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Barbados Environment Minister Denis Lowe “Critical Condition, Intensive Care”

“Recovery will take months”

Barbados news outlets are reporting that Minister of Environment and Drainage Denis Lowe is very ill – at this moment in intensive care in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with “serious” respiratory problems. It is said that Minister Lowe has lost “significant weight” since the November 22nd budget and has been “visibly sick” since that date.

Our prayers go out to Minister Lowe and his family and friends.

Further Information

Barbados Today: Minister Lowe in critical condition

Nation Newspaper: Lowe Serious


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Notorious Lyons crime family members vacationing in Barbados

Mob family needs vacation from Murder, Proceeds of Crime, Drugs, Brutal beatings

“NINE members of the notorious Lyons crime clan have jetted to Barbados – days before the first anniversary of enforcer Kevin ‘Gerbil’ Carroll’s death.”

… from The Sun article Lyons crime gang clan feeling the heat.

I wonder if Commissioner Dottin already knows about the Lyons family mobsters. Nine members of the violent clan are vacationing in Barbados at this very minute. Continue reading


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The Sparman Clinic Affair – Questions about money, conflicts of interest

“The lower the cardiac care capabilities are at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the more money the private Sparman Clinic will make.”

“How many patients have been transferred from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to the Sparman Clinic since July 2009? How did the transfers come about?”

… BFP staffers Marcus, Robert & Cliverton discussing the Sparman Clinic Affair

Who are the financiers and beneficial owners of The Sparman Clinic Inc.?

  • Did the Government of Barbados provide any financing or guarantees regarding the Sparman Clinic?
  • Are any Sparman owners or personnel also Government officials or Queen Elizabeth Hospital employees or Board members with potential conflicts of interest?
  • Have any Government officials, Queen Elizabeth Hospital workers or their immediate family members received any payments or gifts from Doctor Sparman?
  • Has the Sparman Clinic accepted any Barbados citizens for free cardiac treatment as promised in 2009 when government financial concessions were provided?
  • Why hasn’t the government opened the new $5.2 million dollar Cardiac Suite at the QEH as promised by Health Minister Inniss in July 2009 “on an urgent basis”?
  • Have the automated external defibrillators been strategically positioned throughout the country and 200 persons trained to operate them as promised by Health Minister Inniss in July 2009?
  • How many patients have been transferred from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to the Sparman Clinic since July 2009? How did the transfers come about?
  • Dr. Ishmael’s letter of complaint details a similar incident where a complaint was made about Dr. Sparman to the Medical Council of Barbados. What are the details and the outcome of that complaint?

(L - r) Director of the Sparman Clinic, Cardiologist, Dr. Alfred Sparman; Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, his wife, Gail Inniss and the Minister's Personal Assistant, Cindy Downes at the start of the official opening of the $20 million facility for cardiac care located at No. 4, 6th Avenue Belleville St. Michael (photo & caption: Barbados Government Information Service)

  • Given the controversial and troubling public history of Doctor Alfred Sparman dating back ten or more years, why did the Minister of Health and government think it wise in 2009 to so closely associate government with Dr. Sparman and his clinic?
  • On what basis did the Minister of Health call Dr. Sparman a “cardiologist”?

Doctor Richard G. Ishmael pays the price for asking reasonable questions about corruption.

Doctor Richard G. Ishmael was suspended by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for daring to put into writing his observations and concerns about Dr. Alfred Sparman’s actions and qualifications – and also his questions about the troubling apparent relationships between Doctor Sparman, the Director of Medical Services, the Minister of Health and unknown staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital acting as “moles” for The Sparman Clinic. Continue reading


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St. John by-election January 20, 2011 – Will Mara run for David’s seat?

Mara Thompson probably will, but where is Owen Arthur?

Governor General Sir Clifford Husbands dropped the writ today for St. John. Nomination Day will be January 5th and the vote will be January 20th. The Parliamentary seat has been vacant since the death of Prime Minister David Thompson.

A few observations by Clive, assisted by a goodly tot of Bim’s finest dark…

  • Will Mara Thompson run? I wouldn’t bet against it.
  • If Mara does run, anyone else is fish bait. Even if she doesn’t run, the seat is still safe for the DLP. “BLP sacrificial candidate, please step forward.”
  • Where is Owen Arthur? Memories of when the Cricket World Cup turned into one big rotten fish head, “Goin’ wid Owen” looks like the Invisible Man lately.


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Choose the Top Barbados News Stories for 2010

UPDATED: January 2, 2010 3am Bridgetown

We’ll leave the survey up until 7pm, Monday, January 3, 2011 – then we’ll speak to the results.

Time to vote!

We’ve based our survey choices on the discussions over the last few days, and now it’s time for you to vote for the finals.

Pick your top 3 stories that matter to Bajans…

Original story…

What makes a story important to Bajans?

As we think back on the past year there are big news stories that immediately come to mind: the untimely death of Prime Minister David Thompson, the Campus Trendz fire deaths (above), the CL Financial/CLICO disaster and a few other happenings. Continue reading


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Spark of the Day! African drums, kilts and bagpipes…

L’Acoustica plays and the world gets smaller

After seeing the above photo inserted into a YouTube video from Scotland, I tried to discover more about the musicians. I think I’ve discovered who they are, but I’ve been unable to hear their music anywhere.

L’Acoustica is a new Scottish sonic folk/soul trio formed by Bryan Tolland, Noel Bridgeman and Carl Bridgeman. Bryan is the white guy and twin brothers Noel and Carl hail from Dominica – or at least their family does. The group’s website is fuzzy on that.

They played live on BBC Radio Scotland on the Janice Forsyth broadcast at the Royal Highland Show, but sadly BBC didn’t post a recording, only some photos. There is something wildly intriguing about this fusion of music and cultures. The photo showing one of the Bridgeman brothers dressed in a kilt and riding a stand-up bass like Buddy Holly and the Crickets playing the Apollo is pure adrenaline for mixies* like yours truly. And part of the high is knowing that it drives the racial haters and segregationists (of all colours) insane.

*Mixies = People who are mixed race, mixed culture or in mixed marriages.

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Keep the Old Indian Trail open for our children: Join the January 1st walk

UPDATED: December 30, 2010

Lots of interest. Many folks coming out for January 1st Trail Walk.

In response to multiple queries we are happy to provide more details and directions.

We will meet at the Indian Ground playing field at 3 p.m. on January-01-2011. For directions see map 001. We will have to leave latest at 3:15 p.m., as we want to finish before it gets dark around 5:30 – 5:45 p.m.

Come in good foot ware (runners or hiking boots) and with a water bottle. Our hike will be similar to the weekly hikes of the Barbados National Trust, except for the route. We will walk along the Old Indian Trail as marked on the attached map 002. The terminus will be Apes Hill. Vehicles will be waiting there to return the drivers of the participants’ vehicles to Indian Ground, so that they can drive back to Apes Hill to pick up the other members of their parties.

<Map 1<Map2

Public right of access: Use it… or lose it!

One of Richard Goddard’s ongoing battles is to keep the Old Indian Trail open to public use, especially near and across the Springhead plantation. It is a battle grounded in history: this was a public road-of-way in the days when Barbados had a vibrant sugar industry, used it for transport of crops, goods, as well as a way to church and market. The trail is almost forgotten now but for its records on old maps (see attachments, where it is traced it in red). Continue reading


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