Hartley Henry Pays The Chinese Back For That Free Trip!

China 2008 Olympics – Memories Of Germany 1936

Hartley Henry’s current article in the Barbados Advocate is everything the Communist Chinese paid for when they gave Hartley and his wife that free trip to China. You have to hand it to the murderous ChiComs – they sure know how to buy the journalists they need to keep the world focused on the television spectacle while ignoring the plight of those in the government-run slave camps or the young mothers who are kidnapped off the street by government agents and forced to have abortions and undergo permanent sterilization.

Yup… Hartley Henry does a masterful job in briefly mentioning China’s human rights violations and then says that the Olympics shouldn’t be politicised.

I guess that Hartley “forgot” that China banned its own athletes from the games for having the wrong politics. Maybe Harley should recall the story of Fang Zheng and 43 other Chinese atheletes who are banned from participating in the Olympics for political reasons. In Fang Zheng’s case, the wheelchair athelete had his legs crushed by a tank in Tienanmen Square. But hey, like Hartley says… let’s not bring politics into the Olympics, ok?

Especially if we have to write a positive article as pay-back for that free trip!

Here’s what Hartley says about Tibet..

“First there was the Tibet uprising. That was unfortunate, but necessary. China really needs to do and be seen to be doing more to resolve this internal but yet international blotch on its record and image. But several of the other charges and allegations levelled against the host nation, and which really had nothing to do with its suitability to host the Games, were overdone and in poor taste.”

“Poor Taste”? Maybe Hartley should have a look at this video of Chinese troops shooting innocent Tibet folks. Oh well… maybe Hartley is correct… what are a few lousy slant-eyed Tibet people anyway? I suppose Hartley would have been all for having the Olympics in Botha’s South Africa too! What are a few niggers shot to death compared with not politicizing the Olympics? Yup, maybe Hartley is correct to forget about human rights violations.

After ignoring the plight of the Tibet people who are being slaughtered for being another race and religion, here is what Hartley says…

“For example, I can think of no greater form of injustice, man to man, than for a presidential candidate to be overlooked by a voter, a state and perhaps even a country on the basis of gender or the colour of one’s skin. To me that would rate among the most critical of human right abuses, if ever there was a rating or sliding scale.”

Really Hartley? That’s the worst?

How about the government of China kidnapping pregnant women off the street, holding them down and ripping the children from their wombs and then sterilizing them? How about Christians who are murdered and jailed for praying together or handing out bibles? (Story links here, here, here and here)

Folks, I want you to really read Harley’s article in the Barbados Advocate. Really think about the words he uses, the spin and the ideology and purpose behind his article.

Then think about his message and tell me this – in another time and place, would Hartley Henry have praised the 1936 German Olympics?

Hey… for the right price, Harley will write anything. Here is what he says about the Chinese Communists…

Well Done China!

CHINA has done it! Of course it is too early for a medal count, but a platinum award must go to China for arrangements and infrastructure. They have silenced the world!

Whether you are Uncle Sam or Auntie Jane you must admit that the opening ceremony, as witnessed on close circuit television last Sunday was nothing short of spectacular. Also, up to the time of writing, there were no reports of major incident, threat or scare to athletes and visitors alike.

Indeed, arrangements for these games will make other nations think twice before offering to host this elaborate activity in the future. The standard is high and there are few countries that henceforth that will be able to better what Beijing has offered!

I am happy for China because the western media, quite frankly, overdid the pessimistic articles…

… continue reading this bought and paid for Chinese Communist propaganda at The Barbados Advocate (link here)


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24 responses to “Hartley Henry Pays The Chinese Back For That Free Trip!

  1. akabozik

    Would Hartley have said positive things about the Hitler Olympics?


  2. Anonn

    Is there a perfect country?
    (-other than Barbados?)


  3. You forgot Chinese brutality in Burma too…

    However, while I agree with you and have hardly watched these Games – you and I are both spitting in the wind, as you rightly pointed out? John Bull, Uncle Sam, Aunty Jane and the rest of the planet are caught in the spectacle of Beijing 2008!

    Even the supposed controversy of the young gal there miming a song in the opening lasted shorter than inquiries into cases in this nation alleging rape of even younger girls, eh? I do not refer alone to Jippy Doyle…

  4. yea the perfect opening ceremony right down to the lipsynching lil girl cause the real singer din pretty enough. cuhdear

  5. Sargeant

    Criticise Hartley if you will but whatever gave you the right to use the “n word” to make your point. It was uncalled for and unnecessary, too bad an article that perhaps had promise left me totally nauseated. Looks like you are starting to believe your own press.


    BFP says,

    Is our use of the N word worse than the Chinese Communist genocide of Tibetans that Hartley refuses to acknowledge? Is the kidnapping and forced abortions less than apartheid?

    Hartley’s position is essentially supportive of the Chinese Communist racially-inspired genocide of a whole people.

    We used the N word for a reason… because it mirrors exactly the Chinese Communist position on the Tibetans. They are the Ns of China.

    We will, however, talk about our use of the N word tomorrow at breakfast. We will also discuss the fact that you did not object to the racist use of “slant-eyed”.

    When we use language like that it is for a reason… and thank you for helping us show that racism has many faces, including yours.

    And speaking of N words… you know how the Chinese refer to us, don’t you?

    Honey, Let’s Order The New Sofa In That “Nigger Brown” Colour…

  6. Anon27

    The Chinese are the Masters of Smoke and Mirrors. In order to be given the go ahead for the Olympics, the Chinese were nailed down on several issues of concern, not the least of which was freedom of the foreign press. Yesterday a British Journalist was arrested for taking pictures that the Chinese thugs deemed inappropriate.
    These people have a long way to go before they can be considered in synch with the rest of the free world.

  7. Anonn

    Why the objection to the n-word?
    and not to the “lousy slant-eyed Tibet people-words” ??

    You guys had better not call the C-word (Caucasian!) coz I hear Whitey tekkin objeckshan to dat dese days.

    It’s all so politically-correct/silly.

    And yet…check two cool young blacks meeting and greeting…’Yeah Niggah, whuh gwan? yuh cool?’

    So like.. whuh really guddung?
    Nuhbody en diggin.. only you.

  8. Sargeant

    BFP your argument is laughable, because I only objected to your use of the “n word” doesn’t mean I approve of your use of the term “slant eyed”. I know that the articles are not necessarily collaborative in nature but could be the result of one person’s opinion but since you have banned other bloggers in the past for the use of racist language should I describe your attitude as hypocritical?

    From my limited observation China didn’t invade and occupy Tibet because the residents of Tibet were “slant eyed”. It was all about power and territorial ambition, any resistance was likely be met with force no matter the facial characteristics and that point is moot however as the Chinese and Tibetans all have the same facial characteristics. There are fifty six different ethnic groups in China; do you think that any of those groups that defied the Chinese gov’t would be treated any different than the Tibetans? And if the Tibetans are the “Ns of China” what are the Uyghurs? And how would you describe all the other people in the world who are being persecuted and abused by a central authoritarian gov’t?

    When I grew up in Barbados we never used the “n word” either in our daily conversation with each other or to describe other black people, it was mainly a product of North America and now you try to justify my objection of your use of this word by accusing me of being racist. You are the owner of the blog so you have the final word on characterizing those who have an opposing view; and since you said in your response that “When we use language like that it is for a reason” may I expect many more articles where the use of this language is prevalent so long as you have your “reason”.

  9. lu lu

    you are fools without a cause. each of your posts sounds like a manifesto from the unabomber.

  10. Their HH entry was sarcastic throughout, if you fail 2 realise that, then you shouldn’t even be here… The last comment, re: Unabomber , has me cracking up

  11. 329.184.83.168

    lu lu girl..

    you got dem detect, yuh!

  12. JC

    I am a Hartley Henry Fan I will admit that. However, Hell noooooooo! the Chinese are not nice people and I was disappointed is hell with Mr. Henry.

    I glimpsed at the Olympics (and that is when I happened to be in front of the TV!
    I have boycotted anything chinese these people are something else!

  13. Willie


    Exactly when did you grow up in Barbados?

    So you never heard a mother say to her son ‘nigger man get back in here by 9 o’clock’ or ‘nigger man don’t ever let me hear you use that kind of language in this house again’, etc., etc.?

  14. Thistle

    How come my comment is still awaiting moderation, BFP?

  15. Thistle

    Willie: Sargeant/Green Monkey/No Name is a white Bajan. It is almost impossible to believe that he would never have heard the repulsive ‘N’ word used in Barbados when he was growing up in Barbados. Up to this very day you can still hear it, albeit discreetly.

  16. Sargeant

    BFP my response to Willie above seemed to disappear into thin air would appreciate your posting same.

    You seemed to be quite concerned about who I am; first you accused me of having another identity; then you accused me of posting on the DLP blog and now you claim that I am a white bajan. How did you arrive at those conclusions? I think you are becoming a little paranoid, have you checked under your bed recently? Something or someone may be hiding there.

    BFP please ease this person’s torment by at least assuring him that the other identities he accused me of using is not factual since we post from entirely different locations. I know that the colour issue can’t be addressed in cyber space but I am going to let my wife know as soon as she returns from church that I am not the person she thought I was, that I have been reclassified a la the old South Africa straight to the top of the pyramid bypassing “coloured” in the process. My son just waltzed into the room singing the praises of the Jamaican women’s 100 metre team, now here is a good opportunity to let him know that all the coaching I provided on how to interact with the police if he is ever stopped while driving the family chariot in our fair city was all for naught since he is now a member of the privileged majority.

    The “n word” was not a part of my vocabulary when I was growing up, nor was it part of my family, friends or school associates vocabulary. If it was part of yours that’s your business

    I find it strange that I criticized BFP for using the “n word” and instead of speaking to the merits of the argument you attempt draw a Red herring about the subject. If you want to “brown nose” BFP my advice is to dive right in.


    BFP says,

    Hi Sargeant,

    You are only posting from one IP with one identity… that being Sargeant. An it look like you are in Canada.

  17. Thistle

    Sargeant, I am definitely NOT concerned with WHO you are – I have known that for at least two years. What does concern me is the fact that others on here are restricted to one PSEUDONYM (note that carefully) and most of us have access to ONE computer – i.e. one ISP. I do not, like you, have access to more than one ISP, which is why you can post comments under different names. And believe me, I know what I am talking about. I daresay I could occasionally use a friend’s computer and use a name like … well, let’s say Sandpiper … and fool others that I am several different persons, but to be honest, I would not feel right being so deceitful, and most of my friends cringe when they hear the word BFP and would refuse to allow their ISP’s to appear. You can go ahead and continue to fool others, but I told you already you will never fool me, and if that’s fine with BFP, then who am I to complain? I shall just ignore you in future. Hope its sunny and warm in Ontario. Best wishes.

  18. Sargeant


    I can confirm that the weather has been great this weekend a good change from all the rain which we have had recently.

    Based on your comments we seem to have different standards, why would I display bad manners by posting from a friend’s computer when I have one at home. When I visit friends or relatives we socialize, share meals and discuss a wide variety of subjects, we don’t use each other’s computers. As for using a computer from a work location let me share a secret with you: most employers can track their employees’ cyber activities and I have no desire to share my cyber actions with my employer.

    There is no need for me to use any other name, I don’t have a political or any other agenda to promote, believe what you want, but I wish you had addressed the issue rather than try to sidetrack the discussion.

  19. Jason

    I read the article. Hartley Henry is owned by the Chinee. No doubt at all.

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  22. Sing-a-song

    This is interesting. It seems that the Chinese may be spying on us! According to Canadian researchers, the computers in the Barbados Foreign Ministry may have been infiltrated by an electronic spy network based in China. See the following BBC story:


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