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Barbados Spitfire pilot Phillip Leslie Irving Archer: Killed in action, June 17, 1943

Remembrance Day stories

Looking for relatives – “We have information for them”

Mission: Rodeo PM.
Date: 17th June 1943.
Unit: No. 421 (RCAF) Squadron.

Type: Spitfire IX.
Serial: LZ996

Coded: AU –

Location: St. Omer, France.

Squadron Leader, Phillip Leslie Irving Archer. R.C.A.F. D.F.C. J/3508. Age 27. Killed.

Sqd/Ld Phillip Archer was shot down and killed on the morning of 17th June 1943, in combat with FW190s of JG/26 during a Rodeo in the area of St. Omer, a second aircraft from his unit 421 sqdn, Spitfire IX BS319, piloted by F/O J E McNamara was also shot down and he was also killed. Sqd/Ld Archer was possibly on his last sortie as CO of 402 sqdn before taking over 421 sqdn.

He had been wounded in action on two occasions while flying with 92 Sqdn, on the 9th July 1941 while flying a Sweep in Spitfire IIa R7195, he was wounded and the aircraft was damaged. He was soon back in action and on the 21st August 1941 during another Sweep flying Spitfire Vb W3330 he was slightly wounded in the legs during combat. (Aircraft Cat 2 and returned to service.) Phillip was credited with six confirmed aerial victories.

“We are currently seeking any living relatives for this airman as we have further information for them from an eye witness.”

…posted by the Aircrew Remembrance Society

Also see: Aces of World War II, Phillip Archer

“Born in Bridgetown, Barbados, 1917.
Son of Frederick Leslie and Millicent Beryl Archer
– of Hastings St. Michael, Barbados. R Sc.
Joined RCAF in Montreal, 6 June 1940.”


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CL Financial and CLICO bailout: The bizarre endgame

“There was a series of large-scale, rapid withdrawals of funds before the start of the bailout.  That pattern of activity would have speeded-up the collapse.”

“We have entered a new stage.  This is where all those trusting people, who were told to wait and have faith, are realizing that the people in the know have already withdrawn and secured themselves.  Some of those people in the know were the same ones who were telling the faithful to keep on waiting.  What a thing.”

by Afra Raymond

A Season of Unreason

We are now entering a bizarre endgame in this rounds of musical chairs.  The children’s game has returned for us adults, but with a vengeance.

As I wrote on 10th September, the big question is ‘When exactly did the CL Financial group collapse?’.

To understand this huge matter we need to put things in the correct order –

Firstly, the CL Financial chiefs left others holding the risks –

  • LA Monteil – retired at the end of March 2008
  • MA Fifi – retired in August 2008
  • Robert Mayers – retired in December 2008.

What did they know and when did they know it?

Secondly, there was a series of large-scale, rapid withdrawals of funds before the start of the bailout.  That pattern of activity would have speeded-up the collapse.  It would be very interesting to see details of who broke their deposits and failed to ‘roll-over’ in that crucial final stage. Continue reading


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The legacy of Barbados Attorney General & Chief Justice SIR David Simmons

Former Prime Minister David Thompson said it was unethical for Attorney General SIR David Simmons to have accepted the position of Chief Justice from then PM Owen Arthur. BFP agreed with Prime Minister Thompson then, and now.

But forget about that.

Let’s just look at performance, at results. What did SIR David Simmons achieve?

Did SIR David bring justice to the people?

Let’s look at what our Justice System is after SIR David Simmons was in charge – first as Attorney General and then as Chief Justice – for… how many years? Almost two decades!

This is reality and the true legacy of Sir David Simmons.

Oh… don’t listen to us. Listen to those who work in and with the Barbados Justice System… Continue reading


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