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Should news media cooperate with the Barbados government to delay publishing news?

Barbados Free Press intends to print any news “embargoed” by the government.

by Nevermind Kurt

Last Saturday, November 6, 2010 in the wee hours of the morning, Barbados Free Press was the first to publish the news that gas, diesel and kerosene prices would be raised the following Sunday at midnight. (See BFP’s Breaking: Barbados gasoline, diesel, kerosene prices up Sunday night)

That story actually originated from the normal press releases posted on the internet at the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) media section on Friday, November 5, 2010 at about 6pm. (The composite image from the press release is above.)

Although the BGIS posted the story online in their press release section on Friday evening, they “Embargoed” the news for two days until “7pm Sunday November 7” – meaning that news outlets were requested by government to not carry the story until 7pm Sunday.

The regular Barbados news media obeyed the government and did not carry the news to the people until Sunday evening – even though Barbados Free Press printed the news very early Saturday morning.

I’d like to make some observations about this “special understanding” or “working relationship” between the ‘professional’ Barbados news media and the government that results in the news media intentionally withholding news from the public for days. Continue reading


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Low-class, No-class: Owen Arthur makes distasteful “tribute” to David Thompson, upsets widow.

“Someone should let Mr. Arthur know or explain to him what a tribute is.”

… from a note written by Mrs. Mara Thompson to the Clerk of Parliament.

It was the first sitting of Parliament since the death and funeral of former Prime Minister David Thompson. His widow, Mrs. Mara Thompson, and her three children were invited to the session to hear tributes about their lost husband and father – delivered by his fellow parliamentarians in the place that he loved.

And what does low-class, no-class Owen Arthur do?

Instead of finding something nice to say about the recently departed, Owen Arthur delivers a rambling, insulting diatribe that upsets the widow and destroys the purpose and mood of the special session.

Thanks to Mr. Arthur for reminding us of all the times in the past that we’ve excused his inappropriate comments and behaviour. If anything, he’s getting worse.

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