Barbados Media Forgets Anniversary – China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre


Barbados Media Forgets Tiananmen Square – But Reports Current Chinese Vice-Minister Grant Visit

Seventeen years ago – June 4, 1989 – Communist Chinese troops drove tanks over their young people in Tiananmen Square. Thousands* were shot, bayoneted or crushed to death beneath army tanks – for the offense of wanting to be free, for wanting democracy in a country that is ruled by a Communist elite. And, by the way, a Communist elite who still regularly murder citizens to keep themselves in power.

But the anniversary passed without anyone in the Barbados media mentioning it – and sadly, that included the Barbados Free Press. We only remembered late Sunday night when watching some satellite TV.

I saw nothing on the CBC, and nothing in the Nation News or Barbados Advocate.

But we do see an article today in the Barbados Advocate – reporting after the fact that the Vice Foreign Minister of China, H.E. Yang Jiechi "was on the island for a visit". Apparently, the Chinese Government representative met with the Governor General, PM Owen Arthur, Acting Minister Kerrie Symmonds and other senior Government officials.

The Barbados Advocate article fairly gushes with celebration over the ongoing Communist Chinese "grants", construction funds, scholarships and training programmes that Barbados has received over the years. This time, the Communists are giving us another 2 million dollars for some unspecified purpose…. all for purely altruistic, unselfish reasons, of course.

So we find it convenient to not mention the anniversary of the Chinese Communist massacre of teenagers on the same weekend as we grovel for another big cheque and some other handouts.

Probably just a coincidence that the Chinese arrived with a cheque on the anniversary.

Just in case you've forgotten about what did happen in Tiananmen Square, you can look at this coming link – WARNING – NOT FOR THE QUEASY – GRAPHIC PHOTOS. Tiananmen Square Massacre

China Entering & Impacting The Caribbean Community

Why should we care about the Tiananmen Square massacre? Aside from caring about the issue of thousands* of young people murdered by their communist government, at the very least, we Bajans should be truthful to ourselves about who we are sleeping with… and we have been in bed with China for some time.

China has entered the Caribbean Community as a significant political and economic player and is already skewing relationships and economies.

In short – China matters because they are here: bearing gifts for friends and economic punishments for those who don't do as they are told.

So let's get to know our Communist Chinese Benefactors A Bit Better…

1/ China sells body parts from executed prisoners – and conducts a thriving business where condemned prisoners are merely part of the supply chain. Citizens are executed for a variety of offenses – including copyright violations and credit card fraud.

Body parts from executed persons are sold by China for use as organ transplants, medical displays, traveling cadaver shows, and for use in the manufacturing of cosmetics. The method of execution is adjusted so as not to destroy the body part needed. Sometimes the method of execution is the removal of the body parts by surgeons.

References for this statement:

Organ Harvesting In China's Labour Camps (Epoch Times)

The Use of Organs from Executed Prisoners (Amnesty International)

Controversial Corpses Returned to China (Guardian Unlimited)

Harvesting and Sale of Body Parts (Various Sources)

Beauty Products From The Skin Of Executed Chinese Prisoners (Guardian Unlimited)

2/ China's "One Child" Policy Is Enforced Through Kidnapping Women – Forced Abortions and Sterilizations.

References for this statement:

Forced Abortion and Sterilization In China (US Congressional Hearings)

Hong Kong Resident Rescused From Forced Abortion (Epoch Times)

3/ Christians Are Oppressed In China As Government Policy – Often Jailed, Tortured. Sometimes Killed.

References for this statement:

Chinese Christians Beaten To Death, Tortured, Scores Jailed (Freedom House)

Woman Kicked To Death By Chinese Police For Possessing Bibles (Asia News)

China Jails Three For Printing Bibles (Washington Post)

Christian Activist Faces Imminent Arrest (China Aid)

4/ China Demands Its Business Partners Tow The Party Line. As a price of doing business with, and in, China, companies must agree to acts that would be illegal in other countries. For instance, in order to conduct business in China, companies like MicroSoft, Yahoo and Google modify their products so that Christian terms like "Jesus", "Christianity", "Bible Verses" and the like simply don't work in China. Not to mention other banned terms like "democracy" and "Tiananmen Square Massacre."

Companies like Yahoo! and MicroSoft even assist the Chinese Secret Police in locating and arresting "dissidents" – including journalists and Christians who pray in "unauthorized" locations.

References for this statement:

Google Restricting Search Results in China (World Net Daily)

Yahoo! Risks Abusing Rights In China (Human Rights News)

Information From Yahoo! Helped Jail Journalist (Reporters Without Borders)

MicroSoft Censors Chinese Blogger (Cnet News)

5/ China Illegally Funds Election Campaigns In Foreign Nations. Hey, did the BLP or DLP ever directly or indirectly receive campaign donations from Communist China or any front companies? How do we know one way or the other?

References for this statement:

Investigation On Illegal Activities 1996 Federal Election (Washington Post)

6/ China Is Heavily Engaged In Corporate & Military Espionage Against "Partner" Countries

References for this statement:

U.S. National Security Report re China

Thefts of US Technology Boost China's Weaponry (Washington Times)

China's Espionage Network Concerns Canada (Epoch Times)

7/ China's Police Often Use Brutal Methods To Control Dissent… and, by the way, they assist in training and equipping the Royal Barbados Police Force.

The symbolism of the Royal Barbados Police Force receiving training and equipment from one of the most brutal anti-freedom, anti-Christian policing organizations on the planet is unacceptable.

References for this statement:

Chinese Violently Quell New Protest (Herald Tribune)

Shanwei – 70 Massacred By Chinese Police (Epoch Times)

* Re "Thousands" of victims at Tiananmen Square

We received an email from (presumably) a Communist Chinese supporter who claimed that "fewer than a thousand" actually died and that few actually died in Tiananmen Square. The email (of course) never addressed any of the other atrocities or repression mentioned in our article.

OK – perhaps "fewer than a thousand" were actually killed by the Chinese Communists, or maybe more than a thousand were killed – but the letter writer is obviously focusing on the one possible issue that can be disputed in order to avoid having to look at the overall picture.


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  2. Anonymous

    who funds the Washington Times?

  3. Anonymous

    Epoch Times is a Falun Gong newspaper.
    The leader of Falun Gong apparently wrote

    “If you are an interracial child, it is, of course, neither your fault nor your parents’ fault. Anyway, it is just such a chaotic situation brought about by mankind, in which such a phenomenon has appeared. The yellow people, the white people, and the black people have the corresponding races in heaven. Then, if one is not from his race or does not belong to his people, he will not take care of him….. All interracial children were born in the Dharma-ending period. People are not to be blamed for it, because everyone is drifting in the tide, and nobody knows the truth. This is the way they have come through. If you want to practice cultivation, I can help. As for which paradise you will go to, we will need to look at your situation. I will assimilate more of whichever portion that is better preserved. Anyway, you should concentrate on your cultivation and should not concern yourself with these things.”

  4. John

    I see you are grasping the importance of land use in Barbados.

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