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LIME “upgrades” internet service. How many hours will it cost me this time?

LIME by Cable & Wireless: Limited Internet, Many Expenses

“Some customers may experience difficulties when sending emails via Outlook”

If your LIME email doesn’t work when you get up on Saturday morning, here’s why…

LIME announced that the company is making changes to its internet technology early Saturday morning between 1am and 5am. Their email happily says that if you use web-based email like Yahoo, Hotmail and Google you shouldn’t have any problems.

BUT… if you use Outlook or other “client-based” email, tough – just get ready to reconfigure. How long will it take? I don’t know but they lost me at “Configure your email client to send email via smtp.caribsurf.com using SMTP Authentication.”

You just know that the LIME ‘help’ line is going to be a no-win situation for the next two days.

Cliverton? Do you want to come to our place for dinner tonight?  đŸ™‚


Here’s the LIME announcement… Continue reading


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Breaking: Barbados gasoline, diesel, kerosene prices up Sunday night

Death of a thousand cuts continues for the lower and middle economic classes

The Barbados government is raising retail prices at Midnight Sunday (ie: just before Monday morning). This was supposed to be kept secret until Sunday at 7pm, but somebody accidentally posted it online at the Barbados Government Information Service… or it was not an accident and the Barbados news media agreed to cooperate and keep the information secret until Sunday at 7pm. Take your choice, folks… but once it’s online it’s tough to put the toothpaste back into the tube!

Petrol: Up seven cents from $2.38 to $2.45

Diesel & Kerosene: Up eight cents to $2.23 and $1.45 respectively


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Barbados Police Commissioner sacked over Bridgetown fire, 1948: Colonel Oriel St. Arnaud Duke

Colonel Oriel St. Arnaud Duke ‘sacked’ over support for Chief Fire Officer

Was it Fair? Was it Just?

Hello everyone.

I retired from the Dorset Police in the UK in 2006. Their website can be found at http://www.dorset.police.uk. Although this website might seem quite impressive, it should be remembered that the force has an equally impressive budget with which to invest in its website!

I am resident in the UK, although I am lucky enough to visit the beautiful island of Barbados once or twice a year.

I am and researching my family history, and in particular my Great Uncle, who was named Colonel Oriel St A Duke and who was Commissioner of Police in Barbados from about 1939 – 1947.

Are there any people still alive who remember him or who have heard stories about him?

I know that he was ‘retired’ following a major fire in Bridgetown. I have heard that the reason for his forced retirement was because he supported the Chief Fire Officer who had been subject to criticism by the Colonial Secretary. Continue reading


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