abuses cannot be called into question. That’s why the BLP and now your DLP government would not implement ITAL.

    Most folks probably never gave a second thought as to how those journalists did this big China junket, but now people will be looking at their writing with new eyes. Perhaps that alone will help to ensure a balanced perspective on China.

    Because, as we’ve said, we can’t find one article or CBC tv programme about human rights issues in China. I wonder if we will ever see one?

  34. A journalist

    While I fully endorse BFP’s understandably passionate views about China’s atrocious human rights track record, I am extremely concerned about the “witch hunt” approach as one previous writer suggested.

    It is easy to throw bombs and innuendo while cloaked in anonymity BFP. I know you mean well, but
    had those journalists’ names been carried in a publication or broadcast in the mainstream Barbados media, you well know that the libel suit would have been at your doorstep a long time ago. After all, there is not a shred of evidence, even after your screaming headlines for journalists’ names, that anything was received by them.

    Journalism in Barbados is largely a thankless profession and where it isn’t thankless, compared to other jurisdictions the salaries are below par.

    I can safely vouch for my colleagues’ integrity in this matter because I know much of what transpired before this trip actually got underway. By the way, just in case you were unaware for whatever reason, this trip was initiated by and organised under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    I am in no position to speak about those non-journalists who went to China but suffice to say that you have been beating a dead horse with this ‘Who are the journalists that benefited from China’ vendetta.

    When the other party was in power you folks at BFP did a pretty good job of exposing many, many ills but since the general election I’ve found that you’ve been struggling for copy of substance.

    I’m still one of your biggest fans but I speak with a great deal of knowledge when I say that not even an ‘I Went To China’ T-shirt was “bestowed” on these hardworking members of the mainstream media by the China Government.

    My suggestion to you would be to change your emphasis from the journalists in question to whomever else you believe should feel your “wrath” under the circumstances. My understanding is that those journalists only went to do their jobs, in some cases with very limited support from their respective organisations.

    I wish you all continued success, as one of your dedicated readers.


    BFP says,

    That’s great, AJ.

    Now… are there any rules set down by Barbados news organisations about the acceptance of gifts and travel? Was everyone allowed to bring along a spouse?

    And when might we hear about the Ronja Juman story in the Barbados news media? It is not often that all the court documents about such a breach of human rights are posted on the internet. Maybe the news media just hasn’t found them yet… so here they are again.

  35. Wishing in Vain

    I have no issues with Barbadians accepting the offer to travel to China to see and learn about China.

    I am sure had the invitation been extended from the US, Canada, or the UK all would be well.

    What is wrong with Barbadians being exposed to the happenings and the culture of China? It does not mean that they will return to the island and try to convert it to a little China, this is a very narrow minded outlook in dealing with the matter at hand.

    I am happy that they were entertained and shown the sights of China and educated about the country, all this at no cost to the taxpayers of Barbados, I really do hope they found the exercise worthwhile, educational and entertaining and will expect to see some interesting articles forthcoming in the regular press.

  36. Hants

    A journalist says.

    “Journalism in Barbados is largely a thankless profession and where it isn’t thankless, compared to other jurisdictions the salaries are below par.”

    Thankless job and low pay.mmmmm.

    You just made BFP’s point.

    ITAL is Vital.

  37. Rene

    I’m truly lost about the issue here. These journalist were giving an opportunity to have a inside view of a country and I for one would be happy to see what articles or view points they may have to report about their trip. As far as I can tell these people are not in China on behalf of the Barbados government and don’t not need to share with the public what souvenirs the may have gotten on their trip with the public of Barbados. That is like asking someone to declare what they got as a company christmas gift with the Bajan public every time they got one. I would think this trip would allow these persons to have a more insightful few about China and if this is a crime then that would sad day for journalism.

    If one wish to write about humanitarian issues in China then that would be news worthy article, unlike this one about a few people doing their job.

  38. rohan

    To the journalist that responded:

    Sure you’ve received similar invitations from the U.S, British, and Canadian governments. Great.

    Here’s the glaring difference:
    China is in the midst of a worldwide outcry for human rights violations, slave labor, persecution of falun gong followers (including kidnapping and harvesting their organs while they are still alive, Tibet monk persecution and murders… and the list goes on.

    The problem is, if you’re flown there and put up in nice hotels and return to Barbados and ignore all of these current and pervasive issues and give a flowery report can you not see why folks would say ‘hmmmm”

    It would be liked being invited to Germany by Hitler during the Third Reich and returning home and reporting on “the lovely German beer!” And when questioned on this, your response? “Well, I’ve had a similar invitation to Australia!”

    Can you not see the absurdity in this line of argument?

  39. justice

    When is the Roma Juman story going to become a court matter?

  40. no name


    What do you mean by “become a court matter”?

    Is it that you think Ronja Juman should take her matter to court? If so, you have got to be kidding!

  41. RP

    Wickham and Henry were there not as journalists but as ‘operatives’ of the government……..paving the way for the visit of PM Thompson.

  42. Citizen First

    As we excoriate the Chinese for their behaviour, as we should, let us not forget those closer to home who have for much longer committed worst abuses.

    Please, please watch the following video:

  43. Gort

    Again I ask… is there a code of conduct for blog operators. Who finances this blog? Have their assets been declared? Are there any standards BFP will observe? Like truth? i.e. David Thompson flying to NY on a private jet? The biggest lie since January 16th?

  44. Gort

    My previous comment two days ago about BFP’s dishonesty… it is still being moderated! So much for free press.


    BFP says

    Good morning Gort,

    We will not be publishing your comment because it is racist. End of story.

  45. Johnnie Too Bad

    All I want to say on this matter is that the Henrys and Wickham can’t have it both ways, They can’t run with the hare and hunt with the hound,otherwise you will be caught in the crossfire.Expect everything you do to be examined with the proverbial fine tooth comb. Please come clean now with what you got from the Chinese, because in months to come when I visit your homes for a barbecue and you mention what you got from China, I am sure going to talk. So come clean.

  46. Tell Me Why

    Here is it a group of Barbadian journalists accepts an invitation fromthe Chinese government and you seek to cast aspersionson their character……suggesting that they were given gifts.
    Jerome. You know I like to decipher language, especially when you make a statement of fact. First, state who pick the journalists……the media house or someone from the administration?

    I would find it impossible for the Chinese Government to pick these individuals. So I am asking, what is the reason for these journalists visiting China prior to the Prime Minister and his entourage?

  47. Rene

    Hmmm China is about to host the 2008 Olympic Games, people of course they would be inviting journalist from around the world to show case their country, people, and government in what ever positive light they can. Do you truly think these journalists received anything of extreme value other than some kind of souvenir or plaque…?

    If persons that use this blog truly have issues with China human rights record write about it, lobby or government to make a stand on the issues, voice your concern with the Chinese embassy here. For one my personal stand is to not follow the 2008 games and to continue following close what is going on with the Chinese people and looking for opportunities where I can impact positively towards change; what are you doing to make a change?

    Freedom of speech is one thing but to use that freedom to grind personal axes with people is in poor taste. I come to sites like this for different view points and credible news I would like it to remain that way.

  48. 123

    Dear Johnnie Too Bad

    I hope that you are willing to declare with the BFP family what you had to eat, dink, and did at these barbeques at Henrys and Wickhams in the coming months when you do your interior décor write up of these persons personal home spaces, I think that’s only fair don’t you?
    Please let me know when you have real news to report.

  49. no name

    please block Zeta Jones who seems to have been bitten by something poisonous.

  50. ROBOT

    peter wick—ham

    has a wife ???

  51. Anon

    Wickham and Henry are not journalists, they simply contribute columns to the Nation newspaper. The Chinese govenment does not invite journalists to visit by name, they are recommended by their agencies through the ministry of foreign affairs. Surely Wickham and Henry are political operatives given a free ride by their party, persons have to be rewarded don’t they? The more things chage the more they remain the same, and by the way ain’t it interesting how we ignore China human rights record because we love freeness and handouts…

  52. Rumplestilskin

    ”ain’t it interesting how we ignore China human rights record because we love freeness and handouts”

    Ain’t it interesting how the ‘free’ West ignores the same, because China is both a huge market and source of cheap labor?

    But, Cuba is left out in the cold, for ‘allegedly’ the same thing.

    Indeed, Iraq is invaded for the same thing re the Kurds (after the other ‘weapons of mass destruction’ excuse was proved unsubstantiated).

    But, the world goes on…..

    What suits each nation is what will be done, let us not fool ourselves.

    All the world is a stage.

    The question is, who are the puppeteers?


  53. John

    May 2, 2008 at 1:06 am
    ”ain’t it interesting how we ignore China human rights record because we love freeness and handouts”

    Ain’t it interesting how the ‘free’ West ignores the same, because China is both a huge market and source of cheap labor?

    But, Cuba is left out in the cold, for ‘allegedly’ the same thing.

    The other day I was thinking about Cuba and suddenly realised that in a way, China has a Cuba as well, it is called Taiwan.

    USA does not have relations with Cuba.
    China does not have relations with Taiwan.

    I have not researched it alot so I am not going to stick my neck out too far but the parallels I find to be quite amazing.

    Does China have relations with Cuba?

    Does the USA have relations with Taiwan?

  54. John

    What exactly is wrong with having diplomatic relations with Taiwan, just as we have diplomatic relations with Cuba?

    Why don’t we have a Taiwanese ambassador here like we have a Cuban ambassador?

    We do have a Cuban ambassador, don’t we?

    “Friends of all, satellites of none”


    BFP says,

    Because if we recognise Taiwan, we won’t get the free trips and gifts from Communist China!

  55. I know stuff

    Jerome Hinds should really stop trying to make a contribution since his party is in power and focus his attention elsewhere.

  56. Johnnie Too Bad

    John and Rumplestilskin, I hate to burst your bubble, but the whole thing is much more complicated than a freeness for Bajans. It is about a little thing call POWER, and I am sure that we will all realise, he who has the power can do whatever he likes. In any case, Cuba ain’t got no oil, and it don’t have the kind of cheap productive capacity that Taiwan has.
    Politicians without conviction or a proper basic ideology in social concern for the masses and journalists looking for a freeness are probably the lowest form of human life this planet has ever seen. So what they heck, in the end we are all going to be dead anyway.

  57. John

    Does Uncle Sam have a one China policy?

  58. Fool me once

    Does anyone remember Thereseinstadt? If not google it and you will see how China operates. I have seen the underbelly of China that our journalists were not shown and, believe me, it is ugly. Accused people get no trials, prisoners have no rights, workers homes are bulldozed without notice or compensation…I could go on.

    It is fine for journalists to take free junkets to allow the Chinese to show them the good part but will that then prevent them from exposing the duplicity, hypocrisy and oppression? I hope not. I hope it opens the journalists eyes to want to look deeper.

    Free junkets to free countries are open and the reporters are able to go anywhere they please or else go back later at their own expense to view the dark side. Try that in China.

    Here in Barbados I challenge one of the journalists to go directly to the military barracks with camera and interview the Ghana detainees. We know the good side of Barbados, let’s see if there is another side?

  59. John

    How come Cuba is a member of the UN and Taiwan is not?

  60. John

    All these are questions I hope our Journalists ask so that when they come back they can educate me when I read their writings.

    Here is another one.

    How many athletes from Taiwan will compete in Beijing at the Olympics this year?

  61. Scheherez

    Well, like it or not, China just happens to be one of the fastest economic stars in the world right now, and as such, it’s starting to flex its power. The U.S. of A. is starting to falter economically, and naturally, we are falter right along with it, as we are tied to the U.S. dollar. If we were tied to the EURO, now, THAT would be a totally different story. China is starting to boom as U.S.A. is starting to falter.

    And by the way, China isn’t the ONLY culprit of human rights abuses. America & England have also been guilty…but we hold hands with them VERY well, don’t you think?

    Personally, I think we should condemn ANY country who does this foolishness to others, WESTERN or EASTERN!!!! Learn to stand on our own 166 mile feet!

    I mean, let’s be honest…it is economically strategic to side with China right now, but at what cost? Who will benefit most? As always, it will be the ones at the top. Whether it is America, Europe, or Asia, who ALL have committed crimes, mind you…it will always be a game of POWER! Let’s bring a sense of knowledge and INDEPENDENCE to the table, then we can start to fight back!

  62. John

    Another set of questions our journalists could ask over there is about the environment so they can tell us about it and let us know if perhaps Liz really deserved her award … or not.

  63. pearlie

    I heard from a top official in the government that Hartley and Angela Henry went to China at the Barbados government’s expense. Was just wondering has he confirmed whether he accepted the Prime Minister’s job offer – if so what is his job. Perhaps BFP can investigate this.

  64. What dem really doing?

    I see nothing wrong with journalists accepting gifts…Heck! Yuh feel is only politicians that can accept gifts (not opposing your views with China’s human rights issues tho…looks like we should boycott watching the olympics). And, for the record I’m sure Hothead Henry stayed behind to simply do his job in his official capacity as “Advisor and Press Secretary to the PM” so he has every right to be there …taking leisurely strolls throughout the streets of China as seen on the front page of Monday’s paper.

  65. doggone it

    wuh happen? wunna journalists turned bloggers vex cause wunna aint get a pick?

  66. no name

    What dem really doing? said

    “I see nothing wrong with journalists accepting gifts”

    I agree but why should it be a secret? Secrecy breeds suspicion!

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