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Exclusive: Barbados Coroner shuns Canadian expert. Hans Machel not called to Arch Cot Inquest

Updated: November 16, 8:45pm Bridgetown

Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris says she will now “explore the possibility” of summonsing Professor Machel to the inquest. Hopefully he will be available. (Isn’t that exam time at a University?) He could have been given many months notice but the Coroner is laying this on at the last moment due to pressure from the Codrington family.

Attorney David Comissiong, who is representing the interest of Donavere Codrington, asked the court to also summon Professor Hans Machel, a specialist in earth and atmospheric science at the University of Alberta in Canada, who conducted an independent study of the cave after the apartment collapsed.

The coroner pointed out that she would explore the possibility of getting the professor here.

… from The Nation article Arch Cot Visit

Original BFP article…

BFP Exclusive: New interview with Professor Machel

BFP Exclusive: Codrington Family wants Professor Hans Machel to testify

Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris summonsed over 70 witnesses to the ongoing Inquest into the deaths of five members of the Codrington family, who died in 2007 when their home fell into a collapsing cave.

Barbados Free Press has learned that the Coroner did not summons University of Alberta Earth Sciences Professor Hans Machel (photo above) – nor has he ever been contacted by the Coroner’s staff or investigators despite Machel’s offers to provide the evidence and information he and his team collected about the Arch Cot cave-in and deaths.

Sources close to the Codrington family inform Barbados Free Press that the family is most interested in having Professor Machel attend the next inquest date on Friday, December 3, 2010, and the site visit to Arch Cot Terrace scheduled for that same day.

There is despair among some family members that “This inquest is being stage-managed like a play with only certain actors allowed to take part.”

It is obvious that the people who run Barbados do not want to see the evidence that Professor Machel and his team gathered during his publicly reported investigations into the Codrington deaths. Continue reading


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Sublime irony: Muslim TSA guard feels Catholic nun’s genitals

Muslim TSA security guard searches Catholic nun’s groin for bombs and weapons

As the outcry over virtual strip searches and genital feeling by minimum wage TSA airline security guards grows, this photo from Drudge Report really says it all.

Matt Drudge captioned the photo “The Terrorists have won” and I quite agree with him.

It’s totally out of control. If you had to pick the risk factor in that photo, which person is the most likely to be a threat to commercial air travel?

That’s right, Islamic Supremacists are the risk. How do you tell them apart from normal non-threatening Muslims? I don’t know, but I do know that feeling the genitals of Catholic nuns and New York Jews on their way to Disneyland with the grandchildren is not the answer.

The Muslim terrorists have accomplished what they set out to do.

My family will probably not fly to or through the USA again for some time. If the Brooklyn relatives want to visit us, they are welcome anytime – but Shona and I will not inflict flying upon our family if we can at all help it.

I suspect that we aren’t the only ones who feel that way.

Barbados Tourism industry: prepare to take another hit because this anti-flying feeling is turning into a movement in Europe and the USA.


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Tourism Matters: Unlicensed accomodations make for chaos

Foolishness: Doing things the same old way and expecting change.

Adrian Loveridge - Small hotel owner

From a tourism marketing perspective, there are two phrases, expressions or mission statements that I have come to detest. They are ‘paradigm shift’ and ‘thinking outside of the box’.

It’s not the words themselves, but more the people that tend to quote these sayings frequently. Because in hindsight what at the time seems almost an imperative to implement change, inevitability becomes seemingly the last thing on their minds.

Barbados Tourism stuck in the mud

Most people consider tourism a dynamic industry which is subject to frequent change and almost perpetual challenges. So it would be unreasonable to think that ‘we’ could keeping doing things the same old way and achieve different results, surely? Continue reading


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Barbados Labour Party website: “Mia Amor Mottley, Political Leader of BLP”

Screenshot of BLP website taken Monday, November 15, 2010, 3:11pm Bridgetown

Owen Arthur is not shown as Opposition Leader on the BLP website!

One month after former Prime Minister Owen Arthur led a coup that deposed Mia Mottley as the leader of the Barbados Labour Party, and at the end of a disasterous annual conference where Owen Arthur’s faction was accused of vote-rigging, the BLP website welcomes visitors with a photo of Mia Mottley and the words,

“Mia Amor Mottley, Q.C., M.P.

Political Leader of BLP”

This begs the question…

Is the BLP in such disarray that the pro-Mottley faction still has control of the party’s website?


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BLP Conference ends with tears, walkouts. “Mottley’s ousting triggered the implosion of the BLP”

The following was posted anonymously at Barbados Free Press. With the exception of the title and subtitle added by BFP, not one word has been changed. We haven’t any idea where it came from. It may have been published somewhere else. It may not be an original submission. Would the author kindly let us know…

BLP Charts a New Direction – into tears, depression, bullying, arrogance and defiance

The theme was: ‘Charting a New Direction,’ but the 72nd Conference of the Barbados Labour Party ended in anarchy. The general feeling of the delegates who attended was that it was the worst and most disorganized Conference in the party’s 72 year history. Resolutions submitted to the party were not communicated to delegates and naturally the Conference found that horrifying.

The lame excuse of the printer not working was advanced so too the excuse that Branches had submitted Resolutions late. The Conference might have believed that froth until it was explained that the same Resolutions alleged to have been submitted by Branches to party headquarters, late – were actually sent to an Attorney on last Friday for vetting. By then the room was in an uproar. Continue reading


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