Help this poor woman have more babies without fathers to support the children!

In March 2015 Innotech chairman Anthony DaSilva gave Harriett Hackett $2,500 in food vouchers. How much more is he good for?

In March 2015 Innotech chairman Anthony DaSilva gave Harriett Hackett $2,500 in food vouchers. Here, Harriett wonders how much more is he good for, and would it be worth producing child #10 if she could just lure Anthony into her bed? Would he stick around or run off like all the others?

Nine children by many men – no food, no employment but she has a facebook page

Harriett Hackett hasn’t worked in years and years, and none of the men she’s hooked up with stick around to look after Harriett or her children – but that doesn’t stop her from popping out another little one with this man or that every once in a while. Nine children so far, the oldest being 20 and the youngest being 5. For years Harriett and her brood have lived in a dilapidated shack of a home under conditions that are probably worse than seen at the plantations during many periods in our history.

Last March saw a big fund raising for Harriett that took in thousands of dollars. Politicians lined up for the photo opportunities and brought her clothes and food. Harriett even got her own facebook page Help Harriett Hackett with 150 likes. Well, that money is gone now and she needs some more, so she went to the newspapers again. Seemed to work last time, wonder if it will work again this time?

Mother crying out again for help

My children are hungry again!

The cry of 45-year-old Harriett Hackett as she took a breadfruit from a neighbour and made her way into the kitchen to turn it into a meal for her children when they return home from school.

The mother’s story is not new to readers as her undesirable circumstances were highlighted in an article published in Barbados TODAY on March 18 where she asked for help with feeding and clothing her children.

She told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that she was still struggling to feed her little ones.

Immediately following publication of the article, the Mayers Road, My Lord’s Hill, St Michael family, whose home is also in dire need of repairs, received help in the form of food, clothing and even money from kind hearted Barbadians locally and abroad.

At that time, the unemployed mum said that though she was relentlessly trying to find a job, she had not worked “in years”. Today, she is still searching.

“I looking for work, of course, but I can’t find none up to now. Anything anybody can give me to do, I would be glad for,” the mother said.

Now weeks later, Hackett said while she was thankful for the help last time, she was once again in the same position of hardly having anything to feed her children, the eldest being 20 (not living with her) and the youngest five.

“I don’t have anything for the children to eat. All the vouchers and all the food stuff gone.”

… read the entire story at Barbados Today, and don’t forget to send Harriett lots of money!



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14 responses to “Help this poor woman have more babies without fathers to support the children!

  1. Zap

    Harriett Hackett is one of thousands of like women on this island. Illiterate, incapable of working or contributing to their children’s welfare in any way that does not involve begging for charity or a sugar daddy. Beauty and youth only last so long for these women and then they become we problem.

    This is a deep-rooted social problem in Barbados for which their is no solution that anybody in government wants to implement.

  2. Glendon Lancaster

    “she went to the newspapers again. Seemed to work last time, wonder if it will work again this time?”

    The answer is “NO. IT WILL NOT WORK THIS TIME”

  3. Gunny Sense

    Something tells me that Anthony DaSilva probably wouldn’t contribute child #10 to Harriett lest she tied him down and held a gun to he head, and not even then!

  4. De castro

    Wow wow…….surely this woman should have been offered “sterilisation”
    or “contraception”….she is not an animal ! Sad to read that 2015 Barbados
    still “uncivilised” society……what is the health institutions doing to protect
    vulnerable females in their society.???seems more questions than answers
    on what to do ?
    Shameful disgracefully so.

  5. stoppop

    Breeding disgraceful.

  6. Anonymous

    To the writer of this article…you are a huge pile of shit and a privileged prick beating up on the unfortunate. Go fuck yourself

  7. Red Lake Lassie

    @ Anonymous of the bad language.

    How much are you personally willing to give Harriett each and every year for the rest of your life? Do you pay taxes? How much tax do you pay? How much of that in dollars should go to Harriett and women like her? How much should go to her daughters who choose the same career of single motherhood?

    Give us a dollar figure of how much you are personally willing to spend on these women each year? How much are you willing to pay to support other people’s babies?

    I’m not willing to pay anything to a baby machine like Harriett.

  8. Janet

    Help those who can’t help themselves compulsory sterilisation !. This lady may have learning difficulties, low self esteem and/or literacy and mental health issues and have may been a vulnerable target for opportunist men. More handouts is not the answer, think of the countless suffering children in Africa who are likely to have been born from these situations. Despite all the financial aid projects it is still continuing.

    Lets learn from China it is believed to address the over population crisis, the policy became more than 2 children, no more benefit or handouts. Perhaps someone knows more about this. We have the same problem here in the UK lets hope government bodies in a decision making position give the matter full consideration.

    With regard for her input, there would be more value in those who are in a position to do so, to offer her child care and work so she gets herself out of her crisis and not rely on a handout culture. She may then ‘lets hope’ realise how hard everyone else has to work for the money she just wants people to just give her.

  9. Blackman T.

    Lure Anthony to her bed?

    Best joke I’ve read all week!

    Good article BFP. Sometimes all anyone can do to highlight the absurd is to mock those involved.

    This article is an excellent example of the difference between giving someone a fish to eat, and teaching them to fish.

  10. This is probably what the M. of Ed. meant when he said Bajans need to have more children. The more the merrier, illiterate poor, with our proper housing and education, more votes for the dems. LOL

  11. No way. Kill me first.

    I cannot imagine waking up in the morning with THAT beside me!

    Wuhloss! Just shoot me if it happen!

  12. Jason

    Have to agree with Kill me first.

    Can’t imagine how she became pregnant in the first place. My oh my!

  13. Jason

    To Innotech chairman Anthony DaSilva: DON’T DO IT!

    You’ll be sorry!

    HA HA HA HA!!!!

  14. Name withheld

    Think of the poor children growing up in this environment with this mother and no father. Priming the next generation for failure.