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Barbados Free Press forced to change layout.

Updated: November 18, 2010 – the wee hours… Change in Process

Ok, the new format is activated and we see a few problems, like the missing search bar. (Fixed)

See anything else that’s wonky? Please let us know in the comments. Thanks!

Change is good, right?

We’ve just heard from our blog hosting company, WordPress, that our current layout has to change.

WordPress is having a bit of a punch-up with the developer of our current theme “PressRow”, so they are discontinuing it. They suggest we use a similar theme called “Pilcrow”. Matt and the folks at WordPress assure us that the new theme is soooooooo much better with more bells and whistles.

Left unsaid is that we don’t know how smooth the process will be or if there will be some oops! moments along the way.

No matter, we have to do it so here goes!

We’ll make the change within 24 hours, so if everything goes wonky for a while – no worries. We’ll tough it out.


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Who has the passwords to the Barbados Labour Party website & blog?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Regarding your story about the BLP website still showing Mia Mottley as party leader (Barbados Labour Party website: “Mia Amor Mottley, Political Leader of BLP”), I confirm that there is a fight going on over the BLP website. Only 2 people have the password and they aren’t giving it up. That is why the website hasn’t been updated since Owen Arthur took the leadership from Mia.

Your story is up for over 24 hours at the time I’m emailing you. People are getting desperate, but it will take this email being published before the passwords to the website and the blog will be turned over to the current leadership of the BLP.

There is lesson here somewhere.

Yours truly,

One who knows.


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