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Barbados Today: Please tell us it’s a typo!

Error, or a tongue in cheek that the editor missed?

Barbados is “moving towards seeking third world status” ??? Either way, it made us pause…

Even if the 3rd world status was meant tongue in cheek, and maybe especially so, it’s an excellent opinion piece by Dennis de Peize. Take a minute to finish it at Barbados Today…

Independence resolution

Continue to take pride in what you do

by Dennis de Peize

As Barbados prepares to celebrate its 44th anniversary as an independent nation, it is important that its citizens move beyond basking in the glory of past achievements in the post-Independence era.

Moreover, it would represent a sense of maturity if the people could advance beyond the usual political rhetoric that is meant to glorify either the Democratic Labour Party or the Barbados Labour Party, on their respective role in championing the break from the colonial ties with Britain.

At this juncture in its history as a developing small island state, that is moving towards seeking third world status, it would seem to be in the best interest of the nation if its citizens direct their attention on how best to make Barbados a better place to work, live and play. It therefore means that as a people the objective should be that of putting Barbados first.

It is not an insurmountable challenge, provided that the populace is prepared to be led by the thoughts expressed by the late Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable David J. H. Thompson, who viewed that “Barbados was more than an economy, it is a society”.

… continue reading this article at Barbados Today


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Bajan Reporter publishes photo of dead or severely injured motorcyclist.

UPDATED: 2 similar accidents on the same day. Motorcyclist died on Passage Road and the gruesome photo is at Bajan Reporter. Motorcyclist on River Road lived (Tori Watson). See Ian Bourne’s comments and website for updated story.

Original story…

Morally Right to publish photo?

Is driver Dead or only Injured?

The Bajan Reporter (BR) is currently displaying a photo of a dead or injured motorcyclist under a truck. According to BR, the accident happened outside Starcom on River Road after the motorcyclist lost control while doing “wheelies”.

Bajan Reporter says he died. Barbados Today reports Tori Watson, 19, alive in the hospital.

Two issues

1/ Is the driver dead or alive?

2/ Should Bajan Reporter and the rest of the Barbadian news media publish such photos?

Bajan Reporter: Barbadian man wheelies bike and slides under truck in City: broke both legs and back then died!

Barbados Today


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