Barbados silent about China kidnapping, forcing late term abortions, sterilizations on 7000 women

Blind lawyer & human rights activist Chen Guangcheng released to house arrest after 4 years jail.

In 2005 a blind, self-taught country lawyer named Chen Guangcheng filed a class action lawsuit against Communist party officials in his area who used kidnapping and violence to force 7000 women to have late term abortions and sterilizations. He exposed an abortion and sterilization quota system in the Chinese government.

The Chinese government’s response was predictable and the “enemy of the people” was sent to prison for 4 years and 3 months for organising a crowd to block traffic. The communist fascists just released him but under house arrest – presumably for years more, and perhaps for the rest of his life.

Barbados news media censors human rights stories to keep those free China trips coming!

Barbadians no longer read stories of China’s continuing human rights violations in our Caribbean and island news media. The anniversary of the Tienananmen Square massacre goes unmentioned. Forced abortions and genocide in Tibet go unreported – as do hundreds of incidents of civil unrest by the Chinese people over environmental disasters, corrupt land grabs, forced abortions and slavery. Not to mention the ongoing imprisoning of Christians in China for praying or possessing bibles.

You won’t read about those stories in your island newspapers or see them on the CBC.

Our new flag?

Have you noticed this gap in the international stories as delivered by your Caribbean and Bajan news media?

Our next article about human rights in China will expose how much of what you read in the local Barbados newspapers about China is proposed, researched and often actually written by the Chinese government.

Yup. The Barbados news media is as thoroughly committed to Barbados being a client state of the People’s Republic of China as is our own government.

Something to think about as you read your Nation or Barbados Advocate today.

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14 responses to “Barbados silent about China kidnapping, forcing late term abortions, sterilizations on 7000 women

  1. John

    With so much money pouring into Barbados, is it surprising? The Gov can’t bite the hand that feeds it.

  2. runner

    ..”the mouth is muzzled by the hand that feeds it ”
    Martin Carter

  3. Global overpopulation at the hands of the Chinese,primarily

    Quite frankly, with a population approaching THREE BILLION, the Chinese Government would do well to sterilise the whole bloody lot of them!

  4. BFP

    Hello “Global overpopulation at the hands of the Chinese,primarily”

    The population density of Barbados handily exceeds that of China – about quadruple or thereabouts. Any comments vis a vis sterilisation here?

  5. Comment re. Bajan sterilisation.

    Now you’ve brought up the matter, thanks very much for doing so.

    And YES we could use some sterilisation around here!
    Barbados has a pop.density approx. double to any other Less Antillean island in our region.
    I invite you to do the math.

    Our population density is somewhere on the order of 1,600 Bajans per sq. mile AVERAGE,
    which means that out in the cane fields area the ratio is a lot less,
    but in Sin Michael, it’s probably around 5,000 per sq. mile.

    -and counting, per census!

    I recall the kinda women who have 6 kids by seven difrnt fathers,
    who are totally out of control of their lives,
    far less their reproductive systems,
    and who are currently pregnant with Number 7,
    and go to the nation newspaper axein for financial or housing help.

    Why wasn’t that woman sterilised 3 kids ago?
    She en able with two! far less five or 6.

    We need a Chinese style sterilisation program.
    It should be encouraged,
    men should go and get the nuts nipped,
    so they can then do as they please and no woman can blame them.
    Takes 15 mins.

    But alas only intelligent ppl get sterilised
    and very few ppl take overpopulation problems seriously.
    If you stopped the average Bajan in the street and asked him if this island had such a problem
    he’d look at you like you’re crazy!

    “What problem?” LOL!
    He couldn’t even figure out how to divide 300,000 ppl
    by 166 sq. mi. to come up with an average ratio

  6. nevermind kurt

    In reply to “Comment re. Bajan sterilisation”, where you call for a chinese-style program in Barbados of the government kidnapping women off the street and force sterilising them: YOU ARE EVIL.

  7. Evil?

    For thinking about saving YOUR island from gross overpopulation?
    So you see no problem with rampant human overpopulation?

    Tie a knot in your dick, will ya?

    You lookin forward to a Bim like de New Orleans from coast to coast?
    We have the room for it!

    YOU have no idea, and are still wrapped up in all the emotion of Reproductive Rights ad infinitum of the last 2 decades ago
    as this planet(of which Barbados might be part?) slowly grinds it way towards a crisis situation brought on by one species of organism
    Homo sapiens.

    I suggest you procreate no more than 2 kids
    (that’ll replace Mum and Dad)
    and then go and get YOUR nuts snipped, before you make even more babies.

    START THINKING outside of your little bible and box, OK?

    Barbados is host to THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND ppl at any given time
    -that figure includes Guyanese(legal and illegal)
    and tourisses.
    Shocking figure that you refuse to believe
    but wait until the results of the 2010 census are in
    and then add on a few more.
    You’ll see.

  8. Evil?

    Actually, I’d MUCH rather sterilise THE MEN!

    It takes far less time and hospital resources.
    A vasectomy snip takes 15 mins.
    Go and get yours done, one lunch hour
    IF YOU ARE responsible MAN enough.

    Then all you hormonal studs can go out there
    and screw yourself silly, shooting blanks every time.
    No sterilisation for women.
    DO THE MEN instead.

    Line up, let’s see you.

  9. J

    Dear Evil:

    You know don’t you that Barbados has a very, very low birth rate. About 1.6 children per woman in her lifetime. So when you reccommend that people have two children you do realize that on average we are having much fewer than 2 children per woman.

    Think before you speak.

  10. BFP

    Hi “Evil?”

    The key components of the article are “abducted” and “forced”.

    You and all your family members to report for processing at Oistins.

    Thank you.

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