Barbados Prime Minister Promises To Ignore China Human Rights Issues As Long As Communist Dollars Continue

David Thompson Meets With Chinese Official Responsible For Human Rights Violations, Religious Persecution

Our Prime Minister is in China right now. On Monday he met with Wu Bangguo, the number three honcho over there and the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC). As China’s top lawmaker, Bangguo has established a dark reputation with Human Rights Watch and other groups who care about the pathetic state of personhood in China.

It seems that Mr. Bangguo has quite a record – starting with a campaign of eliminating crippled and female orphans through deliberate starvation when he was an official in Shanghai during the 1980’s. Now Mr. Bangguo oversees the persecution of both Christians and Falon Gong members.

According to the Chinese press, our Prime Minister pledged our country’s never-ending support for the Communist Chinese efforts to end democracy in Taiwan. The news article doesn’t exactly put it that way, but that is the truth nonetheless.

Ah well… you know how it is when you’re a beggar nation. You can’t be too concerned about Human Rights violations or democracy.

I wonder if Prime Minister Thompson will ask for a tour of the Chinese slave labour camps while he’s over there? Given Barbados’ historical connection with the slave trade, it seems like a natural request for our Prime Minister.

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69 responses to “Barbados Prime Minister Promises To Ignore China Human Rights Issues As Long As Communist Dollars Continue

  1. Tony Hall

    I think you should face reality. The delegation is over there on a trade mission. The PM would be out of place to ask of his hosts what you are suggesting. Maybe we should look at home. The same might apply to those females working for companies at the Harbour and Newton Industrial Parks for those businesses who exploit them on a daily basis.


    BFP says,

    The same applies? Really Tony? I didn’t know that Barbados had state-sponsored slave camps where organ harvesting happens and where the population is placed there for praying at home or possession of more than one bible.

    Thanks for clearing that up, Tony!

  2. Thistle

    And what about the 80% Bajan husbands/partners who abuse and beat up their wives/partners, and the 99.9% to whom the word ‘fidelity’ means absolutely nothing? And did the P.M. actually PROMISE to ignore China Human Rights? He used those words?

  3. Donald Duck, Esq

    How many days has the PM spent outside of the island since Jan 15?

    Why can’t he stay at home and run the country?

    Why did he not deliver the promised budget and let people who are suffering from the increases in fuel prices know what his promised reliefs that he will offer them are?

    Why visit china when his party was about to turn to Taiwan if there was no change of government in Taiwan?

  4. Rene

    It’s only understandable for business and countries to look to countries like China for trade and other services. In today’s cost driven world one has to look at how to get a satisfactory product with the least amount of cost to stay competitive in today’s markets. I know of small business here that have seriously considered the China option as they look for new means to stay viable.

    Over the last few years we have seen a number of companies that have products manufactured in China recalled due to hazards materials or quality issues with the product. We have seen a number of brand lines loose market share when consumers see the conditions that the workers are under during the manufacturing of goods. We have even seen celebrities careers hurt when it’s discovered that they were knowledgeable of the poor conditions workers endure while manufacturing their product lines. It’s really up to us to look at the facts before making a choice, both as the consumers and business person.

  5. Jerome Hinds


    There you go again with your sometimes lopsided approach to what should have been a BALANCED discussion on the changing dynamics of global geo – politics.

    Maybe it has escaped your attention that developing countries need to rapidly embrace South – South dialogue & relations among themselves to counter the imbalances of GLOBALISATION.

    In this regard we are going to see a further deepening of relations between the India’s , Taiwan’s , China’s , Brazil’s, Cuba’s of this world.

    Yes we there are going to be many instances where someone is going to question the Human Rights Practices of these countries……BUT the views of Tony Hall & Thistle above are to considered EQUALLY important.

    Does the USA & Canada have an unblemished HUMAN RIGHTS record…..?

    NO !

    But there are our major trading partners !

    David Thompson just left the USA…….WE did not hear the BFP call on him to invite the USA to improve their HUMAN RIGHTS record !!!!

    Then I take that the BFP just like to beat the CHINESE tune !

  6. Trained Economist

    Love the cartoon.

  7. justice

    The country that is without sin…let it cast the first stone.


    BFP says,

    How about we let countries cast the first stone who have no slave labour camps, no non-consentual organ harvesting programmes and who allow freedom of religion?

  8. Hants

    BFP you might have to ban me because I design products that are manufactured in China.

    Canadian Corporations are sourcing their products in China.

    Note that Canada buys food and other products in China and repackages them in pretty paper stamped product of Canada.

    This is legal in Canada as long as the added cost is more than 50%.

    Little tiny Barbados may as well buy directly from China because all your trading partners do so.

    Good move by PM Thompson.

    Now BFP can you tell us how you are going to replace China as a supplier of cheap goods that are made in more Democratic countries of the world.

    What about India and the 10 year old children working with poisonous metals?

    BFP give us a definitive solution. We want to know how you propose to replace China as a supplier of affordable products to Barbados.

    Right now David Thompson and the DLP must focus on saving Barbadians from this recession.

    Don’t know why but there is no rice on the shelves of supermarkets near where I live in Toronto except for Uncle Ben’s at $6.47 Barbados per Kg.

    We are fortunate because we can still get everything else including frozen flying fish.

  9. Technician

    The PM was in the USA and never uttered a word about the War on Terror going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, which by the way, most of the world does not agree with and was done without the approval of the UN.
    Did BFP jump on this….noooo.
    Give us a break BFP… a beggar nation (your words) we cant be beggars and choosers too.

  10. A True Believer

    Why don’t BFP leave PM Thompson alone? We need the Chinese here to build up B’dos. China is a big up nation that will be the next super power. This just shows that Athur was lying about DLP and Tawan. It dont matter what we say Thomo going do good for B’dos with Chinas help like build the new hospital and the stadium in st. Philip.


    BFP says,

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree then, won’t we?

    After all, money is the most important thing in the world, isn’t it? That is the new Barbadian creed.

  11. Hants

    New Topic. Harrisons Point Hotel.
    Sealy is expected to pilot a resolution in the House of Assembly today to vest the Crown lands – which comprise 131 080.6 square metres (32.39 acres) in one parcel and 20.40 hectares (50.41 acres) in another – in the BTI.

    It was recently reported that the BTI was expected to close a deal that would see the construction of a five-star hotel in a joint public-private sector venture with the Texas-based Rosewood Hotel & Resorts starting between August and September.

  12. A True Believer

    Donald Duck, the Prime Minister is travelling to those places to help Barbados. When Owen was travelling all over the place I didn’t hear you say anything. Anyway the PM is a proper manager who can delegate the work that is why he hired Ministers Boyce, MClean and the labour man.

  13. A True Believer

    What is this comment awiting moderation? Anyway money is not everything to people who got it already but they got a lot of hungry people about here and they looking for something from the goverment. If the chineese going help us what is the problem. Even in Barbados people does get treat bad.

  14. Hants

    BFP did you send a delegation?

    Strident calls for integrity legislation
    Published on: 5/6/08.
    It could be sheer coincidence, but last week strident calls were being made in two neighbouring states, Dominica and St Kitts/Nevis, for integrity legislation to be enacted.

    In Dominica, there was a candlelight vigil on the issue while in St Kitts/Nevis, it was the opposition Peoples Action Movement that was accusing the administration of Prime Minister Denzil Douglas of dragging its feet on the matter.

  15. Anonymous

    BFP. I bet you and others missed out regarding the acquisition of various plantation lands for housing purposes. First of all, I would like to know the owners of these plantations.

    The Plantations mentioned are
    Blackmans, Easy Hall and Branchbury in St Joseph. Clifden, Guinea, Henley, Pool, Todds and Cherry Grove in St. John. Forty Acres and Endeavour in St. Thomas. Vineyard and Woodbourne in St. Philip. Lower Greys in Christ Church and Brighton in St. George.

    Will we start seeing “change of use” for these plantations becoming a norm in the near future.

  16. Tell me Why

    The above post is mine

  17. no name

    Tell me Why,

    I wonder if the owners of the plantations you mention will get paid, WHEN and how much?

    Compulsory Land Acquisition by the Government has been a can of worms from the start. We should watch this one closely and see if this time it will be monkey business as usual.

    Curious to know how the owners of the land feel about this.

    Perhaps BFP could have a competition for us to guess which Ministers in the new Government will end up building houses on the lands being acquired.

  18. Hants

    I bet you and others missed out regarding the acquisition of various plantation lands for housing purposes.

    What is the source of this information. GIS or an insider.

  19. Tell me Why

    I wonder if the owners of the plantations you mention will get paid, WHEN and how much?
    My problem is not about payment at the moment, it is the commencement of wild scale development on these plantation lands. My question is who are the owners of these plantations?

  20. Tell me Why

    What is the source of this information. GIS or an insider.
    The fourth estate using half page advertisements. Page 27 in the Daily Nation and Page 38 in The Advocate.

    Remember. I love reading

  21. A True Believer

    The DLP is going to keep its promises for housing. A lot of the plantations is be run way in bush. I will glad if the govermant take them away for housing for poor people. White people treat black people bad for so long and BFP now want to criticice the PM for going to China to get help for we black people. What next?

  22. WTF!

    First comment I direct to Thistle:
    I, as a male Bajan take great exception to your generalisation “80% Bajan husbands/partners who abuse and beat up their wives/partners, and the 99.9% to whom the word ‘fidelity’ means absolutely nothing”
    I have never raised my hand to stike my significant other. I have never abused my significant other neither verbally, mentally or physically. I find it hard to believe that I am one of 20%.
    I have never had an “outside woman” nor been unfaithful to my partner (have however been the recipient of a horning by my woman.)
    Here again I find it hard to believe that I am one of 0.1%
    Please either show us the source of your stats, or apologise to me.

    Second comment:
    Regarding the acquisition of plantation lands by government for housing purposes. I am deeply concerned by this news. As the Barbados and the rest of the world teeter on the brink of economic depression, I think it rediculous for any government to acquire land which can be used to produce food for its people, and turn it into housing. I have no problem with government acquring the land from the plantations, if it is to be used to by small farmers to grow personal kitchen gardens, or for large scale produce production.
    How is Barbados and her people going to survive these hard times, when all the land which could have been used to feed her people, is now growing houses instead. What use is having a roof over ones head, if ones belly is empty.
    Now don’t misunderstand my comments. I do not blame the plantations for allowing their lands to run fallow. Why should they continue to spend money on seed, fertiliser, pesticide, labour ect, to plant, grow, and reap crops, only to have some vagabond steal his hard work by the van load on a quiet night. Why should the plantation owner grow crops for the Bajan table, when the Bajans are more interested in spending foriegn exchange to import potatoes from Idaho, or Bananas from Mexico.
    We have been bamboosaled into believing that only items with brand names are worthwhile. We no longer want an English Potatoe from Ridge Plantation, or Banana from Constant plantation. We want the Idaho Russett potatoes and Chiquita Bananas, to go with our Sean John jeans and Tommy Hilfiger shirt.
    I don’t know what to make of the immidiate future, but it worries me.

    Anyhow, I have gone way off topic, and said nothing of Sweet Thomy and his jet setting to China, and to be honest, I have no opinion on that. I only hope that he is there developing real trade, and not there to see the olympics.

  23. John

    May 6, 2008 at 2:08 pm
    New Topic. Harrisons Point Hotel.
    Sealy is expected to pilot a resolution in the House of Assembly today to vest the Crown lands – which comprise 131 080.6 square metres (32.39 acres) in one parcel and 20.40 hectares (50.41 acres) in another – in the BTI.

    It was recently reported that the BTI was expected to close a deal that would see the construction of a five-star hotel in a joint public-private sector venture with the Texas-based Rosewood Hotel & Resorts starting between August and September.

    I note the GOB acquired the land for one use and is now proposing to change its use, thus making the reason for acquiring it in the first place null, void and of no effect!!

  24. John

    … I’ll bet the original deprived landowner is a bit peeved!!

  25. no name


    “… I’ll bet the original deprived landowner is a bit peeved!!”

    Perhaps “the original deprived landowner” will call for the compensation he is due.

    I am so glad we now have access to a free press which can follow land stories as they develop in this lawless country.

  26. Tell me Why

    Sealy is expected to pilot a resolution in the House of Assembly today to vest the Crown lands – which comprise 131 080.6 square metres (32.39 acres) in one parcel and 20.40 hectares (50.41 acres) in another – in the BTI.
    I wonder if this decision to transfer such a vast area to BTI is a way for Government to to start up tourism in the area.

  27. Tony Hall

    You can’t have it both ways. Whatever you think of China the country is rapidly becoming a superpower. I see the hypocracy right here in the USA coming from the mouths of the politicians. They talk about the same ” human rights” abuses you are talking about but yet the same politicians and the corporations are making business deals everyday with the same China. Protesters have been begging President Bush not to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics. He is not budging. Why not? The USA right now is so heavily indebted to China. Leave PM Thompson alone. He is a very competent individual who is going to seek out the best solutions to keep Barbados on a steady course. To the blogger who asked why doesn’t the PM stay at home you do not really understand the world of business. Heads of Governments have to do this often. If you guys think you are going to work this travelling issue on him like how you did with Sir Lloyd you are in for a rude awakening.

    BFP says,

    What do you mean “both ways”, Tony?

    We merely point out that we as a country would rather have money from slave owners than to free the slaves. You back that up.

    Money is everything in Barbados. Nothing is higher. No morality. No lofty notions of honour or duty or truth.

    We have learned well from our leaders. Anything for money. Any lie. Any action. Any abuse.

    Money is everything on this island.

  28. Thistle

    WTF: Apologise to you? For what – telling the truth? Don’t make me laugh. Instead I will congratulate you for being one of the 20% who don’t indulge in woman-beating and for being 0.1% of the faithful ones. You need a halo? Nick one off the head of Leslie Charteris’s Saint.

  29. Johnnie Too Bad

    Hello to all you out there including my friends at BFP, why have a go at David Thompson? He is only following a well worn path of our greatest minds since independence. The noble art of ‘begging bowl economics’ . People we need to get real here. What precisely do we in Barbados have to trade with other partners in the global village?

    Since we have embarked upon growing concrete jungles instead of planting food, since we have produced or manufactured less and less with each passing year, since we have exchanged the agricultural implements for the sheets of paper trails that lead nowhere, since we have left the ranks of our artisans and engineers for the uniform of the bellhop and the hotel maid, since we have preferred the once almighty yankee dollar to the hard work of our foreparents, how can you expect anything different? There was a time, albeit a very long time ago that the name of Barbados was associated everywhere in the region with quality, hard work and suitable expertise. We once supplied the region with engineers, teachers, police, judges, builders and a host of other skills, remember our pan boilers in Guyana.

    How the world has change, now all we have left, like many of the once revered empires is the begging bowl approach.

    Today we talk of great economists (trained or otherwise) and what do they produce? Hardly a single useful and practical approach to solving our problems.

    In short folks, kid ourselves as we might, the sow has to all intents and purposes got under the counter.

    Harvard, McGill, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge, even Mona and Cave Hill now tell our future politicians that the only option is the politics of expediency, of winning the next election. Things like vision, conviction politics, concern for the poor, a social conscience are all relics of the past to the likes of get rich quick political carpetbaggers and an ever growing political elite.

    We have therefore arrived at a place where the good old USA has got big debt problems, Canada has become more inward looking, Britain is one of the sick men of old Europe and lo and behold the USSR is no more. Whats a man to do when placed between a rock and a hard place? David Thompson is playing the only game in town, China has some of the biggest trade and foreign reserves the world has ever seen. Remember he who pays the piper always call the tunes. There is only one thing that DT can do, dance for all he is worth.

    We the people must also bear some of the blame too.


  30. John

    Tell me Why
    May 6, 2008 at 5:36 pm
    Sealy is expected to pilot a resolution in the House of Assembly today to vest the Crown lands – which comprise 131 080.6 square metres (32.39 acres) in one parcel and 20.40 hectares (50.41 acres) in another – in the BTI.
    I wonder if this decision to transfer such a vast area to BTI is a way for Government to to start up tourism in the area.

    Why not revitalise North Point Hotel with its olympic sized swimming pool.

    It has its own secluded beach!!

  31. 196

    Remember, nobody gives money for nothing in return. Remember that.

  32. Adrian Hinds

    wait wait many of you were singing a different tune when BFP highlighted Mia in China. BFP’s anti China position has been consistent.

  33. Laughing

    Amen to you Johnnie Too Bad. Well said and 500% true. Just a few days ago while we were celebrating National Heroes Day I was reflecting on the fact that every year we celebrate the sacrificies of a some very well respected Barbadians. And each year we recite the fact that the Dipper (God rest his soul) transformed a collection of villages into a nation. That may be true but we conveniently forget that the Dipper, Sir Grantely Adams and other statesmen of that time went to school with the leaders of some of the more developed and some very developed nations at that time. As a result, we little Barbados were afforded some economic and technical assistance by other sovereign nations in an ‘under the table’ fashion. One may remember the Dipper himself referring to his conversation with the late Pierre Trudeau of Canada when we needed an international airport. Times have changed. The UWI and freer education in most areas of the world, plus the average persons’ ability to study in far reaching areas of the globve has resulted in a levelled playing field. The World market is such that you go to the richest source to drive the market. Check the evolution, used to be Euope, particularly UK, France and Spain, used to be the USA, used to be Japan (that spun off into the Asian market), now it is China. If the PM went to the USA right now I would think he was the biggest joke this side of the Atlantic. His only other source is the EU and we all know you need to give the proverbial pound of flesh to even enter their hallowed chambers.
    So get real people, the world has changed. We may not like it, but in 10 – 20 years when the kids of the BFP clan bring home the grandkids with slanted eyes and straight hair bowing their little #$$es off, it will be ‘Guess who is coming to dinner 2030’
    On another related note, all emerging world powers have gone through a phase with human rights issues. It is an historical fact.
    But, to BFP: ‘What do you think the blacks were fighting for in the Southern USA in the 50-70’s especially?’ Child labour was common in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in the UK, and lets not forget the forced acquisition of lands and taxing in Ireland, and the West Indians working in London transport. And oh for heaven’s sake, the slave trade!!!! And when all of us were busy buying recon cars from Singapore etc. do we really know the conditions of the workers who made the upholstery plastics and fabrics?
    It is clear to me that China doesnt give a #$%* about who it trades with, but we need to be clear that we have barely anything to trade.

    (Note to BFP you started the use of hieroglyphics)

  34. Anon

    So the Chinese embassy in Barbados is hopping mad about the error in the photo caption appearing on the front page of the daily nation…anyone spot the error. The error has been corrected on the web site but it is difficult to recall newspapers…

  35. Um, for what is worth – while I agree, even so far as there should be no Olympics this year? I believe we’re all just spitting in the wind.

    Money talks and the Chinese spending nuff, so much for Tienanmen Square and David Rudder’s song of 1990 and the one for Burma with Derek Brin

    Gifts and subsidies rule, accept it and move along, is reality – not that I disagree with BFP… Just facing facts.

  36. John


    You have me cracking up.

    It is as crazy as the time the Police Band played the wrong National Anthem in another island. The Nation has outdone itself.

    And to think that a whole gaggle of journalists went to China to learn how not to make this error.

    Hopefully the Nation will make the error right tomorrow the same time it addresses Carl’s possible slip in his Sunday article.

    This time David and Chris are out that side sweating blood hoping the embassy accepts the apology so they can get back home fast.

    David will no doubt have a rocket for the Nation when (if) he gets back for placing he and his wife in the position they have been placed.

    On a related note, I heard on CBC that the “Effect of Blogs on Journalism” will be a topic to be dealt with tomorrow on Morning Barbados.

    Both Belle and her partner frankly admit that they have no time to blog so I assume they know nothing about blogging.

    If I have time I will try to watch them in action as they moderate a discussion on something they know nothing about.

    Perhaps they will enlist Carl’s help to lend his vast experience in blogging to the discussion.

    In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

  37. That was Grenada, they deal with Taiwan and China’s anthem played – Mitchell ordered an inquiry over the incident as Caribbean peed their collective shorts with belly-laff

  38. ROBOT

    as a kadooment person

    i understand that costumes might me imported from china

    it has happened in trinidad
    and is cheaper

    why not go back to tee shirts——kadooment is all about wuk-up
    costume my foot
    a tee shirt is more feasible

  39. Hmmm


    Former Prime Minister, Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, has been named Ambassador –designate to head this country’s embassy in China when it is officially established later this year.

    Prime Minister David Thompson made the announcement late today during talks with China’s Premier, Wen Jiabao, in the Great Hall of the People. He said Barbados proposed to open a mission in the Orient before the end of the year, in view of the importance attached to that region and particularly China’s standing and prominence in world affairs and commerce, as well as its relations with Barbados.

    “We as a nation and as a region do lots of trade with China and as such the time has come for us to establish a permanent presence in that country,” the Prime Minister said.

    He opined that “Sir Lloyd would be of great assistance in strengthening our thrust in human resource development, which China has identified as an area it can assist with.”

    Premier Wen observed that Sir Lloyd was “an old friend of China.”

    Meanwhile, Prime Minister Thompson has invited Premier Wen to pay an official visit to Barbados. This comes on the heels of an outstanding invitation from Premier Wen for Mr. Thompson to attend the opening of this year’s Summer Olympic Games in China.

  40. Anon


    Check the by line on the caption, the Nation is only part at fault…LOL…

  41. Hants

    Plant closing dooms acres of peach trees
    Some growers decide to destroy orchards
    Sharon Hill, Windsor Star
    Published: Monday, May 05, 2008
    The upcoming closure of the last fruit canning plant in Canada has pushed Essex County peach growers to dig out and burn acres of healthy trees.

  42. Hants

    “It’s a serious thing because you let the whole food industry slide,” Scherer said.

    “Canadians should really think about it. Where do you want your fruit (to come from)? You want your kids to eat stuff from China?”

    Scherer said if Canada is concerned about its food supply, the upper levels of government should create legislation to keep food processing plants in Canada.

    Guess what. The majority of canned peaches are “product of China”.

    I read the labels on everything I buy and 90% is from China.

    We are all caught in the web.

  43. Hants

    “Concerns have been raised by residents and others in the media, including on the Internet,”

    Seems like the Minister is reading BFP and BU.

    Strong warning sent to developers
    Published on: 5/7/08.
    MINISTER of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley has threatened to compulsorily acquire property from any developer to ensure continued access to beaches by locals.

  44. Jerome Hinds

    Congrats to Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford on his Ambassadorial appointment to CHINA.

    Truly befitting of a champion of Barbados’ best interests .

  45. Johnnie Too Bad

    Are we talking about the same Sandi of the nineties who followed Barrow as PM. Let me say I ain’t one for raising the dead, the man had his time, could we not find someone else ? Yet another backward step. Boy that5 Adrian gine eat me alive. But hey Adrian before you start, well sh..t happens.

  46. A True Believer

    I aint too sure that I like sandiford as ambassor to China. He was the reason that we lost in 1994. Anyway he is a loyal DLP supporter and he is an expeienced politician so he will do a good job. BFP did you see PM Thompson inspecting the Chineese troops? He look important you can see that the chineese respect Barbados and the PM. They are going to help this country very good specially with the new hospital and stadium.

  47. Anon

    Johnny too bad..”raising the dead”…I fully agree with you, can’t we get some new blood, first Evelyn Greaves now Sandi.
    A true believer…
    “Chinese respect Barbados” Chinese ain’t got no respect for nobody. They want someplace do dump their products and send some of their criminals. Colonialism in another form is what it is. Always remember you don’t get something for mothing…

  48. Hants

    Anon says,
    “They want someplace do dump their products.”

    Not quite right.

    You should have written ” The Americans and Canadians want someplace to dump their Chinese manufactured products.”

  49. Just wondering...

    Pray tell me why is the government going to send Sir Loyld Sandiford to China as an ambassador

  50. John

    May 7, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Check the by line on the caption, the Nation is only part at fault…LOL…

    Gee whiz. From BGIS itself.

    The fellows must have had cold sweats all last night.

    So now the GOB will have to apologise to the Peoples Republic of China for incorrectly referring to it as the Republic of China.

    Then it will have to apologise to the Republic of China for confusing it with the People’s Republic of China.

    … and to be on the safe side apologise to the Peoples Republic of China for actually having a dialog with the Republic of China.

    Plus they are going to have to hope that all the Taiwan talk during the elections didn’t get out or somebody is going to be wondering if it all wasn’t a Freudian slip.

  51. John

    … Sir Lloyd is starting out with some challenges.

  52. What dem really doing?

    Does anyone not find it amazing that our PM, Hartley and the rest of his crew flew all the way to China to meet only with the Foriegn Minister? How insulting is that? Thompy met with Condie and Bush yet all China could offer at best was their foreign minister?! Please! If that’s the case Thompy should have only sent our own foreign minister Mr. Sinclair to China while he stayed at home and dealt with “minor” issues like high cost of living and out of control fuel prices instead of galavanting all over the place… You know “his first priorities” when we voted him in office”.


    BFP says,

    I believe that Thompson met with the big cheese himself yesterday. We’ll check.

  53. sony

    Anyone notices that the PM and his cabinet are hardly ever on island an dthe funny thing is that we never know when they leave what they are going about and how will it benefit us. Can someone tell me what is the role of the GIS?..

  54. John

    BGIS = Barbados Government Information Service

    … guess that means it is the source of information on Government, its programmes, actions etc.

    It has a website too I think, which carries one of the three versions of the Barbados Constitution currently on the Internet.

    Here is its mission statement.

    To Be The Communication Hub Of Government,
    An Agency Which Drives National Development
    In Ways That Make The Business Of Government,
    “A Vibrant Living Thing”


  55. Donald Duck, Esq

    The following is an extract from the 2008 DLP manifesto which deals with proposed new embassies. You should note that nothing was said about China. Were they not copying the BLP plans

    DLP manifesto extract

    The DLP Government will target South America as a potential market for its goods and services and increase its presence there. At least one other Embassy (in addition to the one in Brazil) will be established. It will also maintain its good relationships with the members of the European Union and with the United States. It will, as a matter of priority, improve its relationship with the developing countries of Africa. international production patterns, new schemes of corporate expansionism and a plethora of extra juridical obligations enforceable in international law.

    The following is the extract from the BLP manifesto which specifically deals with an embassy in china

    The BLP will establish and Preserve harmonious relations with foreign governments by:
    Continuing to reposition Barbados globally, through the expansion of our diplomatic coverage. To this end, we will give priority to the early opening of resident Embassies in
    Brasilia, Beijing, Havana and Georgetown to service our growing bilateral commercial and consular interests

  56. sony


    I hate to tell you but I am not impressed with that site, needs lots of work…

  57. Anon

    Anyone know who is the acting PM? I see that Michael Lashley is acting AG, PM and Sinckler are in China, where is the AG?

  58. Donald Duck, Esq


    It sounds as though we have a bunch of Hollywood actors running the show.

  59. Wishing in Vain

    The ActingPM is Mr Ronald Jones and the Acting AG is Mr Michael Lashley.
    The Ag is away on official business, hope that solves your concerns.

  60. Tell Me Why

    The ActingPM is Mr Ronald Jones and the Acting AG is Mr Michael Lashley.
    The Ag is away on official business, hope that solves your concerns.
    WIV. I hope you are getting a clearer understanding of running a government. Remember, you were in the forefront regarding the former government ministers constantly out of the island. Now we are seeing ministers away from office; and the think about it, no one seems to know. Is this the transparency that we should be getting with all the hype we had prior to the elections of a new focused administration?

    Should the cabinet not be focusing on the upcoming budget to see if we could have a smoother road of economic stability due to the current increases in oil prices?

    Are we lapsing in getting our priorities right?

    By the way, welcome back to Barbados by friend.

  61. Anon

    Wishing in Vain
    Are you the official spokes person for the government? If you are I have some more questions I need answered.

  62. Johnnie Too Bad

    Wuhloss, wuhloss, anybody know if Adrian on the island, boy that man quiet you see.. But Adrian before you start, it seems like my party get the government and they were not prepared for the win on the 15th.
    Understand I have nothing against some of the old farts we promoting as ambassadors and thing, each to his own, but I can only see these old boys as way pass their sell by date and prone to falling asleep in the middle of really important matters. Look while we are at it I have two dogs that are ardent supporters of the DLP, can we find a little pick for them too? How ’bout ambassador somewhere. Enough is enough. Three months after winning the election we still have key BLP supporters in serious positions and what is worst people that the party in opposition criticised as Owen lackneys. Is that political sense? I am really getting fed up by the day at the performance of my party in government. (I am serving notice here and now if things don’t start changing soon I am going to have a word with my friend Hoadie and join the Goat Party). I cannot take much more of the dithering and backward stepping goose trot of my party. Be warned.

  63. Pat

    What Dem really doing:

    the Big Cheese of China is in Japan trying to mend fences that have been damaged since WWII. He was shown today (yesterday) playing ping-pong with the Japanese PM. The new PM’s scheduling assistant made a boo-boo. The trip should have been later and could have been co-ordinated with the Olympics if the PM is attending.

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  66. Fatesnadema

    Why these private charters are so expensive? What is included in their cost?

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