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Some pampered babies at Barbados Royal Westmoreland crying over hurricane Tomas

UPDATED: November 22, 2010 9:31am Bridgetown

BFP reader ‘Come here’ says that Royal Westmoreland’s club house was open with free food and drinks throughout the period described by the “young posers” (that’s a quote!) to the Brit newspapers. Here’s what ‘Come Here’ has to say…

For the record, the renters of those 2 villas who complained to the MIRROR are young posers, entitled colonial era minded Brits, who cannot understand why “staff” did not rush from their roofless homes to bring them a Chicken Rita. Don’t ask how I know, but I do.

These disgusting snobs burned Rooney’s cabinets with candles, broke furniture, and generally abused the staff willing to brave the weather to “serve” them. The golfers clubhouse was open and operating WITH FREE FOOD AND DRINK, and several of the staff went without sleep to serve the guests. All of this nonsense here about what generator should be or what water tank could be in a million dollar home fails to explain why BL&P was unable to restore power to a lot of suffering people for nearly a week.

The point is that EVERYONE was caught flatfooted, including the inept government and salaried weather watchers, leaving Bajans a wind gust away from being in the disaster state that is St. Lucia.

All the millions wasted attracting visitors here cannot compete with the public relations nightmare Tomas has caused Barbados.

Here is our original article as published November 21, 2010…

All together now: “AWWWWWWWWW poor babies! Let mummy kiss it better!”

(While daddy shouts “Don’t do that. Let him be a man!”)

Some Royal Westmoreland guests are upset that their caviar and champagne holiday was interrupted by Hurricane Tomas. They rented Wayne Rooney’s home for 1,000 pounds a night (GOOD LORD!!!!) but when the power and water went out for three days they were greatly inconvenienced.

The p’d off guests report to the London Mirror that they had to use water from swimming pool to the flush toilets! Imagine that! They had to get a taxi driver to (hold nose here) bring them some chicken! EGADS!

And, doan ya know, the roof and door leaked during the hurricane! “Well, I never! That’s the last time I’d stay in that five million pounds rubbish heap!”

(Side note: We’ve heard rumours – only rumours, mind you – that at least three and as many as six other roofs in Barbados – gasp! – actually leaked during the hurricane!)  😉  Continue reading


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More EU charity millions for Barbados – still no rules, transparency or accountability.

Just don’t ask what happened to the last EU Sugar funds

Rise and shine children! It is a fine, fine day! The European Union is sending us another fat aid cheque. That’s free money to “increase competitiveness of the sugar sector in Barbados and to develop alternative economic activities”, but doan be fooled. That money goin right into the general government coffers ’cause things are bad, bad, bad ’bout hey.

You know how it really is. Successive Barbados governments have positioned Barbados as an international beggar – all the while squandering hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid without visible results or readily apparent benefit to the people of Barbados.

The EU gentleman says additional new money is “earmarked” for information and communication technology, international business and human resource development.

I suppose that means new Blackberries ‘an laptops for the big-ups. Maybe some consulting fees for human resource development and international business “consultants” who just happen to be cousins of some guv’ment official.

Doan worry about it though. There are no rules about giving contracts to relatives or friends, so it’s all nice ‘an legal – just the way the big-ups like it. Continue reading


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