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Caribbean New Media Group fires journalist Afra Raymond, stops his CL Financial, CLICO fraud coverage

Afra Raymond too effective, too insightful in his CL Financial, Clico stories

The Trinidad and Tobago state-run media company Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) recently fired contract journalist and television host Afra Raymond without notice and without explanation – then backdated their faxed letter to him.

“Remember this folks: CL Financial – CLICO damage control by the involved governments and politicians is all about getting the public to foot the bill, while ensuring that the crooks keep their profits and Florida mansions and stay out of jail.

Afra Raymond stands in the way, so out he goes.”

Afra Raymond is a chartered surveyor, journalist and television host whose intensive and detailed coverage of the CL Financial – CLICO scandal has caused much embarrassment and fear to some very important persons, companies and organisations. Continue reading


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New on Facebook: Bajans against the return of Owen Arthur

No, it’s not us. Honest!

So far over 70 people have had the courage to publicly “like” the new Facebook page and some of the names are very surprising!

We suspect many more “like” it, but wouldn’t want their own FB page linked.

“Having hijacked the BLP Owen Arthur now wants a return to the position of prime minister, a post he held for 14 years until a defeat in 2008 that saw him run from the leadership position of his party.

Bajans aren’t stupid, we don’t want a return to the corrupt politics of Owen Arthur.”

… Facebook page Bajans against the return of Owen Arthur

Ya can’t stop this kind of thing, Owen!

Hey… does anyone know if Owen Arthur has a Facebook page?


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