Poll: Should Mara Thompson run for Barbados Parliament?

“Perhaps I have reached a hope stage of grief, but if there is one issue in Barbados upon which Barbadians agree, it is that Mara should run.  The issue which divides us is whether she should run to, or from the responsibilities associated with replacing her late husband as the parliamentary representative for St John.  One thing is certain, having both father and husband as politicians, Mara is well prepared to count the cost of this pursuit…”

Grenville Phillips II says Run, Mara, Run!at his Weighed in the Balance blog.

Run to, or run away?

Our old friend Grenville Phillips II says that Mara Thompson should run, and that she would make an excellent representative of the people.

Grenville’s Weighed in the Balance blog has a poll up, so we’ll know within a day or two what Bajans think about this.

Click on the poll image or the link to vote.


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24 responses to “Poll: Should Mara Thompson run for Barbados Parliament?


    The question is – is Mara interested in politics or not? It’s very probable that whoever the DLP runs, – will win the seat.

    Surely it should be someone who is interested in politics, rather than just a showpiece….

  2. Politically Tired

    I think Mara is interested in politics, & very capable. But I think this would be a very difficult time for her to make this decision, grieving with three grieving children, though she had time to get used to the situation she’s been placed in I don’t know whether it would be the right move for her right now.

  3. John

    Family first.

  4. FearPlay

    Has the Thompson family not made a large enough sacrifice/contribution to Barbados yet? Have mercy, Mrs Thompson must have been mother and father to the children while their father was committed to building Barbados. Do we now want to take her away from them also? Any mother out there can tell you about the difficulty of being a single parent which is what Mrs Thompson now is?

    Let the lady live her life in peace with her children. While Mr Thompson never missed an important event involving his children, had he been forced, Mrs Thompson could provide backup. Who will be there for them should she decide to get into public office? Politics is a very jealous lover and has stolen the happiness from many a family. Don’t encourage this travesty.

    And for what purpose? Tell me!

  5. Mac

    Thompson was applauded for his contribution to the youth & sports of St. John. Whoever is the next MP, make sure you do something about the roads, electric & water. The “small” things that make up daily life before you get to enjoy anything else.

  6. David G. Brooks

    Just like to proposed question for the Referendum for us to go Republic years ago, those are both loaded questions and I will not be part of it.

    I would think and many Bajans feel the same way, that this is the time for she and her family to grieve and she has to look after the those needs of her daughters and herself. I do not think she will be looked on nicely if she ran into politics now. If she already was directly, rather than she has been indirectly, then that may be put some other factors into play.

    Bluntly, I think the idea of this poll is far worse than anything Owen Arthur could have said that might have offended anyone (and by the way, the true can sometimes upset people too, more so) … but this poll …(Low class, no class) … sorry, but that how I see it in the face of etiquette and respect for people in mourning – theirs understandably will be much longer than the nations and this is not the time nor place to asking these questions.

  7. Hi David:

    The press reported that Ms Thompson was thinking about it. Hence, a poll is not inappropriate. Of course you are entitled to your opinion.


  8. Now that my KINGMAKER…..Owen is back….I want to run in St. John !

    I am not sure if I will defeat Mara, though !

    But at least I can be groomed for the General Election.

  9. David G. Brooks

    @Researching: I know, I read it too and what I read was associated with an interview Owen Arthur regarding the BPL putting up a fight for St. John, and I believe he answered it correct – that’s a matter for the DPL, not me.

    More importantly, do you believe everything you read in the press? According to BFP, Ian Bourne, et al. around here our local press are no good, so going by that … your point is?

  10. David G. Brooks

    “Whoever is the next MP, make sure you do something about the roads, electric & water. The “small” things that make up daily life before you get to enjoy anything else.”

    But this has the problem with St. John even since Error Barrow days, yet they overwhelmingly voted him and Thompson in, time and again.

    I’m not saying to modernize St. John (like Kellman seems to want to do in St. Lucy), we Bajans and in particular I would think the people of St. John, like it quaint the way it is, simple and somewhat laid back, but that does not mean backward, but the roads, Lord, the roads and other simple things in life.

    And don’t worry to say that nothing happens when DLP are in opposition, because none of this is done when they are in power either – or it seems that everyone side of St. John is a aware of this.

  11. Mac

    @David, I love St. John & love it the way it is. I’m not talking about “West Coasting” the place. But as I said the basics need vast improvement. So we are on the same page.

  12. I think Mrs. Thompson should consider running, just my opinion … but the only opinions that matters here are the constituents of St. John and Mara Thompson.

  13. Hi David:

    Please note that you are referring to Mr Arthur’s comments, as reported in the Nation of 8 Nov 2010. I am referring to the report in the Nation of 10 Nov 2010, where Ms Thmpson is quoted as saying “I will have to give it some thought”.

    If Ms Thompson were to find the poll offensive as you have stated, then I would happily remove the article, the poll, and all comments immediately.


  14. David G. Brooks

    I just feel, and I have spoken to others and got their opinions, is that the average family-minded Bajan thinks she should be looking to support her immediate family at this time and not politics.

    I know there would be many who would take a dim view if she did plunge right into politics under ‘normal’ circumstance (within the next 90 days), and then even more so considering her late husband started the Families First programme.

    What would you expect otherwise of people to think?

  15. David G. Brooks

    Yes, Mac, I was supporting what you said.

  16. rohan fredericks

    I think she should keep away from politics, it is a cut and thrust business, and if she can’t take the assessment of the opposition’s leader relationship with her deceased husband, how is she going to deal with other debates when they become heated. If this lady really want to help the people of St. John she should do some voluntary service, and finish he law degree.

  17. David G. Brooks

    With regard to the “the report in the Nation of 10 Nov 2010, where Ms Thompson is quoted as saying “I will have to give it some thought”.

    I think she was just be polite with that answer, as maybe it was bad taste to ask it in the first place “at this time”.

  18. David G. Brooks

    … and what, pray tell, has this poll gathered thus far?

  19. BFP

    Hi David,

    Last time I looked the poll was about 50-50. There’s a button on it that you can check the ongoing results.

  20. Hi David:

    I do not know of your opinion on other topics, but on this one, it seems that you have decided that you are going to defend your initial position regardless of the evidence. This assessment is based on your decision to interpret Ms Thompsons reported statement to fit your initial position, rather than take it as face value.

    Your approach appears to be one of debating. I prefer to discuss the matter. Discussion involves presenting evidence with the aim of arriving at the truth. Evidence can be interpreted, but the interpretation should not be based on speculative unverified assumptions in order to defend one’s position.


  21. David G. Brooks

    Because I mentioned it afterwards doesn’t mean I didn’t think about before … sometimes I find you have to say something afterwards because it seems that what I take as obvious goes over the head of others, or maybe for their purposes they choice to ignore it.

    Debate/Discussion … fine line … as to the truth on the matter, as said by ‘cherylanng’, its a matter for Mrs. Thompson.

    Anyway, I hear it from the grass-roots level that its Maxine McClean that will be running for St. John. Hartley Henry had his eye there, I feel sure, but I don’t think he was ‘allowed’ and may have something to do with his resignation.

    One thing is sure and that is whomever runs will win, so maybe Mrs. Thompson could do it as it would not require much campaigning on her or the DLP’s part, not to mention the sympathy votes, so she would still have plenty of time to attend to her own grief and that of her daughters, which will extreme difficult for them over the coming weeks and months, especially at Christmas and Birthdays (double so for them, as he was a Christmas baby), etc.

    You want me to put it any blunter than that?

    I still say that the ‘vote’ questions are loaded though. I prefer a straight question … Should she run? … Yes or No.

    But I dare say that there are persons & powers within the DLP that would be much further up in the queue and would be quite upset if she were to come and usurp their opportunity for running in such a ‘safe’ seat.

  22. David G. Brooks

    Ooh, should have re-read that before clicking submit, my grammar is bad in that one, sorry … my typing is usually far behind my thoughts. I’ve been known to leave a whole phrase or sentence.

  23. bob

    is Mara Thompson a citizen of Barbados? when did she get her papaers?

  24. St JohnForever!

    You people are so rude, and the males are so chauvinistic!! I like how you purport to know what Mrs Thompson should do, or not do with her own life. Perhaps running, and representing the people of St John is the very best way she can deal with her grief, instead of sitting at home and moping!

    In any case by now she has proven her strength of character, and resilience, and has closed your mouths with a whopping victory! Tek dat!!