Was David Thompson’s cancer related to the stress of his duties?

The relationship between Prime Minister Thompson’s illness and politics

Our friend Jdid wrote this article shortly after the death of Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson. We thought it was a good piece at the time but we just never got around to telling you about it.

Better late than never and all that…

by Jdid - Toronto, Canada


Ok, is only two days gone and all we bajans still in mourning but I got a certain beef with the whole Bajan Prime Minister David Thompson illness dying thing. Sorry if its not in keeping with the mourning motif but just need to say it anyways.

Look, I keep hearing from the time it was said that he was sick, comments made by various people (and no it wasnt silly online comments) some who I thought were rather smart folk that seem to suggest that his focus on being prime minister led to his demise. Stuff like oh he was so keen on being PM and he work so hard to get there and then bram he dead. Now I aint saying a majority a people saying so, quite far from it, but I’m just saying I’ve heard those silly comments maybe one time to often and they seem to me to be ridiculously suggesting that there is a correlation, some sort of cause and effect between the two things, his aim to be PM and his death…

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13 responses to “Was David Thompson’s cancer related to the stress of his duties?

  1. what will they think of next

    That is not what I heard. The country Guyana got mentioned in connection with his “illness”.

  2. rasta man

    I heard the same comment too. I hope there is no truth to it!!

  3. of course there is a relationship


    Its hard to think of a more stressful job then running a small island country when it treasury has been sacked by the previous administration and other members of your party have their own agenda.

    The emphasis seems to be on chronic sustained stress and not mere day to day stress.

  4. OPPOsition

    The man dead and bury why dwell on he,he is a has been.What good he did for barbados.

  5. Politically Tired

    More than you’ll ever achieve.

  6. Observer

    I posed a question to someone recently about what legacy have been left by Thompson, and they words were “free bus fare.” If I was PM of a country I wouldn’t want to be remembered as just providing free bus fare for school children, so with that said David left no legacy to brag about. I cud be wrong but he probably is one of the only PMs that had the talk but not the walk.

  7. erry1HasAnOpinion

    ppl asking what legacy David Thompson leff…good God…give de man a break, he was in for a while….u r just like de ppl asking wat Obama do….wunna head stick too far up Bush(in dis case Owen) ass to see anything…..God wunna sicken me hrrrrr….
    What stands out to me abt the Late PM is dat he was with ALL walks of life…Name wunna opposition and Governing politicians dat can say the same….i for one saw my previous representative bout twice in the last 14 or so years….do wunna maths…..as i always say wunna talk bad bout Jesus and he is a better man than all…so who is we nuh

  8. OPPOsition

    Yes he used to mix among everyone,but politically he did nothing,what legacy u all talking about.

  9. Analyzer

    I’m not into politics but I can think of two things that the late Prime Minister did: 1) Free transportation for school children (the future of Barbados!) – BRILLIANT!!!!!
    2) I remember reading or hearing about incentives he put in place for companies so they would not lay off employees, does anybody know more about this? Sounds BRILLIANT to me!

  10. OPPOsition

    He also hit everybody by increasing road tax by 50 percent and increasing water bills by so much percent,lil poor man in trouble,do not talk about the lil poor man who was selling alcohol,he gone out of business.

  11. Fuh truth ASTROTURF ALERT!!!

    Opposotion like he know what he talking about.

    BFP EDITOR CAUTIONS: Listen, “Fuh truth”, you just left a comment as “OPPOsition” and now you’re having a conversation with yourself under another name. That’s dishonest and it’s called ASTROTURFING.

    We don’t allow it here at BFP.

    First and last warning or we’ll just ban your computer. Understand?

  12. HATE to be scientific, but...

    Risk factors for pancreatic cancer include:

    * Age (particularly over 60)
    * Male sex (likelihood up to 30% greater than females)
    * Smoking. Cigarette smoking has a risk ratio of 1.74 with regard to pancreatic cancer; a decade of nonsmoking after heavy smoking is associated with a risk ratio of 1.2.
    * Diets low in vegetables and fruits
    * Diets high in red meat
    * Diets high in sugar-sweetened drinks (soft drinks)
    risk ratio 1.87.
    In particular, common soft drink sweetener fructose has been linked to growth of pancreatic cancer cells.
    * Obesity
    * Diabetes
    mellitus is both risk factor for pancreatic cancer, and, as noted earlier, new onset diabetes can be an early sign of the disease.
    * Chronic pancreatitis has been linked, but is not known to be causal. The risk of pancreatic cancer in individuals with familial pancreatitis is particularly high.
    * Helicobacter pylori infection
    * Family history, 5–10% of pancreatic cancer patients have a family history of pancreatic cancer. The genes responsible for most of this clustering in families have yet to be identified. Pancreatic cancer has been associated with the following syndromes; autosomal recessive ataxia-telangiectasia and autosomal dominantly inherited mutations in the BRCA2 gene and PALB2 gene, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome due to mutations in the STK11 tumor suppressor gene, hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer (Lynch syndrome), familial adenomatous polyposis, and the familial atypical multiple mole melanoma-pancreatic cancer syndrome (FAMMM-PC) due to mutations in the CDKN2A tumor suppressor gene.
    * Gingivitis or periodontal disease

    Do you see any Barbados-environmental factors in that lot?
    I do.

  13. Reality on a small dry island!

    Poor OPPO….!! LOL@U,den!

    Mr. Thompson shoulda DOUBLE the water rate!!
    -not just 60% (btw, Doubling would be 100%, OPPO..)

    For well over 100 years, Bajans had water rates far too cheap,
    to the point where they took the water supply entirely for granted!

    D.Smallman in particular was its greatest waster of the resource
    so eff D.Smallman got to get real now and re-educate himself
    that is his problem.

    D.Smallman will learn how NOT to waste water!!
    It’s called Life on a small dry island!