Barbados signs environmental deal with one of the world’s worst offenders: China

“During the visit, Barbados Environment Minister Dr. Denis Lowe said he was aware of China’s commitment to good environmental governance and its concerns about climate change and other issues which occupied the consciousness of global planners.”

… from a Barbados Government press release (reprinted at the bottom of this post)

“China warns foreigners to stop monitoring its pollution. The Chinese government claims it’s making serious efforts to clean up pollution. But as this horrifying report shows, much of their ‘success’ has involved simply moving their toxic industries out of sight…

Untreated industrial waste is pumped directly into rivers… the water is used to irrigate crops.”

… from the new documentary film Cancer Villages – China

What exactly does Barbados hope to learn from China about managing the environment?

If you’re going to speak, at least speak the truth – better to just keep silent than to perpetuate a lie. At least that’s what I was always taught.

In recent years China has seen mass riots and violent government responses when the citizen-slaves stand up to stop the ongoing slaughter of humanity caused by their government’s callous and long term disregard for people and the environment.

All those low priced Chinese goods you purchase are low priced for a number of reasons: government & private slave labour camps, sweatshops, rampant pollution and the communist disdain for individual human rights and human life.

“I often wonder about folks 200 years ago who purchased cotton and sugar…

Did they care that slaves suffered to provide the products at a certain price?

Every Barbadian should ask their own heart…

“Should we be taking gifts and buying products from a Chinese Communist government that relies upon slavery as a vital part of the economy?”

… from the BFP article Citizen Journalist Beaten To Death By Chinese Government Officials – Filmed Waste Disposal Near Homes

To the communists, people are always a government resource – never individuals. Where the state is supreme and individuals exist only to serve the state, these kinds of environmental abuses and disasters are at their worst. (See China Hush: Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China)

Disposable people feed China’s industrial machine. This man paid the price for low-priced Chinese goods in Barbados.

In the eyes of the Barbados Government, China can do no wrong. Like a dog begging for a cookie, Barbados will do anything and say anything for China – just as long as we know we can pick up some scraps thrown our way.

Let China abduct pregnant women off the street, hold them down and take their babies from their wombs… that’s no problem for our government. Let China provide our Haggatt Hall Football Club with footballs made by Christians held in slave camps… no problem so long as the footballs are free.

Have a look at the videos and photos we’ve included with this post. Then tell us – what can Barbados learn about the environment from China?

Further Reading

China and Barbados to establish ties on environmental issues

Published on August 13, 2012

By Julia Rawlins-Bentham

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados Government (BGIS) — Barbados and China are expected to establish partnerships and formalise cooperation agreements on issues of environmental protection, climate change and renewable energy.

These were among issues discussed when Chinese ambassador, Xu Hong, paid a courtesy call on Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr Denis Lowe last week.

During the visit, Lowe said he was aware of China’s commitment to good environmental governance and its concerns about climate change and other issues which occupied the consciousness of global planners.

He added that he wanted to use the opportunity to set the platform for continued dialogue between the two countries and identify areas of partnership which could be pursued.

The minister also highlighted ongoing projects in Barbados which were designed to counter the effects of climate change, protect the environment and develop renewable energy.

Among the projects mentioned were those being undertaken by the Coastal Zone Management Unit; the Sanitation Service Authority, through the Mangrove Pond Green Energy Complex, and the National Botanical Gardens, which were all designed to protect various aspects of the environment.

Lowe added that he was aware the China was a leader in the exploration of technology associated with renewable energy, and noted that Barbados was interested in developing its knowledge base in that area.

He also expressed an interest in sending officials from Barbados to China to develop skills in that area so as to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Xu said he believed there was a lot the two countries could do in the areas of renewable energy, environmental protection and climate change, and suggested that future cooperation in those areas be established.

He added that China also wanted to build a direct connection with officials from the Ministry responsible for climate change, and provide opportunities for training in the relevant areas.

On May 30, 2012, Barbados marked the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with China.


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12 responses to “Barbados signs environmental deal with one of the world’s worst offenders: China

  1. Jrjrjrjr

    Unfortunately money talks. China has no scruples. God forbid

  2. Green Monkey

    “China has no scruples. God forbid”

    You really think China is the only one with no scruples?” Listen to the radio interview linked below with Jeffrey M Smith author of the book Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods as he explains the dangers of genetically modified foods (now making up a large proportion of the foodstuffs coming out of the US and Canada) and how the powerful, transnational agribusinesses like Monsanto have co-opted the regulatory agencies such as the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into approving their genetically engineered products with far from adequate trials or testing.

    In large part this is thanks to the revolving door between the FDA management, government administrators and Monsanto where employees switch back and forth between working for industry and then working for the regulators that regulate or oversee that industry and in some cases then going back to work for that same industry again. In at least one case a Monsanto scientist left Monsanto to go work for the FDA where she was tasked with approving the same report she had produced for the FDA while working for Monsanto. In this case it was a report to establish the safety of adding growth hormones (like Monsanto’s Bovine Growth Hormone ) to the food supply.

    Monsanto and the other GMO seed producers are notoriously tight fisted when it comes to releasing their seeds for testing to scientists over whom they wield no influence. On the occasions however when they do manage to complete testing on GMO seeds or the food products derived from genetic engineering independent scientists frequently do find serious and significant problems that negatively effect the health of their test animals after they have been fed for extended periods on feeds containing high ratios of GMOs.

    It’s all explained on the KPFA Guns and Butter program from Aug 15, 2012. Link for audio streaming or to to download an MP3 of the 1hr program :

    “Genetic Roulette” with Jeffrey M. Smith. Genetic engineering unnaturally crosses the species barrier with unknown long-term consequences; serious health risks associated with ingesting genetically modified food including infertility, immune problems, inflamation, accelerated aging, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system; no long-term scientific studies conducted; regulatory capture by the gmo industry; intimidation of researchers; California Proposition 37.

  3. 191

    I would like to know why Barbados is so obsessed with China. Why dont they try to build relations with Saudi Arabia, thats where the money is, or Dubai, or Kuwait.

  4. Plastic Museum Body Shows

    What do you expect from a country that executes people for crimes as trivial as credit card fraud, and then sells their body parts?

  5. Plastic Museum Body Shows

    “These representations are simple and accurate. There are no executed prisoners.”
    -Arnie Geller, CEO Premier Exhibitions, Inc. 2008

    “Premier cannot independently verify that the human remains you are viewing are not those of persons who were incarcerated in Chinese prisons.”
    – Premier Exhibitions, Inc. 2010

    Click to access Bodies_On_Display_Final.pdf

    Executive Summary

    Many human rights violations in China – including limitations on free speech, the wide- spread intolerance of dissent, the suppression of religious freedom, and even the denigration of women under the One Child Policy – are well known throughout the world. Almost unknown, however, is the profitable trade in the plastinated bodies of Chinese prisoners.

    This trade is made possible by the Chinese government’s extensive use of the death penalty, for both violent and non-violent crimes. Since the 1980s, the Chinese government has directly profited from the trade in organs harvested from executed prisoners. The advent of “plastination” – the process by which human remains are dehydrated and injected with plastic polymers in order to be used as models for display – has allowed the Chinese Communist regime to profit from the dead in yet another way.
    This report details the ethical minefield companies that display unclaimed Chinese bod- ies for traveling exhibitions are wading into, and further discusses action consumers and legislators can take to ensure these popular exhibitions are ethically produced.

  6. Freedom song

    China’s economy is hanging by a thread. Social unrest is being covered up and put down with violence. Corruption is endemic. People see the party members prospering and allowed more than one child.

    Another revolution is coming.

  7. Green Monkey

    Take a good, hard look at China people, because it seems that model of governance in more and more ways is being aped by an important and powerful nation one would not previously have associated with the terms police states and human rights abuser..

    See the latest commentary from the website of Paul C Roberts:

    Americans are told that “their” government cannot afford to help them because of the budget deficit and the burden on our grandchildren. But Americans see the trillions of dollars that are lavished on banksters, on wars, and on Homeland Security. Why is a police state and another attack on another Muslim country more important than keeping Americans in their jobs and in their homes?


    Even some of the gullible flag-waving patriotic conservatives are beginning to wonder about all the security. The reports that the Department of Homeland Security has ordered 750 million rounds of people-killing ammunition are puzzling even those conservatives who have been taking vicarious pleasure in the slaughter of “towelheads.”

    Why does the Department of Homeland Security need enough ammunition to shoot every American 2.5 times? Why is Homeland Security equipping itself with full-body armor? Why is Homeland Security acquiring new laser technology that can “instantly know everything about you from 164 feet away?” A new army manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” describes how the military is to be used domestically within the US to put down protests, confiscate firearms and kill citizens.


    Do not expect Congress or the presstitutes to do anything about the rapid concentration of power in the police state that Bush and Obama have created. Do not expect to be rescued by federal courts. Even if some judges are inclined to defend the Constitution from its domestic enemy, the courts are powerless if the executive branch does not respect the rule of law. Currently, the executive branch is ignoring a federal judge’s injunction against the indefinite detention of US citizens. The Department of Justice (sic) lawyers will not even answer the judge’s questions.

  8. Green Monkey

    New employment prospects in China for out of work white guys who look good in a suit. Job benefits include good pay, opportunities to travel within China, fluency in Mandarin or Cantonese not a requirement.

    Chinese Companies Renting White Guys to Look Successful
    By Spooky on August 21st, 2012 Category: Funny, News

    Believe it or not, in China white guys can get a job posing as businessmen for companies who hire them to look more international to their real partners. It’s called “White Guy Window Dressing” and it’s apparently a very popular business tactic.

    What makes this such a great job for white guys in China is that it has some really simple requirements: be white, don’t speak any Chinese, or speak at all unless asked, pretend like you just got off an airplane the day before, and look good in a suit. The people who usually go for this king of gig are part-time models and actors, English teachers and expats looking for a quick and easy paycheck. It’s called ”White Guy Window Dressing”, “The Token White Guy Gig”, or simply the “Face Job” and it’s so popular in China these days that there’s actually a company called Rent A Laowai (Chinese for “foreigner”) that helps businesses improve their image by providing fake white employees or partners.

    (Just a word of caution to any laid off North Americans or Europeans thinking this is just the type of easy, no-stress work they are looking for /GM)

    Jonathan Zatkin, an American actor who lives in Beijing, told CNN that three years ago he was paid 2,000 yuan to go to a small city in the province of Henan, and pose as the vice-president of an Italian jewelry company. He was up on a stage with the city’s mayor and gave a speech about how wonderful it had been to work with their local company for 10 years and how proud he was of their work. There was a bandstand in his honor and everything. But this was just a small job. Others pay over $1,000, but are also more dangerous, according to another white rental. The Beijing police knocked on his door after a company he had worked with for a couple of months swindled millions from its clients and told everyone he was in charge. The poor man couldn’t even remember the name of the company.

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