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Spark of the Day!

Dear BFP,

Here is an idea you could start on Independence Day.

I notice that the issue of discussing Islamic fundamentalism brings out the worst in some people on both sides of any conversation. While it is necessary to cover the issue, it would be good to see some uplifting material presented as a balance.

Just an idea if something could be generated each day from an automated computer system where something like the “Spark of the Day” could remind people of their humanity and our common interest for tolerance to each other.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and people of all religions could submit their photos and one from Barbados and one international (so people get reminded that they are part of a greater whole) could be shown each day and perhaps a Barbadian song once a week.

I am not certain of technicalities but if people were drawn to it each day as they wake up it could be a breath of fresh air. For example there are lots of incredible photos on the internet, many of them in the public domain so there would be no problem reusing them.

Here is an example of a recent photo of a Buddhist monk ( Vietnam ) and his novices. It has a certain purity and sense of happiness that might affect people positively.

I’m not sure it could be easy to initiate but could be like a shot of caffeine for those who care. You might need a special e-mail to send them to, but it could capture the interest of Barbadians. If done right it could add more of an uplifting feeling to Barbados Free Press than constantly dealing only with corruption and some of the tougher issues that you do.

I respect and admire Barbados Free Press for tackling tough issues and being positive and eclectic in many ways, but it would be nice if you could give us an uplifting photo every morning to send us on our way to work.

Yours truly,


(full name withheld by request)

Barbados Free Press replies

Hi GG,

What an excellent idea. Okay, we’ll try it. We don’t know of any automated programme that would do the necessary, but we’ll try to find a photo or two every day. If our readers pitch in we’ll have a variety of perspectives and lots of photos.

How about it folks? Send us your uplifting photos of humanity from Barbados and around the world and we’ll do our best to post something every day.

Send your photos to: barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com

Or… if you see something good on the net, post the URL as a comment or email it to us. BFP will then get permission to use the photo or post it under “fair use” if possible.

Give Thanks!

(and thanks to Barbados Holiday Lettings for the photo “Barbados Friends”)


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