New on Facebook: Bajans against the return of Owen Arthur

No, it’s not us. Honest!

So far over 70 people have had the courage to publicly “like” the new Facebook page and some of the names are very surprising!

We suspect many more “like” it, but wouldn’t want their own FB page linked.

“Having hijacked the BLP Owen Arthur now wants a return to the position of prime minister, a post he held for 14 years until a defeat in 2008 that saw him run from the leadership position of his party.

Bajans aren’t stupid, we don’t want a return to the corrupt politics of Owen Arthur.”

… Facebook page Bajans against the return of Owen Arthur

Ya can’t stop this kind of thing, Owen!

Hey… does anyone know if Owen Arthur has a Facebook page?


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13 responses to “New on Facebook: Bajans against the return of Owen Arthur

  1. returnee

    want him to lose again.

  2. John

    Barbadians Against the Return of Owen Arthur.

    BAROA …… say the acronym and have a chuckle.

  3. iWatchya

    Just looks like a DLP tactic to keep the BLP from regaining its foothold.

  4. passin thru

    It could be a DLP setup, but it could just as easily be a Mia supporter. It only takes one person to create the facebook page.

    It could be Owen Arthur himself to discredit Mia or the DLP.

    It could be you >>>>> iWatchya!!!

    That’s why politics and especially Bajan politics has become so much fun since the internet. 🙂

  5. passin thru

    iWatchya, if that Facebook page is all the DLP tactic it takes to “keep the BLP from regaining its foothold” then all is lost for the BLP anyway!


  6. Desperation is unsightly and unattractive!

    The poor blp. They think they smell blood…
    and are trying to BS the not-so-bright voting public into thinking that something is terribly amiss with current Govt.
    ..because one guy is gone?
    Who de France are they kidding?

    Life goes on,dread -and the blp don’t stand a chance in he11 of getting back in
    not while our memories of 14 yrs. of blp malfunction still remain fresh in our minds!
    And certainly not after mistreating Mia so!!

    It’s really quite amusing and comical.
    Amusing how sweet the power and greed are,
    that they can hardly wait to get back
    into the addiction the electorate broke them of, just 2 yrs. ago!

    Any upcoming General Election will be the DLP’s to lose, if they care to!
    The Dems WILL go two full terms -as usual for Bajan politics
    and only THEN we will see an election where it might go either way.

    Owen, you should chill because it’s going to be awhile, dear son.
    Buy one of the new Kindle 3’s and play with that.
    Do some recreational reading.
    Lots of free books at for the Kindle
    but most of all…CHILL, coz the blp isn’t going anywhere,
    despite all their unattractive salivating.

  7. Goldenbead

    Perhaps Mia should leave and start a new party. Now that would be cat pi** and pepper!

  8. Despite the feeble attempt at damage control, even the few Owen Arthur supporters who clamored for his return are now having second thoughts. They too are disappointed having heard his un-inspiring address to the 72nd Annual Conference of the BLP over the last weekend. His dwindling support base now realise that if Owen is to impress anyone (which he didn’t last Sunday) then he has to do much better in his up-coming budget response. As I understand it, the buzz in the hive is that Owen Arthur’s speech to the BLP’s 72nd Annual Conference was like watching a horror moving in slow motion. It is being said that the hive dwellers are wondering if there were on Elm Street since what they heard and saw was really a nightmare.

    It is being said that even Owen Arthur’s most loyal soldiers have come to accept what the Governor of the Central Banks said recently about him. Like the rest of the Barbadian society, Owen Arthur’s dwindling support base now realise that he is like the wizard of Oz. To some he might have been a star but he has long fallen from grace. That cheque that was displayed at Haggatt Hall was the justification for campaign finance reform as well as for a Prevention of Corruption Act. The bottom line is – Owen Arthur has no magic, plain and simple, and when the public relations was taken from him, the society saw a tired old man who is bitter and who wants to make everyone else as unhappy as he is. He is simply the past of the BLP and so could hardly be the future of Barbados.

    Has Owen Arthur become so drunk; power-hungry and confused about what is acceptable that despite being a 3-term Prime Minister he would allow himself to be summoned to George Payne’s house in the dead of the night – just to sign a document, which now makes him a puppet leader?

    Is that why he now has to be so silent, despite the overwhelming evidence of electoral fraud and other similar infelicities within the BLP he lead because he dare not anger George Payne and Dale Marshall at whose pleasure he is now Political Leader and Leader of the Opposition?
    Can you imagine that the BLP’s Conference was pushed back by two weeks and yet, it was still the most disorganized in the party’s history? And so, it ended as it started. Whereas in the story of the Wizard of Oz – Dorothy was trying to get home to Kansas – the Owen Arthur faction of the BLP is now going down the same “yellow brick road” looking for a way to win the election.

    Unfortunately for them, they have now fallen into the ‘rabbit hole.’ The theme of its 72nd Annual Conference required some direction as to where the gang-of-five are taking the BLP and Barbados. But given the weakness of Owen Arthur’s speech, one can only conclude that the BLP under his watch, is charting a direction away from Grantley Adams’ legacy.

    It is being said that the high-point of the Conference was the action of George Payne and the suppressive BLP Executive who refused to entertain and motion for change, which will stamp-out corruption while ensuring greater accountability, transparency, and democracy within the BLP. But George Payne, Owen Arthur, Dale Marshall, Gline Clarke, Ronald Toppin, Peter Philips, Jerome Walcott and their accomplices – have signaled their intention to continue to deny 90% of the members of the BLP of any right to vote or have a say in the BLP‘s business. Shouldn’t such a human rights violation be immediately referred to Amnesty International?

    That BLP Executive includes the same Dale Marshall, who – a few months ago, was telling Barbadians how undemocratic the Act is, which allows the Minister to appoint 450 persons to serve on constituency councils. And so, it is glaring that the ruling faction of the BLP lacks credibility.

    Owen Arthur purports to have the moral authority to talk about discipline but Barbadians want to remind him not to confuse discipline with the cover-up of wrongdoings or him being a serious threat to Grantley Adams’ legacy and by extension – freedom of expression within the BLP. The people of this country are aware that for 2 ½ years Owen Arthur drew a cheque from the Barbados Treasury without working for it and that he only went to Parliament to get his name mark. I am also hearing from BLP supporters and insiders that Owen Arthur only attended three (3) meetings of the Parliamentary Party when Mia Mottley was leader. No one will ever forget that he called a Media Conference at the UWI to cuss Mia Mottley, on the same day he should have been in Parliament.

    The Barbados economy does not want fixing, it wants restructuring and according to Clyde Mascoll, it wanted restructuring over seven years ago. This country therefore needs a new politics and a new economic and development model. The answers will not come from Owen Arthur and he knows that. Recognising that fact, he has now made Clyde Mascoll the BLP’s lead spokesman on finance and economic matters, confirming that he: Owen Arthur is really the Barbadian version of the Wizard of Oz: he is just a tired, feeble old man – some say a fallen star who has no magic. A man with no magic and after 14 years – no legacy. His public statement to Mia Mottley that the BLP and Barbados need her is as insulting as his tribute to the late Prime Minister Thompson, was.

    And so, if Owen Arthur could not survive on the $3000 he was getting in 1992 when he said that politics for him is a painful exercise and too much of a burden to carry – how is he surviving now on his present pay and given his two new responsibilities, especially when the high cost of living is factored into the equation?

    Everyone knows that Owen Arthur’s only interest in politics is to get revenge and to also ensure that the DLP never wins the government again. Therefore, given the electoral fraud within the BLP about which Arthur remains silent, one wonders if that silence means that a BLP government under him, will also tamper with electoral boundaries to ensure what he seems to want as his legacy, that is:- to be the ruler of Barbados for life.

  9. anastasia beaverhausen


  10. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    I find it amusing how DLP supporters are trying to make hay of the BLP’s troubles.

    Owen Arthur’s “uninspiring” address listed the many promises of the DLP government that have been abandoned. After each item on the list he said whether something has been done or not. After EVERY item he could say “Nothing Has Been Done”. It is funny that the DLP supporter should say that the speech was “uninspiring” as everyone in attendance was able to speak in unison that “Nothing Has Been Done” !. In fact it is the second time in the DLP’s history that it has had a chance at Governing Barbados without the Right Excellent Errol Barrow at the helm and it is the second time that it has completely abandoned and repudiated it’s manifesto.

    I do note that the constituency councils that are the pride of this DLP government are so desperate in finding things to do that they are spending taxpayer dollars on marking the sites of each road fatality in an effort to raise awareness about safe driving. A laudable goal… but this is something that was already being done by an insurance company. Is this a symptom of why we are running record deficits?

    Owen Arthur is what Barbados needs because it is clear that this DLP Government couldn’t run a petty cash account far less a country!

  11. Sentinel

    @My Name Is Not Sylvan
    November 19, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    I find it amusing how DLP supporters are trying to make hay of the BLP’s troubles.
    Please check; the majority of those on that site are persons in their twenties. Is there a message there somewhere?

  12. young and vibrant

    all it says is that young people dont want the old corrupt BLP

  13. How sad – the group disappeared, must have been infiltrated… QED on democracy of Bees as they are now, SMDH