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Tropical Storm Tomas: Not too scary in Grape Hall, Barbados

UPDATE: Heard from Marcus. There are a couple of boats smashed up at Oistins. Lots of damage, roofs off. It looks like the south took a harder hit than we did.

It was a dark and stormy night…

Is it HURRICANE Tomas?

Okay, we back up on the internet after 30 minutes without power. It’s not too bad. Noisy. Wet. Water went off with the power, but it’s back. One of our friends has one of those little wind things on top of his house and it hit 87 mph just before a calm period maybe an hour and a half ago.

Aunty Moses is down south with Shona and Marcus. Robert is off the island. Can’t find George anywhere.

As for me, I made it home in time to put up most of the boards. I am glad I oiled and exercised the wing nuts about six months ago. Thanks to Robert for insisting about that.

Right now I’m feeling no pain and not lacking for friendly companionship. The harder it blows, the tighter she holds on.

I’ve had worse nights in my life. 🙂



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UK Foreign Office issues daylight crime alert advisory over Holetown Barbados

“A number of assaults on tourists have taken place in the Holetown area on the west coast of Barbados during October 2010.  Two particularly serious incidents happened during daylight hours.  You should exercise caution when walking alone off the busy main roads and on quiet beach access paths.”

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office issues Travel Advisory for Barbados: October 27, 2010

Calling Barbados Police? Hello, police? Hello?

Two crimes do not make for this type of travel advisory unless the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office considers this to be the last straw.

Has the Boscobel Road Toll Gang moved into Holetown? We’ll check back at the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office for the latest news… because the Barbados news media doesn’t print the kind of stories that scare off the tourists.


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Australian boxer could join Barbados team over racial slur

“Blackie” slur touches off firestorm in Aussie amateur sport

When his senior coach called super heavyweight boxer Trent Rawlins a “blackie” last year, Rawlins decided he’d had enough and complained.

But the Australian Institute of Sport didn’t fire the coach, just gave him a fine, so Rawlins is considering offering his services to Barbados where one of his parents was born. Under the rules of the Olympics, Rawlins can represent the place of his birth, Australia, or either of the two countries where his parents were born: Barbados or South Africa. Continue reading

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One day’s work on Graeme Hall sluice gate proves 15 years of neglect by Barbados Government

UPDATED: January 20, 2012

We see The Nation carried the Barbados Government Information Service announcement that Worthing Beach was to be closed on January 19th “while the sluice gates at the beach are opened for routine maintenance.”

The last time this happened (on November 12, 2010 – see below) there was no real maintenance on the sluice gates – the government just moved the pile of sand blocking the channel. This is a big deal, my friends, because developer friends of the government want the wetlands killed so they can build on them. The long term abuse of leaving the sluice gate broken is designed to kill the last mangrove forest in Barbados so the friends of government can profit from developing the wetlands.

QUESTION: Was this “routine maintenance” of the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate merely removing the sand again… or did they repair the broken sluice gate so the mangrove swamp can be refreshed and “breathe” from the sea?

GRAEME HALL NATURE SANCTUARY: Let’s hear from you! What is the truth?

NOTE: See the comments for a reader reporting that the gate was NOT repaired on the 19th. The operation only involved moving sand – and the channel was damaged.

UPDATED: November 12, 2010

Government announcement was a Sham.

No repairs made to Graeme Hall sluice gate.

Last mangrove forest dying before our eyes.

The announced repairs to the sluice gate at the Graeme Hall wetlands never happened. Government workers arrived and did their usual digging out of the sand, then filled in the channel a day later after draining some water. The gates were not repaired or replaced.

The deliberate destruction of a precious natural heritage site continues. Government is obviously doing this out of vindictiveness in the ongoing legal dispute with Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary owner Peter Allard.

It just shows you that Government officials think the wetlands and green space are theirs to destroy and develop.

Those wetlands and green space belong to the people of Barbados. Peter Allard spent tens of millions of dollars cleaning up the wetlands and volunteered to look after them for us for a while. It was his generous gift to the people of Barbados, but the developer friends of government had other ideas. So Allard he shut down his Nature Sanctuary and Barbados lost big time: 100 jobs, green space, tourism and hope for the future – all gone.

Here’s our original story: Read it ‘an weep…

Repair on sluice gate a result of lawsuit or new-found environmental conscience?

Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter says that the Government of Barbados is finally displaying a conscience because the Drainage Division will be working on the forever-broken Graeme Hall sluice gate for 14 hours today, Friday October 29, 2010.

For over a decade two successive governments deliberately neglected the sluice gate in an attempt to destroy the Graeme Hall wetlands so they can be sold and developed for profit.

As a direct result of a sluice gate left broken for fifteen years…

– The last mangrove forest on the island is dying, perhaps irreversibly on its way out.

A premier tourist attraction, the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, closed with the loss of a hundred jobs.

– An international complaint was lodged against Barbados by nature sanctuary owner Peter Allard.

– International investors and philanthropists look upon Barbados with suspicion after Allard shut down his sanctuary and gave his millions elsewhere. Many observers believe that what happened to the Canadian philanthropist Peter Allard (and some other foreign investors) could happen to anyone. We’re not so sure they are wrong.

You think the world doesn’t know what happened in Barbados?

Now we’re told that a lousy 14 hours of work will solve the whole thing?


What an indictment of the BLP and DLP governments! Continue reading


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Shame on Rihanna! Barbados Ambassador for Culture and Youth – not coming to David Thompson’s funeral.

UPDATED: November 3, 2010, 11:47am from the funeral of PM David Thompson

Photo from TV feed at 11:47am: Rihanna watches as the funeral procession leaves Kensington Oval for St. Johns Parish where Prime Minister David Thompson will be buried.

Rihanna arrived in Barbados late Tuesday afternoon, and is currently at the funeral. What happened to change her mind from her publicist’s announcement that she was too busy to attend? Ian Bourne at The Bajan Reporter has some thoughts…

Barbadian Social Media influence Rihanna’s Mourning of Youngest Prime Minister of Barbados – Cultural Ambassador accepts responsibility and attends late PM Thompson’s funeral!

You can get the live link to the funeral where you can view the proceedings and see the audience here…

Funeral coverage of Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson & live TV link

Original article as published October 28, 2010…

“Our PM practically shut down our Island when she won that Grammy. Gave her a full concert, gave her a SUV, Land + a House at the super exclusive Apes Hill (Valued at Millions) plus made her a Cultural Ambassador and she seriously can’t take the day or two to fly home to show her respect for the man who did all that ??? I mean she’s flown home for two days to attend reggae concerts !!!

And then to have her “people” send that statement?! She couldn’t even make that personally??”

… found on the net by Ian Bourne as reported in comments below Kammie’s article.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty will be judged harshly by Bajans

by Kammie Holder

I am a Barbadian blogger and a social activist who takes my responsibility to readers seriously. Many of you may or may not know that the Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson QC of Rihanna’s home country Barbados has died.

With his passing, I took the decision to curtail all blogging for a week as a mark of respect. However, upon reading the Barbados Nation Newspaper October 27th edition I have to break my silence.

I was brought to tears by an article titled “Rihanna Not Coming For Funeral”. It is quoted by her agent Amanda Silverman, “Rihanna would not be attending the state Funeral next Wednesday November 3rd because her schedule would not permit.”

As a Bajan (and I think I speak for the majority of Bajans) Ms Silverman please tell Miss Fenty that America has made her famous, but as a Cultural Ambassador with a diplomatic passport she also has a responsibility to her country. Continue reading


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State Funeral for Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson, Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye to David in the rain

(The link to the CBC live coverage has been closed.)

Dark clouds and rain on one side of Kensington Oval, blue sky and sun on the other.

Continue reading


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Hero: Barbados-born police woman shoots it out with robber in Brooklyn, New York

Off-duty cop Feris Jones shoots robber, protects innocent victims.

Barbados-born New York City police officer Feris Jones was getting her hair done last Saturday at Sabine’s Hallway beauty salon in Brooklyn when a wild thug burst in with a .44 Magnum pistol and screamed at the four women in the shop to turn over money and jewellery.

“If the officer wasn’t there, things could have gone very differently”

“Thank God she was there, he was fully loaded. It all happened in a blur. We were on the ground, and the shop is not large at all. My ears are still ringing.”

…Beauty salon owner Sabine Bellevue

Officer Jones quickly reacted. She stood up from her chair, told the other women to get down, announced she was a police officer and ordered the thug to drop his weapon. Somewhere in there Jones took out her own pistol and when the thug opened fire she shot twice. “Jonesy”, as she likes to be called, actually shot the gun out of his hand like you’d see in the movies!!!

The injured robber, one Winston Cox, ran off and was later arrested hiding out at his mama’s place like the true coward he is.

Blood all over the place, screaming and deafening noise in the little shop and Feris Jones kept her cool and did her duty. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced yesterday, Tuesday, that Officer Jones is now promoted to Detective. Continue reading


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