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Something going very wrong at The Nation newspaper?

The Nation Newspaper is at it again:

“The sophisticated radiance class cruise ship Jewel of the Seas made its inaugural visit to the Bridgetown Port today docked with approximately 21 000 guests and 850 crew.”

21,000 passengers ???!!!

That is more than 3 times the size of Oasis Of The Seas, the world’s biggest cruise liner!

… above sent in by a Barbados Free Press reader. (give thanks!)

Do the truth and accurate reporting matter to The Nation Newspaper?

Just one day after we caught The Nation Newspaper publishing a fake photo of Grantley Adams International Airport, the newspaper is now reporting that 21,000 cruise ship passengers arrived in Bridgetown on Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas. (Nation News article Jewel brings 21,000 cruisers)

21,000 passengers must have been a tight fit in the cabins because the designed capacity of the Jewel of the Seas is 2,520 passengers and 842 crew – a fact I confirmed online from a few sources including the website of ship builder: Meyer Werft

My research expenditure was a few keystrokes and about 60 seconds.

Could it be that the best journalists and hardest working staff of The Nation Newspaper…

… are now working together at Barbados Today?


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Barbados Meteorological Director: Stupid taxpayers don’t need to see Doppler weather radar online

(click for large view)

Another government official tells Bajans they have no right to see what they pay for.

During a recent interview with Barbados Today, the acting director of the Barbados Meteorological Department politely told Bajan taxpayers to stick it where the sun doan shine.

Bajans have been “continually calling” for the Doppler radar of the Barbados Meteorological Department to be accessible via the internet, but according to Mr. Hampden Lovell, the information that Barbados taxpayers are presently able to see online from Martinique radar is the same as they would see from Barbados anyway.

And (says Lovell) without proper training, why… we stupid ordinary folks might misinterpret the data that we see! So, we have to be trained before he could possibly think about letting us actually see the radar information that we pay for.

“Mr. Lovell says Barbados taxpayers can get all the information they need from Martinique weather radar? No problem! Fire Lovell’s ass and his staff – who seem to have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around.”

…Barbados Free Press co-editor Cliverton after a goodly tot of Mount Gay’s finest.

It’s all sooooooo complex, you see!

Too complex for Bajans anyway. Martinique and other governments put their weather radar information online, but their people are so much more intelligent than Bajans ever could be, so they are allowed to see the data without training. Continue reading


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